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Madison seeks felons, squatters, illegal aliens, and addicts to judge the police

Just jonesing to recommend Chief Koval’s dismissal The War on Cops continues apace in the Emerald City, Madison WI. Two developments: First, two excellent sources tell us that Brenda Konkel is about to be named to the nine-member Public Safety … Continue reading

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Enjoying Wisconsin’s Big Heat

Blaska Experimental Work Farm (and Penal Colony) here in the badlands of Madison WI is receiving some major heat units from the local solar-power monopoly, as well we should in the middle of July. (The climate isn’t changing THAT much!) Just … Continue reading

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Grand theft auto vs. girls’ soccer

Time to lay down the law! There will be no illegal soccer on Edgewood’s soccer field! You know you are tripping over your own ruby slippers in the Emerald City when girls are outlawed from playing soccer on their high … Continue reading

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I’m not a racist and so are you

The more we obsess about race, the worse it gets The sticky note from hell! As a candidate for Madison school board, Blaska was interviewing with the Capital Times editorial board for an endorsement that was never going to happen. … Continue reading

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School is out; lock your garages

UPDATE: Three 14-year-old boys have been arrested after stealing a car and leading multiple departments on a chase Thursday morning (07-11-19). At 2:30 in the morning, a Fitchburg police officer saw a stolen car in the area of the Verona Road … Continue reading

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Fighting discipline ‘and other racist acts’ in the Madison schools

Kaleem Caire for Madison school board A reader has shamed Blaska into applying for the vacancy caused by Mary Burke’s inexplicable resignation from the Madison Board of Education. As I told the WI State Journal, I have no hope of … Continue reading

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