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Q. Can I get an “Amen?” A. No you cannot.

This post not hacked by fact-checkers What would we do without social media? What DID we do without social media? Chased pollywogs, the sepia-tone nostalgics say. But Facebook, Twitter, et al are entertaining and sometimes useful to pose ideas, rally … Continue reading

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At least they’re not the Cleveland Progressives!

Sock-a-lexit to me! One of my journalism professors so long ago at UW-Oshkosh was a Korean-born man named Holim Kim. He was intrigued when I answered that my European nationality was German-Bohemian. That seemed to fit my hippy appearance in … Continue reading

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Did you know? Historic preservation is racist!

A Madison alder told us so  One of the more stupid, only-in-Madison proposals was an alder’s motion to jigger ordinances governing the height of buildings in order to preserve the view of Lake Mendota from a privately owned dwelling. That … Continue reading

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Police body cameras reduce racial disparities

The science is real! Progressive Dane alders will find it more difficult to vote against cameras worn by police officers after a report issued by UW-Madison law professor Keith Findley. Findley chaired the committee that proposed the Police Civilian Oversight … Continue reading

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Community organizers make early-morning house calls

Coming soon to your neighborhood The beneficiaries of Madison progressives’ War On Cops were doing some outreach work in Orchard Ridge early this morning. The police report: At 2:23 am 07-22-21, Madison Police were dispatched to a residence in the … Continue reading

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Smoke gets in our skies

Feels good to rub elbows again! Hooray for the Milwaukee Bucks! Not a particular fan of the pro game but happy for Milwaukee and our state! A championship every 50 years isn’t too much to ask. Cannot pronounce his name … Continue reading

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