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NY Times readers Blow off Lori’s race scam

Is this the end of identity politics, Rico? In the last thrilling installment of your favorite blogge, we examined a racist column from the newspaper that foisted The 1619 Project on a weary America. New York Times columnist Charles M. … Continue reading

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‘Family friendly’ drag show at East high

Announced just after school board candidate filing deadline! Despite a prosthesis where his heart used to be, Blaska has empathy for teenagers — there really is no more difficult time of life. It’s when human beings larvae emerge from their … Continue reading

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What is freedom of speech?

So much for ‘Sifting and Winnowing’ Nowhere is Freedom of Speech in greater danger — outside of North Korea, Iran, and Putin’s World — than an American university campus. Nowhere are their more intellectual cowards than the Madison campus of … Continue reading

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M is for the many things she (?) …

People with a capacity for self-delusion Our liberal acquaintances (for they ARE …) hate the culture wars for good reason. They’re losing. Where Helen Reddy once roared about being a woman, her feminist successors are stumbling over pronouns. They talk … Continue reading

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