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School board group says keep cops in schools — with lotsa conditions

Did we win? The school board committee on Cops in Schools is punting. After meeting for 18 months, the ad hoc committee on Educational Resource Officers (EROs) “does not recommend the immediate termination of the ERO program.” Given the shooting … Continue reading

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Tammy’s money people are fronting Kavanaugh’s accuser

What a strange co-inky-dink! The Capital Times bent over backwards to excuse the preemptory rush to judgment of its ‘lil darling, Tammy Baldwin, from even considering the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. “Vukmir should stop lying … Continue reading

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Whoever called the cops on Sheila Stubbs: cautious, paranoid, or just plain racist?

As Patsy Cline sang: who’s sorry now? The Lovely Lisa, doyenne of the Stately Manor, has served notice that she will have a “discussion” with your Squire this evening over a glass of wine. That’s spelled “Uh, oh!” Apparently your … Continue reading

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City of Madison poised to trash a grave stone

Where else has a gravestone been uprooted? (outside Jewish cemeteries in Nazi Germany, of course) Forget it, virtue signalers, it’s Madison — where an issue never dies, it only festers. The fate of the grave stone listing the 140 dead … Continue reading

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Socialism sounds good until it hits the voting booth

Good job Middleton Police, Dane County Sheriff’s department and all the first responders for saving lives by responding quickly, going in early to an active shooter situation, and dropping the shooter. Good guys with guns saved lives.  Next time you … Continue reading

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Gee, wonder what Mrs. Clinton (Bill’s wife) thinks about the Kavanaugh charges

Denounce your husband before you pronounce judgment on others The Squire spent Tuesday night flipping the chunky dial on the Stately Manor’s Philco between the Brewers (why can’t that line-up HIT?!) and the cable talking-head shows. Even stopped in at … Continue reading

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