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RINOs have sharp horns

like the longhorns of Texas! One of our platinum subscribers predicts that “November will be the RINO hunt.” That’s the epithet — “Republicans In Name Only” Trump bitter enders give for those of us who refuse seconds on the Kool-Aid. … Continue reading

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Who was that unmasked woman?

Follow the politics What do we really know about Canada and the people who live there? Why do they sometimes speak a form of English (“about” comes out “a-boot”) then begin jabbering in something that sounds like an art house … Continue reading

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Rip that face mask off for our own good!

Gesundheit! Has any disease been as politicized as Covid-19? Aaron Rodgers, a candidate for the NFL’s MIP (Most Immunized Player), made the enemies list at The Nation. (“A voice not for the voiceless but for right-wing Twitter trolls.”Blaska: If they’re … Continue reading

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CDC says we can breathe a little

Who was that masked progressive? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is taking its knee off America’s collective neck a notch or two (Blaska, you insensitive bastard!) by allowing the citizenry to “participate in outdoor activities and recreation without a … Continue reading

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