CDC says we can breathe a little

Who was that masked progressive?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is taking its knee off America’s collective neck a notch or two (Blaska, you insensitive bastard!) by allowing the citizenry to “participate in outdoor activities and recreation without a mask, except in certain crowded settings and venues.”

Yeah, you need a chart to tell which outdoor activities and in which certain settings (not to mention venues!) that you may be permitted to breathe — and only if you are two weeks past your final COVID-19 vaccination. (Now we know what it is like taking The Pill.) The head groundskeeper plans to go back for his third dose, chocolate mint-flavored if they still have it. The stuff is more amazing than those Relief Factor™ fish-oil pills former Trump advisor Dr. Sebastian Gorka (hey, it’s a tough job market out there) sells on Tucker Carlson’s show. (It’s the commercial with the inventor on one side and his son on the other side, who never gets any lines to speak.)

The coronavirus is real but we cannot help but wonder at people who drive on Madison’s Beltline highway, windows rolled up, all alone, but face masked up just the same! They’re watching too much CNN!

Risk factor is brain damage

Or the young man on the small motorcycle — no helmet, no gloves, flip flops on his feet but mask on his face! Out in God’s fresh air (except for the truck diesel fumes.) Risk factor from Covid for males b/w ages 18-29 = 2.0 for every 100 non-Covid deaths compared to 12.0 among those over age 65. Guys under age 40 are 36 times more likely to be killed riding motorcycle than driving car, truck or tractor. Masked or not.

Inspired by that CDC chart, the gray labcoats at Blaska Policy Werkes have devised their own graphic charting the risk factor of life in the peoples’ republic of Madison WI. (As with all Werkes products, no warranty is expressed or implied. Use at your own risk. Not valid in Manitowoc or Sheboygan. Do not operate heavy machinery unless you are pregnant or know someone who might be. Call the My Pillow Guy and induce vomiting if you develop a rash.)

CDC GuidelinesBlaska’s Bottom Line: Just as Dennis Hopper was a fan of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the movie Blue Velvet, we are loyal to Moderna’s vaccine. (“F-BOMB Pfizer!”) The stuff is better than Alex Jones’ Brain Force Plus®, we think. (Therefore, we are.)

What is YOUR risk factor?

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21 Responses to CDC says we can breathe a little

  1. One eye says:

    Been known to eat peanuts in public. That’s like garlic to vampires in Madtown.


  2. Kevin S Wymore says:

    My risk factor is busting a gut (the technical term) laughing at your graphic. That would be a preventable risk, indeed.

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  3. richard lesiak says:

    See someone wearing a mask outdoors; call the cops. Tucker said so. See an Asian child outdoors with a mask; assault the parents. Anyone with a mask and sunscreen; beat them senseless. Or; just have a meat beer and mind your own business.


    • georgessson says:

      “Richard-may-I-call-ya-Dick”, I pondered/scrutinized your comment for meaning -until my head hurt…

      Ya know, I believe the “Use B4” labels on yer donuts also refer to yer brain. Both yer donuts and yer brain are stale, unsafe and unreliable. Jes’ sayin’…

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    You forgot one detail in your description of that masked-up citizen driving on the beltline alone with the car’s windows rolled up: his/her snoot is as high in the air as is humanly possible–you know, the natural posture of Madison liberals.
    So far I’ve refrained from calling the cops on the masked-up dipwads I pass (for a nanosecond) on the bike path, though I make a point of letting out a derisive hoot.


  5. Liberty says:

    Funny one, Dave.

    I’m still seeing people running, biking, driving alone masked. You have to wonder how people process information and get through life.


    • Bill says:


      Yes, one has to wonder about the state of our society when one see’s people driving alone in their cars with a mask and medical gloves on.

      And these are supposedly bright, well educated, smart people who live and work here in Madison.

      I took a chance and got a couple of days off just to sit and relax and am very, very happy I don’t have to do the whole mask thing while I’m off.

      It really makes me wonder why the whole mask thing is still in existence. When you go into a public restaurant strung out from the road and you feel the eyes upon you as you take off your mask in order to have a drink, sorry Bob Seger.

      Why, oh why do you have to have a mask on in order to enter into a restaurant but can take it off in order to eat and drink? You have to get up and use a public restroom? You will sit on the same toilet seat that many others have sat on. Their skin cells are on that seat. Their hands touched the same flush handle, the same sink faucet handles, the same door handle that you are now touching. You are presumably breathing in some of the same air they exhaled.

      I can tell you as a matter of fact that not everyone in any public building wears a mask at ALL times. In fact, many do not. Yet the air handler in any public building only lets in around 15-20% of outside air per cycle so that each time the air circulates through a building and goes back to the air handler, it only uses 15 to 20% of outside air.

      You are breathing in all the 80 to 85% of the recirculated air from the building and that air includes all the air from those who are not wearing a mask.

      Feel Better Now Mister Mask Mandate, Tony Evers!


      • Liberty says:

        You bring up some great points, Bill.

        So many of the rules imposed during COVID don’t make sense to me, either. Like at the airport; they want you six feet apart in line (I’m good with that), but then cram you into an airplane with no space between the next person.

        They tell us the vax is effective. If so, why do we still need to wear masks? Which is it?

        You’re then shamed for asking questions or trying to seek clarity. They want us to just go along like sheep without asking questions. That’s totalitarianism.

        “When you go into a public restaurant strung out from the road and you feel the eyes upon you as you take off your mask in order to have a drink, sorry Bob Seger.”

        Yet some of these same people will stand right on top of you, as if those masks are a panacea.

        “Why, oh why do you have to have a mask on in order to enter into a restaurant but can take it off in order to eat and drink?”


        “And these are supposedly bright, well educated, smart people who live and work here in Madison.”

        Getting a degree and being “well-educated” is not synonymous with intelligence, especially in today’s academia. I’m shocked by the number of people graduating with college degrees who can’t think for themselves.


  6. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    Metcalfe’s Hilldale now has an automatic dispenser of food prep gloves at their hot food bar, the kind that inflates and you slip your hand into it. Woe onto you if you actually touch the glove box to extract one or two in order to put them on yourself. I did that on Tuesday and a staffer was on me like a bug on a duck. True story.


    • Liberty says:

      Can relate!

      I’ve gotten barked at by staff at Whole Foods for very briefly having a nostril showing. Yet anyone can reach for a produce bag with their dirty mitts.


    • AdamC says:

      I won’t shop at places like that because even before the mask insanity people at places like that act superior to anyone else.

      If you are able, take all of your discretionary spending outside the city of Madison. It’s a three-fer:

      – friendlier service
      – starve the Madison taxers/spenders of play money
      – better deals can be found that often make up for a couple bucks of gas money

      If even 1,000 of us in Madison did this we would starve the Marxists of a good amount of play money and avoid the snooty Madison store police in the process.

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  7. georgessson says:

    Thanks ALL ! Your well-spoke anecdotes are enlightening/frightening. Thanks-be-to-Gawd, I’ve not experienced them (yet…).

    BTW, If T. Evers DOES have sex, does he wear THREE condoms? For his neither part, body & tongue? I cannot speak for the latter two, but a question for the 1st. Would that be a small or an extra small? Jes’ askin’ fer one of his pals.

    I apologize in advance fer any mental images that come to mind…

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