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BLM agitators turn minor fender bender into racist hate crime

Taking the grievance culture to small town Wisconsin. On their car-driven “march” from Milwaukee to Madison this past weekend, Black Lives Matter agitators stopped in bucolic Lake Mills WI where they did what they do best: play the race card … Continue reading

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Official city panel encourages donations to Freedom Inc.

…and to “Free the 350” to bail out suspected murderers Your business is boarded up and looted. Authorities cannot protect Capitol Square or the City County Building. The sheriff says it is not safe to go downtown after 4:30 in … Continue reading

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More charges filed vs alleged Madison extortionists

Free at last! Social justice warriors bail out murder suspects Devonere Johnson, 28, Gregg James Jr., 23, and William Shanley, 25, today (07-06-2020) were charged in Dane County Circuit Court with threatening to injure or accuse a person of a … Continue reading

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Public Health asks ‘what racial biases do you have?

A Madison City-County Health Department demands: Examine your assumptions! In its 07-02-2020 posting of new coronavirus restrictions, the Dane County/City of Madison Public Health Department also issued a moral scolding. If you’re worried about this uptick in cases of COVID-19, … Continue reading

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Mainstream news media promotes culture war

Hate Trump has become Hate America Media provides moral ballast for the statue smashers  “Never before has a speech extolling America’s virtues and the marvels or the nation’s heroes played to such poor — and completely dishonest — reviews.” — Rich Lowry … Continue reading

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‘Division and darkness’ at the Coronavirus Times

Trump is not the one smashing statues, looting stores, and firebombing city hall. One must see it to believe it! Stick a finger into the wound lest you doubt, Thomas. A full page — albeit buried on Page A10 — of … Continue reading

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