Getting out of Madison’s occupied zone on the Harley D

Escape to Beautiful

Logged 630 beau-ti-fic miles on the Harley Davidson Softail Slim over the weekend, guests of a hard-working farm couple at their lakeside getaway home. Seven couples in all. Our host reports the dairy economy on his farm is in excellent shape — something the news media is not mentioning. Good news rarely sells, it seems.

Daphne at Timm's Tower

Atop Timm’s Hill, Town of Hill, WI

One of the many highlights was an excursion to Timm’s Hill, Wisconsin’s highest point at 1,951 feet, near the hamlet of Omega in Price County.  Climbed the observation tower for a 30-mile panorama of the North Woods, including placid Bass Lake to the south, 160 feet below.

The hill is located in a county park which should be upgraded to a state park. Better biffies, please! The road in is appropriately twisty; tall trees come right to the side of the road. My kind of motorcycling. On the way back stopped at Hill of Beans restaurant in High Point Village, with Bass Lake and Timm’s Hill framed by a flower-garlanded, white picket fence. Three ladies ran the place and accommodated us with good humor, beer and (yes) ice cream.

Was a relief to escape the chaos of Madison for some road therapy, good food and great friends. Saw no face masks except at one collectibles shop in Neillsville, which we did not enter. Back to the observation tower at Timm’s Hill As expected, many names carved into the wooden railings. But did not expect “Black Lives Matter,” which a subsequent visitor corrected with the word “All.”

Black Lives Matter

Do you know these thugs?

Wanted in the beat down of Sen. Tim Carpenter 06-23/24-2020. Contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014 or by computer at

Beat-down of Sen. Carpenter

No peace, no justice

Follow-up to that Lake Mills incident. The citizenry is demanding the resignation of Rachael Davies, vice president of the local school board, who denounced the victim of an automobile accident on the say-so of a Black Lives Matter activist who, police dash-cam video proved, was the one who actually caused the accident — “but lied about it in a Facebook live video to incite people to come to the city to protest,” according to the Lake Mills Leader.

“Without knowing any of the facts, Rachael Davies referred to this driver as ‘some expletive racist,’ said Darryl Krejci, during public comment at the meeting. “I’ve lived in this community for 23 years, I’ve seen and dealt with many horrible things during that time but never have I ever been so disappointed in someone I voted for.”

⇒ Random thought: If our CNN-watching acquaintances, many of whom wear face masks driving on the Interstate highway, were so worried about kids dying if we open school, maybe we should shut down Chicago.

Blaska’s Bottom LineMove to Madison, Ms. Davies. You would be elected mayor. Recall Satya Rhodes Conway!

How do YOU escape the madness?

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20 Responses to Getting out of Madison’s occupied zone on the Harley D

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    You blast through the Clark County Red Dirt on your way from Timm’s Hill to Neillsville?

    And in Neillsville on a Harley; tell The Gotch you visited HOG Corners!

    The Gotch

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  2. georgesssong says:

    Thanks for the Lake Mills farrago update. This quote says it all, and reminds us of similar (and many) MDSN school board situations that went seriously off the rails….

    Janel Pauli said she has a lot of questions about the division in the community.

    “We won’t always agree but we must find common ground to move forward,” she said. “We have to recognize there are inequalities in our society and be honest about what we can do to fix them.”

    “She (Rachael Davies) pushed a false narrative of a racist white lady hitting a protestor’s car,” Pauli said. “What happens when the same situation plays out in this school?”

    “Our schools have policies about bullying, but we have a school board member, the vice-president of the board of education, who is a bully.”

    ‘Nuff said.

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  3. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    The Blomberg’s are great folks!


  4. Sebastian Blowhard says:

    Blaska has predictably joined the culture wars against face masks, spoofing those who decide for whatever reason that they’ll just keep it on in the car (people have been begging Blaska to take his Halloween mask off for decades), as if it’s hurting him to look at them (see point above about taking your fright wig off) or something. The gig is up, DB. We know there’s no there there with you. Just an angry old guy who wishes the world wasn’t what it is and would rather complain that adapt or, even better, pitch in to solve the problems. Can’t get your wheeze on radio thinking that way, can ya?


    • David Blaska says:

      Pitch in? I ran for school board. What have you done? But if you want to adapt to boarded up State Street, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

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    • Mary says:

      Sebastian, I wish you could see how ridiculous you come across.

      BTW, what have YOU done to solve problems? I’m not talking about keyboard stuff or demonstrating either. In my experience some of the biggest finger pointers are also the biggest do-nothings.


  5. Mary says:

    Don’t agree with Tim Carpenter on a lot, but I hope these worthless dirty thugs are brought to full justice for what they did to him.

    I bet the idiots don’t even know WTH they’re angry about.


    • Batman says:

      Most of them do not Mary because self-reflection and self-honesty is a foreign concept to most of these programmed automatons who are nothing more than useful tools (they’re young) for people with very dark hearts who think very evil thoughts but are good at camouflage.


