Are you ‘slanted against the rioters’?

If so, you may be prosecuted in Kenosha County

How many criminal defendants are more sympathetic than Kyle Rittenhouse? Baby-baced, unshakeable in cross examination, sobbing as he related the events of 08-25-20 in Kenosha WI. A swimming pool life guard, junior EMT studying nursing. He put out fires started by rioters that August night in Kenosha, much to the chagrin of Joseph Rosenbaum, who lit some of those fires.

Videographer Drew Hernandez testified this morning that the first time he encountered Kyle “he actually de-escalated a situation.”

Is there a more annoying prosecutor than Thomas Binger? Great legal analysis of Kyle Rittenhouse testimony and cross-examination from Andrew Branca on Legal Insurrection:

Every facet of the cross-examination was dripping in contempt.  The tone of the questioning was consistently snide, ridiculing, insulting, incredulous, and intended to provoke an angry outburst from Kyle …

Binger even tried to suggest that Kyle had shot three people on August 25, 2020, because after all isn’t that what you young kids do in your first-person shooter-games?  Shoot weapons like AR-15s at anybody who comes at you? Isn’t that the whole point?

Kyle was obliged to point out that video games are not real life.

Can you remember any trial in which the case against a defendant was this weak? Prosecution witnesses made the case that the first man shot was chasing the defendant, not the other way around! That Rittenhouse was being whacked with a skateboard and a chunk of concrete. That the third man shot pointed his handgun directly at point-blank range? Where (oh where) is the elected Kenosha County district attorney, Michael Graveley? Hiding for cover! Wisconsin RightNow

… wrote Graveley and asked him why he didn’t prosecute the case himself. He didn’t respond. We think the answer is clear: The case had loser written all over it from the start, so Graveley let his underling take the fall. The charges were NEVER justified by the facts of the investigation;

Exhibit A on why Woke progressivism is losing America

Or more political?

were a bone tossed to the mob that had just burned down parts of Kenosha, and the media, which had already constructed a false narrative of Rittenhouse as a white supremacist card-carrying militia member (there is no evidence of that). It was appeasement, not justice.

Like Good Morning America, the liberal mainstream news media is invested in the myth that neo-nazi Klansmen are destroying America, not Antifa or BLM. Because who did that ABC news program invite as a guest but Gaige Grosskreutz, rioter.

Today’s Quote of the Trial, again courtesy of ADA Binger, to a videographer for the website DrewHLive: “The videos you produce, they’re very slanted against the rioters, right?”

Slanted … against … the rioters! ???

Or the most divisive since O.J.?

The Court TV commentator said Judge Bruce Schroeder “is very thoughtful with the law.” Sure enough, he has been inundated with hate e-mail. Has a trial ever had access to more video? Or more real-time commentary?

Can you think of less sympathetic “victims” than Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz? Testimony this Thursday morning from Hernandez that Rosenbaum led the charge into the gas station, pushing a flaming dumpster into police vehicles that were occupied by police officers. Rosenbaum, a convicted sex criminal. Off his meds. Huber, assaulted his own family, now battering Rittenhouse.

Gaige Grosskreutz on ABC’s Good Morning America saying he did not point his weapon at the defendant, contradicting his sworn testimony.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: These are the kinds of people who show up to burn and loot your town in the name of racial justice.

Which source are you following for the case?

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17 Responses to Are you ‘slanted against the rioters’?

  1. AdamC says:

    Where the hell are the nationally televised show trials in Kangaroo County Court for the hundreds of violent criminals who burned down Kenosha that night???

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  2. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Lefty’s willing accomplices and co-conspirators in the hive-minded #GetTrump Ms. Media have already convicted young Mr. Rittenhouse in the court of public opinion. That conviction won’t stand, because the bigoted bias of the bi-coastal bullies in proglobotic press doesn’t play in Peoria.

    Rittenhouse’s only mistake was that he killed “choiced” a couple of Leftist criminals, …one a child rapist. If he’d killed an unarmed cinematographer on a movie set, … he could’ve avoided this pesky trial altogether.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The Kenosha prosecutor is cut from the same cloth as radical leftist prosecutors in LA, SF, and Philly. Justice means nothing to him, scoring political points and becoming the latest darling of the MSM is everything. I loved the tongue-lashing he got from the judge–a reminder of how rare it is to see radical ideologues of the left put in their place.

    Two suggestions for the next time BLM “activists” demand that Madison public schools be renamed:
    1) Kyle Rittenhouse; 2) Judge Bruce Schroeder.

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    • David Gerard says:

      You really should graduate from high school before they name one after you.
      I wouldn’t want him to be my daughter’s prom date.


      • Liberty says:

        David Gerard,

        Would you allow your daughter to attend the prom with the so-called “victims”?

        “A convicted child rapist called Joseph Rosenbaum was released from a mental hospital and then went directly to join the mob that was burning downtown Kenosha.”

        “Once he got to the riot, Rosenbaum saw Kyle Rittenhouse and immediately threatened to kill him,” Carlson claimed. “Rosenbaum then chased Rittenhouse and tried to pull the gun from his hands.”

        Even “Left-wing Snopes confirmed Rosenbaum’s criminal history:”

        “…yes, at age 19, Rosenbaum was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing five children — all boys between the ages of 9 and 11 — in Arizona’s Pima County in early 2002.”

        Because this is who the left is defending. Either that, or they’re not mentioning their backgrounds because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Is this how you feel too?

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    • AdamC says:

      Kyle would be the perfect daye for any daughter who was attending prom at — for example — East H.S., what with all the sexual and physical assaults and gang warfare.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      You said “I loved the tongue-lashing he got from the judge–a reminder of how rare it is to see radical ideologues of the left put in their place”.

      Judge Bruce Schroeder is but a relic of the “old breed” of judges who honor the law above all else. The judges of tomorrow are the “woke” graduates of today.

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  4. georgessson says:

    The leftie MSM sputters and unknowingly let’s fly sputum in their outrage over a calm and cogent Rittenhouse, as he deals w/ the rabid ADA. And as the witnesses pile on to demonstrate the vehement rioters’ demeanor and intentions, the MSM seems to be dumb as well as blind and deaf.

    Sadly, were any other judge presiding, this would likely go the wrong way…

    BTW, David Gerard, I’m not at all sure anyone wants to, or should, date yer daughter fer Prom night. Could be very “risky business…”


  5. Jon Burack says:

    It calmed my anger to read the ludicrous MSNBC headline. I have been distracted by trying to figure out what a “nearly all-white jury” could be. In any case, I pray for them to reach the correct decision, and then if they do I really pray for them.


  6. Jon Burack says:

    Dave Blaska, another question. I know you have talked about Tony Evers standing down and not sending in the guard to maintain order in Kenosha. I wonder if you could direct me to where you discussed that. It seems all-important to me and totally ignored in all the media coverage. If I understand it right, EVERS created essentially a state of nature in Kenosha by failing to ensure order. In a state of nature, civil society is dissolved and individuals must act to reconstitute it in whatever way they can. If this is right, why isn’t Evers on trial.


  7. The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a textbook example of why lawyers shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of technology, relegated to manual typewriters, or – better yet – clay tablets. The debate over whether blowing up a digital mage is “altering” the image is an example. The legal “minds” at the trial failed to don their big-boy pants and recognize that the human brain does something very similar to what Apple does to digital images: it fills in missing data to the best of its ability. What we think we see isn’t the full information that’s out there, it’s our brain’s best shot at filling in gaps. God help the jurors who will try to mete justice from what the lawyers and judge give them. ,


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