Will Kyle Rittenhouse go free?

Shouldn’t Tony Evers be on trial?

We intend to ask impertinent questions — no matter if they keep the woke awake at night. Such as:

  • Is an American allowed to defend his home? 
  • Can he protect his workplace where he earns the means to feed his family? 
  • Is he limited to his confronting the mob by his lonesome or may he enlist others? 
  • Must those volunteers be blood relatives, residents of the same city? 

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse starts Monday 11-01-21 with jury selection. The whole shebang is scheduled to last two weeks. Should be the biggest TV since the Derek Chauvin trial. Another one of those cultural litmus tests; Baby Cheeks Kyle is a patron saint to the right, Klan nightrider to the progressive left. 

May we stipulate: Kenosha police were not able to defend the city in late August 2020; the burned-out block of businesses is evidence of that. Governor Tony Evers effused sympathy for the lawbreaker Jacob Blake but remained silent about preserving order. He actually spurned the offer of federal assistance.

→ Instead, Tony Evers condemned Kenosha police. Before all the facts were in.

Reaping the wages of the War on Cops

Will Kyle’s defense introduce the sitting President’s tweet issued the day after the George Floyd killing three months earlier? “When the looting starts the shooting starts.” Prophetic. The Associated Press (as biased as Rachel Maddow) accuses Trump of “stoking violence.” The Werkes argues the alternative to restoring order is to stoke violence. Hasn’t experience taught us the alternative to flooding the zone with boots on the ground is Portland OR? Mayor Satya told Madison WI police to stand down that June. Result? BLM firebombed the courthouse, tore down statues, and beat multiple victims. 

It is clear that Kyle Rittenhouse, then 17, did not go hunting for prey but fired in self defense after he was attacked. A protestor fired off a gun in his proximity; another started beating him with a hard object after Rittenhouse fell. Should he allow himself to be beaten?

In The Nation, BLM soldier Elie Mystal frets, “I hope everyone is prepared for Kyle Rittenhouse to go free. … He wasn’t even trying to protect his own property in his own town.”

We do not live in a just world, we live in a white one. Rittenhouse has become a cause célèbre among white supremacists and their media sympathizers who have proudly defended Rittenhouse’s decisions to kill. Rittenhouse is the very definition of an “outside agitator.”

Except that Kenosha was a magnet for outside agitators. All three of the men Rittenhouse shot — two fatally — were out of towners. (And as white as the boy who shot them.) The New York Times reports

An older black man, a Black Lives Matter activist who had come in from Lake County IL, started shouting … Nearly every Kenoshan I spoke to who was out that night said something similar: Nobody knew these people

Blaska’s Bottom LineKyle Rittenhouse should not have been armed; not at his age. That he resided with Mommie Dearest in Antioch IL is immaterial. The communities are only 21 miles apart, the distance between Madison and Deerfield WI. The real lesson of Kenosha is this: Public officials have a duty to maintain order. When they don’t, people get hurt.

Will Tony Evers take a hit?

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27 Responses to Will Kyle Rittenhouse go free?

  1. David wrote, “It is clear that Kyle Rittenhouse, then 17, did not go hunting for prey but fired in self defense after he was attacked.”

    There is video proof of Rittenhouse’s acting in self defense and that is what will acquit him of all the murder or similar charges, the only charge they will be able to stick on him is the misdemeanor charge of possession of a firearm while under the age of 18.

    David wrote, “another started beating him with a hard object after Rittenhouse fell.”

    Actually if you look closely at all the videos, the same person that was using the hard object to beat Rittenhouse after he fell to the ground used that exact same hard object to smash Rittenhouse in the upper back as he was running, likely hit the back of his head, and that physical assault is what caused Rittenhouse to stumble and fall.

    The person that got shot in the arm pointed a GLOCK handgun at Rittenhouse’s head just before he was shot in the arm, Rittenhouse would be dead now if he hadn’t acted in self defense.

    If Rittenhouse is convicted, I think there might be protest trouble in Kenosha.

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    • Batman says:

      Dave asks: “Is an American allowed to defend his home?”

      Apparently not in Missouri, just ask the McCloskeys.