      • Mary says:

        The people manipulating these useful idiots do indeed have dark hearts and no souls. And by camouflage, I take it you mean that they’re cunning, persuasive, and charismatic? I’m not an expert, but don’t psychopaths use their charisma for powers of exploitation?

        You also have to wonder about the people who blindly follow them without fully understanding what exactly they’re pissed about. They must be harboring a high level of self-loathing and rage.

        That our nation’s leaders are willing to take a knee to them is quite telling in itself.


        • Mary says:

          It’s SOMEWHAT more understandable when young people, who are still growing mentally and emotionally fall for the manipulation. But to see grownups in their 40s and older act like this? Are they just emotionally / mentally immature, grifters? Still trying to figure that one out. (This doesn’t include the gutless politicians who will jump on whichever bandwagon will get them elected.)


        • Mary says:

          By nation’s leaders, I mean elected officials at the city, county, state, and federal level across the country.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “don’t psychopaths use their charisma for powers of exploitation?”

        Ah yes; a story as old as time itself!

        That they do, and there are differences, both subtle and glaring, between Psychopaths-n-Sociopaths.

        The former are usually the ringleaders (Big Picture), and the latter are the useful idiots (Cannon Fodder).

        An example, the charismatic former may convince an Idiot Savant latter to mix up a batch of rancid donuts which are then distributed to the public at large; this creates a smokescreen distraction which allows even greater havoc.

        The former’s goal is greater societal unrest, while the latter’s is merely the twisted satisfaction/validation/desire of pleasing the former.

        A vicious cycle, am I right?

        Anywho, and as far as some shockingly clueless useful idiots being in their 40’s, sadly there’s proximate proof positive that some that are in their mid-70’s. Why they haven’t moved beyond that laughably impotent approach to life is anyone’s guess; faulty cranial wiring, environment, genetics, upbringing by a smother mother and a f*cker father.

        The Gotch


        • Mary says:

          Great insights, Gotch.

          The article you linked to is quite different from most I’ve read on the topic. They usually suggest that psychos/socios are basically the same.

          Like this one:

          Your article suggests that there are differences. Interesting.

          I’m not an expert, but I think it’s fair to say that the anarchy we’re now seeing in Dane County and across the country is perpetrated in large part by sociopaths (based on your definition).

          Regarding your last paragraph: Good insights, and I’m not even sure the experts can fully explain how older people with that approach to live get to be this way. It’s not as simple as blaming one factor, like bad parenting. I mean how many people do you know who DON’T come from some sort of dysfunctional family or who were bullied in school, and don’t act like this?

          You gave me something to think about!


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “I’m not even sure the experts can fully explain how older people with that approach to live get to be this way”

          The older ones were never accepted when younger; they were pre-ordained followers to begin with, and because they were irredeemable dip$#!ts from the git-go, nobody wanted to be followed by them.

          They never had the intellectual wherewithal or intestinal fortitude to become independent individuals/thinkers and forge their own way, whichever way that may have been, so they went sideways instead.

          In WESconsin, they’d become BiPolar bear and University of Minnesota golden ground squirrel fan contrarians to, you know, like, show everyone else.

          These people asked little out of life and life met their price. When they became septuagenarians after a lifetime of poor choices and having not carved anything out for themselves, their only path was to align with the gimmee gimmee more More MORE high quality/quantity free $#!t crowd. And let’s face it, that crowd will take anyone that drinks their Fool-Ade.

          That meant voting for Ichabod Evers, rejecting everything and arguing against anything that made a whit of sense. Add that up and whaddya get? You get to make donuts for someone in The Dells.

          The Gotch


        • SouthofReality says:

          40 is the new 20


  6. old baldy says:

    Tidbit on Timm’s Hill. Back in the 50’s my late uncle was an engineering intern with DOT, and was asked to be part of a survey crew that shot elevations all the way up the hill and back down to close. He always was proud of being part of determining the highest point in WI, dethroning Rib Mountain.


  7. Robski says:

    Timms Hill is awesome! I’m itching to escape the Marxist zone myself so I might just go on up there for the weekend. But anyways, it’s been 3 weeks since two separate hate crimes occurred on the same night, at roughly the same time in downtown Madison. So in this time frame it is plausible for investigators to gather still photos/video footage of the perps committing these violent assaults/immolations and so on. But there is a flaw in the slaw, there is only evidence of one of the crimes occurring. To me it looks like a blonde, bespectacled hefer and a skinny blonde beat up Senator Carpenter. But there still is nothing on Biff, Skip, Chip and Bryce? You know the four drunken classic frat boys that are very skilled lighter tossers. I’ll tell where they are, they are in the wind, nowhere to be found because they never were downtown setting Ms. Bernstein on fire! And now Althea has lawyered up and is now mum. What does that tell you? The chances are much greater of nabbing the big round blonde and the rat-faced narrower blonde than the four torchers. Although I did see one frat boy this morning down here, just one though.


  8. So what do you have against face masks?


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