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Uncle Joe signs big bill into law

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You are SO fired!

Robin Vos is the boss! One of Tommy Thompson’s former staff members relates how the governor backed him into a wardrobe closet at an event that had gone wrong and growled, “You are so fired!” Tommy fired and rehired the … Continue reading

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Reading, writing, arithmetic — and social justice!

Teaching racial grievance in your kids’ school  You can believe that Mike Gableman was on the verge of proving Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election stolen. You can testify that Hunter Biden didn’t peddle daddy’s influence. Swear that Alex Jones was right about Sandy … Continue reading

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Madison continues war on police

Tears for fears? Across the nation, “Defund the Police” may have lost more value than Bitcoin but progressives in Madison WI are still trying to handcuff the police. ACAB, doncha know! The city Public Safety Review Committee voted 4 to … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez jiggered Ol’ Sparky!

We demand primary results be decertified!  The Head Groundskeeper is getting with the program. No more will we accept defeat gracefully. Got only three of six correct in the great Blaska-goolie’s Republican primary election predictions. We blame The Deep State for … Continue reading

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‘Trump-backed’ candidate wins … for now

Becky did not claim election fraud! We are bereft that Rebecca Kleefish lost. A peppier, scrappier campaigner you will not find. Becky must have hugged a thousand voters personally. Campaigning hard to be the first female governor of Wisconsin, a … Continue reading

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