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      • Batman,
        Personally I don’t think the McCloskey’s should have been charged for anything but I personally disagree with the McCloskey’s actions, firearms shouldn’t be used to intentionally intimidate others, they should be used as a last resort. The McCloskey’s should have walked into their house from their side porch and stayed in there. If they were truly in fear of an attack, and not just wanting to intimidate the protesters, then they should have armed themselves and found a spot to stand their ground or exit the back door and gotten the heck out of there.


        • In my opinion; the prosecutor used the justice system to politically persecute the McCloskey’s.


        • Batman says:

          If the mob began vandalizing their house, pounding on the door and such, what do you suggest they do?

          I wonder if they ever called 911. They should have at the earliest opportunity.


        • Batman wrote, “If the mob began vandalizing their house, pounding on the door and such, what do you suggest they do?”

          Either leave out the back or barricade themselves inside their house, arm themselves, call 911, and prepare for a physical breech.


    • P.S. Rittenhouse will likely be convicted on some charge related to him completely leaving the scene even though he actually tried to approach the police immediately after the shootings.


  2. Mordecai The Red says:

    A few of my own thoughts on this case, some of which The Squire has echoed:

    I get the sense that a lot of people who are fed up with mob violence are keeping close tabs on this case, myself included. It is a bellwether on just how much right an individual has to protect himself and his community.

    The leftists are saying Rittenhouse had no reason to be there. He had no less reason than the thugs who travelled from longer distances to wage violence, mayhem, and destruction against an unprepared community and police force. Furthermore, Wisconsin laws around self defense don’t care why he was there, nor should they. If a reasonable person on their right mind would have feared for their life in the same situation, they are afforded the privilege of self defense, up to and including deadly force.

    The leftists are saying that Rittenhouse came there to wage violence. None of his actions that night indicate that intent. If anyone came to wage violence, it was those that smashed, burned, and looted local businesses and assaulted those trying to protect them. Furthermore, no sane person chases down and assaults a fleeing gunman armed with a semiautomatic rifle that has already displayed a willingness to shoot. That takes a special type of stupid, crazy, bloodthirsty, or all three.

    The leftists are crying about the police throwing water to the militia and saying they appreciated them. I don’t give a damn if they did. When police across the country for two months were attacked, ambushed, defunded, and called slave catchers, Klansmen, murderers, and every other perjorative ever, I can’t blame them for showing gratitude to those that showed up to support them.

    Rittenhouse probably deserves some weapons charges. But I don’t see how he gets a murder conviction if the jury sees the same videos of the incident that I saw.

    When the government fails to uphold its most basic duty of protecting its citizens and their property, we should not be surprised, and I dare say shocked, when those citizens do the government’s work for them.

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    • georgessson says:

      Senor Red, Excellent & cogent thoughts. Thanks. And, Yes, as you & Dave reiterate, guvmint from the top down failed miserably. Someone has to step up, even if they’re only a teenager. Kenosha was literally on fire…

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  3. One eye says:

    “no sane person chases down …”
    That’s right but a mob will.

    The blood is on Evers hands as well as all the other stand down the cops politicians like our own rotund mayor.

    I think he’ll be found guilty on some lesser charge but that’s all.


    • Batman says:

      You may be surprised by how many Madisonians applaud Satya/Wahl’s order to stand down. That was obvious by the commentary on nexdoor.com during/after the riots.
      The most frequent reason given was, “it’s just property,” and then verbiage defending that position.
      These people are so myopic and stupid it defies belief. There were a lot of heated exchanges at that time.
      What does State St. look like now?

      Take away the ability to feed your family, pay your utilities, mortgage, property tax, health insurance, car payment, etc. and even idiot progressives should be able to comprehend that destroying a family’s business has severe far reaching consequences.
      But according to Satya, “it’s just property.” She is very compassionate and really looks out for her constituents.

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        It’s “just property” until it’s your house with your family inside. Or Maybe Madison’s guilty white elite are so brainwashed by BLM swill that they’d sacrifice their own home and family on the altar of “social justice” just as they’ve already sacrificed their kids’ education by sending them to Madison public schools. There’s quite literally no limit to how far these people will go; the question is how long the rest of us are willing to let them drag us down with them.

