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Getting out of Madison’s occupied zone on the Harley D

Escape to Beautiful Logged 630 beau-ti-fic miles on the Harley Davidson Softail Slim over the weekend, guests of a hard-working farm couple at their lakeside getaway home. Seven couples in all. Our host reports the dairy economy on his farm … Continue reading

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No mask, no helmet, no cages

Sons of unmanageability The Facebook page for Wisconsin Motorcycle Riders is replete this day after Memorial Day (05-26-2020) with photos of motorcycles in sunshine and smiling riders. You can see their smiles because none are wearing COVID-19 face masks. “Beautiful … Continue reading

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Blaska may be safer at home but he is happier on the road

Wisconsin’s Wild (South)West is wonderful — and not a bit frightening! “We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man!” — Peter Fonda The head groundskeeper at the Policy Werkes made good his pledge to enjoy God’s … Continue reading

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Wisconsin is the Wild West! Yippee yi-yo ki-yay!

This Blogge builds antibodies that fight progressivism Memo to Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald, and Tony Evers: Take your own sweet time in coming up with a statewide plan. The counties will figure it out for themselves or, more exactly, the people … Continue reading

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No helmets, no masks, no worries?

How much risk for how much reward? Simon and Garfunkel sang about looking for America. Blaska thinks he found it in the unincorporated hamlet of Leland, in northern Sauk County WI. There he found kindred spirits yearning to breathe free … Continue reading

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Is Joe Biden melting in the heat?

It’s all too beautiful, as the Small Faces sang. Rode my Softail Slim into Sauk City from Madison WI and asked attendant at the Kwik Trip if she knew of any speakeasies. “No,” she said. “Everything is closed.” But this old … Continue reading

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