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Police told Tony Evers & Mandela Barnes to cool it

Their rush to judgment in Kenosha cost lives! Law enforcement pleaded with Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes not to rush to judgment in condemning Kenosha police for arresting the criminal Jacob Blake two years ago. To no avail. Their letter: … Continue reading

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Who shot and killed Lady Justice?

It wasn’t Liberty Valance! We love the work of Wisconsin State Journal cartoonist Phil Hands. But his editorial pen leaked ink today. He depicts Lady Justice shot dead by Kyle Rittenhouse — “in self defense.” But Lady Justice did not … Continue reading

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Democrats: ‘Too woke, too extreme’

Do Not Resuscitate! Four factors will make Tony Evers a one-term governor next November: 1) Woke public schools — in particular, their capitulation to critical race theory, transgenderism, chaos in the classroom, and dumbed down academics in the name of … Continue reading

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Kenosha County, we are so provoked

Judged by 12, not carried by 6! We have a winner: “Only way Kyle Rittenhouse is found guilty is if the jury votes by mail.” Runner-up: “Rittenhouse provoked bloodshed in Kenosha” — prosecution attorney. Yeah, and Fort Sumter provoked the … Continue reading

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Are you ‘slanted against the rioters’?

If so, you may be prosecuted in Kenosha County How many criminal defendants are more sympathetic than Kyle Rittenhouse? Baby-baced, unshakeable in cross examination, sobbing as he related the events of 08-25-20 in Kenosha WI. A swimming pool life guard, … Continue reading

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Will Kyle Rittenhouse go free?

Shouldn’t Tony Evers be on trial? We intend to ask impertinent questions — no matter if they keep the woke awake at night. Such as: Is an American allowed to defend his home?  Can he protect his workplace where he … Continue reading

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