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      • Liberty says:

        Satya and leftists don’t give a rat’s a* about the hard working, tax paying, productive members of society. In their warped minds, WE are the oppressors and villains. The thugs who assault, steal, and engage in thuggery as a lifestyle are the “victims” of our oppression and should be given every consideration.

        We already know what to expect from leftists, so anything they do shouldn’t be a surprise by now. The biggest betrayal for me was from police command when they abandoned us in our time of need last year. They know better and let us hang in the wind anyway.

        Watching law enforcement kneel and grovel with the very same people who would stab them in the back with so much as a backwards glance, was also sickening to watch. To the core.

        After what I’ve seen of Barnes (who I see as more of a politician and career climber than real police), I have little reason to believe he would handle riots any differently. Has anyone even bothered to ask him how he WOULD have handled last summer?

        I’ve firmly come to believe that Madison is not salvageable. If people were motivated to fight, it would have happened by now.

        Like so many others, I can’t wait to move and get as far away from leftists as I possibly can.

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  4. Wm. Tyroler says:

    “Hasn’t experience taught us the alternative to flooding the zone with boots on the ground is Portland OR?” Speaking of which: http://www.danielgreenfield.org/2021/10/eloi-and-morlocks-in-portlandia.html.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Public officials have a duty to maintain order. When they don’t, people get hurt.” To which I’d add: When they don’t, it’s up to the rest of us to maintain it–by whatever means necessary. Bless you, Kyle. You’re a role model for your generation, which is in desperate need of one. You’re also a rebuke to those who are satisfied with sitting on the sidelines tsk-tsking while cities burn, streets become the fiefdom of BLM thugs, and parents are branded domestic terrorists by the federal government for daring to question what teachers’ unions/school boards are forcing down their kids’ throats.

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  6. AdamC says:

    John Sullivan,a young person of colour affiliated with BLM Salt Lake City, traveled some 2,500 miles to be in DC on Jan. 6 and was among the first to enter the Capitol. He egged on others including Trump supporter and veteran Ashli Babbitt who was the only person shot and killed that day. This is all on video because Sullivan was filming. He sold videos to national networks and pocketed close at $150,000 maybe more, then was released and never charged.

    He obviously was no Trump supporter which is why he was allowed to get away with virtually the same behavior that has seen others locked up for nearly a year.

    THAT, friends, is what privilege looks like. Unlike Kyle R., who was attacked by 2 maybe 3 street warriors in Kenosha (I believe at least 2 were convicted sex offenders attacking an underage boy) no one laid a finger on Sullivan and no law enforcement agency went after him with the full force of the government.


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  7. Batman says:

    I understand your original point Steve but your way has a higher probability of property damage and gunshot wounds/death. They may be guilty of brandishing a firearm. They should have handled their weapons in a less aggressive manner, especially the Missus. Given the history of the mobs, I have no problem with them being proactive and they are paying the price for the occurrence of zero violence.


    • Batman wrote, “I understand your original point Steve but your way has a higher probability of property damage and gunshot wounds/death.”

      That doesn’t make much sense to me, can you explain this a little more?

      Batman wrote, “they are paying the price for the occurrence of zero violence”

      That’s pure spin. No, even though I disagree with the political persecution prosecutions they’re literally paying the price for their actual actions.


      • Batman says:

        Yeppers, their actions that resulted in zero violence, works either way.

        Your way has them awaiting vandalism and breach of their house at which point they can lawfully shoot to defend themselves. They’re not obligated to retreat.

        Standing in front passively, no brandishing, is not a bad plan. They didn’t execute that properly and are paying the price.


        • Batman wrote, “Your way has them awaiting vandalism and breach of their house”

          You’re making an assumption in that statement, the assumption is that there is going to be vandalism and breach of their house, I’m not making that assumption.

          Batman wrote, “Standing in front passively, no brandishing, is not a bad plan. They didn’t execute that properly and are paying the price.”

          By the way; not brandishing can easily mean concealed carry handgun, open carrying a handgun on the hip or carrying a rifle on the shoulder with a strap but the best idea would have been to head inside and not be directly confrontational with the protesters. Something you may not know is that when type A personality people are confronted by apparent aggression they usually get closer to the ones doing the confronting, so the McCloskey’s confronting and brandishing firearms would automatically begin to draw type A’s personalities towards them and onto their property that might not have crossed onto their property without their confrontational presence there. I’m dead certain that there are a LOT of type A personalities in a protesting group. I’ve seen multiple videos, it was really clear to me that the general direction of the mob was bypassing the McCloskey’s house, it appeared to be a mob with a singular purpose.


