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A father’s advice: ‘School is free — get some education’

We yield the floor here at Blaska Policy Werkes to Mr. C. Watson, who tells Blaska for Safer Schools: “As a black man and a father I try to get them to understand school is free — get some education … Continue reading

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Madison’s school super cried today

I feel sorry for the lady, I really do. It’s tough to see someone’s closely held belief system come crashing down all around them. Madison’s school superintendent broke down in tears today (03-20-19) addressing Madison Downtown Rotary.  God knows, Jennifer … Continue reading

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More chaos at the school board

Go figure. The Madison school board ONCE AGAIN retreats behind locked doors. Because it cannot keep order at its own meetings To do what? To fine-tune its cadaverous Behavior Education Plan! Oh, the irony! The school board can’t even control … Continue reading

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Some great people endorse my campaign

‘David, while working for me, helped on countless efforts that empowered parents and improved our economy. Be it improving school or workforce opportunities, building a first-rate University system, or the infrastructure necessary to support our growing economy, David demonstrated an ability to both … Continue reading

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Mother of disruptive library kids vows to sue for $$$

Some people have no shame The false sense of entitlement is strong with this one The doddering old fool who operates the Policy Werkes out of his garden shed remembers a time when a parent would be aghast that sonny … Continue reading

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Pre-teenaged chaos at the Library: ‘We don’t have to listen to police’

Girl kicks policeman in the groin 15 to 20 kids ages 11 and 12 Bookshelf topped, garbage strewn From the Madison Police Department report: Madison police were called to the Madison Public Library’s Lakeview Branch, 28455 North Sherman Ave., at … Continue reading

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