  8. georgessson says:

    Meanwhile, MPD Chief Shon Barnes touts this mini-editorial preceding his blog today -I’m bettin’ Satya whispered in his ear….

    “Problem-oriented policing, coined by University of Wisconsin–Madison professor Herman Goldstein, is a policing strategy that involves the identification and analysis of specific crime and disorder problems in order to develop effective response strategies.”

    That and a dime will buy ya a cuppa ersatz Joe inna basement of the City-County buildin’…


    • Liberty says:

      In my eyes, Barnes is a politician & career climber whose strategy includes sidling up with Progressives.

      I, for one, refuse to fawn over him (including media) like some do. I don’t like his leadership style, I don’t find him to be sincere, and I don’t feel safe in Madison with him at the helm.

      Vic Wahl, though a great cop and sincere, sucked at being chief, too.

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  9. Batman says:

    My only assumption Steve is that given the history of the mobs it is reasonable to expect aggression by some of them. They were trespassing on McCloskey’s private property. They illegally entered a gated community. The McCloskeys aleady called 911. The way they handled themselves and their weapons while outside was counterproductive.

    Sure, reading all the situational possibilities that can be subjectively considered brandishing by someone is fairly extensive. It doesn’t mean it’s even remotely true, and one may have to defend in court anyway. That is a result of anti-gunners chipping away at 2nd amendment rights with the sympathy of liberal activist judges.

    My impression from your comments is that you would allow a mob to trash your house and if they broke in you would exit out the back or arm and barricade, si?


    • Batman wrote, “My only assumption Steve is that given the history of the mobs it is reasonable to expect aggression by some of them.”

      Prepare for such things, as I’ve already mentioned, but I don’t make assumptions.

      Batman wrote, “They were trespassing on McCloskey’s private property.”

      See my comment about type A personalities above. My understanding of the private property in that neighborhood is that their private property ends at the edge of the sidewalk and in the videos I’ve seen of this incident the protesters were not on their private property until after the McCloskey’s started to confront them.

      Batman wrote, “They illegally entered a gated community.”

      That may be legally debatable. I don’t know all of the laws for gated communities in the St. Louis area but here in south central Wisconsin the property owner owns to the center of the street but the streets and public sidewalks are not considered “private property” they are a public right-of-way where the street it the responsibility of the municipality and the sidewalk is the responsibility of the property owner.

      The ones that broke the gate for that gated community should be sued by the community.

      Batman wrote, “My impression from your comments is that you would allow a mob to trash your house and if they broke in you would exit out the back or arm and barricade, si?”

      First and foremost; I can’t believe that you just asked me to publicly confirm or deny what I would or would not do in that kind of situation!? You should know that there are some Madison area social justice warrior wackos that read this blog but don’t make their presence known in the comments, right? I don’t reveal such things to anyone.

      Second; I’m a strategically and critically thinking kind of type A. You’ve read what I think was wrong with what the McCloskey’s did and what they could have done so you can make all the assumptions you want based on all that information.


  10. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    When the shite hits the fan and there’s a threat of violence, after making the requisite 911 call, there’s only three choices: you can shelter in place, run and hide, or you can choose to fight back. The McCloskey’s showed they were ready to use lethal force in their own self-defense.
    The show of force worked. The mob dispersed. The McCloskey’s still paid the price.

    Know this, … when every second counts, the police are only minutes away.
    Choose wisely, comrades.

    Lefties need a Rittenhouse conviction in order to validate/rationalize/justify the the rioting, burning, looting and murdering of their D卐M☭CRAT front-line shock troops, BLM and Antifa.

    Because Democrats are soft on crime, soft on enforcing laws, they enable real domestic terrorists. If the police won’t, (or aren’t allowed) to do their jobs and enforce the law, rest assured that normal, regular, individual patriotic Americans will step up and fill that vacuum.
    That’s exactly what young Kyle Rittenhouse did.

    The safety of our families, our communities and our country is not only our God-given Constitutional Right, it is our duty and responsibility, as well. This is most certainly true.

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