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Will Madison vote to stick Chief Koval with the bill?

Will the Madison Common Council continue its war on police or will it reimburse Police Chief Mike Koval for the $22,000 he expended out of his own pocket to defend himself against frivolous charges? We’ll get a hint this coming … Continue reading

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Epic Fail: ObamaCare repeal DOA. GOOD!

The Squire uses his plenipotentiary powers to invoke the Law of Unintended Consequences. (And reserves the right to amend and extend his remarks. For instance, just added “Epic Fail” to the headline, which it is.) Repeal and Replace just scudded into … Continue reading

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It’s not black or white, Madison school board voters!

Congratulations to Chris Rickert for a real journalistic scoop! The Wisconsin State Journal columnist reveals that a candidate for the Madison Metro School Board sends her child to a private school. This revelation comes after the candidate, Ali Muldrow, appeared to support school vouchers … Continue reading

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Madison police endorse 4 candidates, shun 17 sitting alders!

As Rod Serling would say, for your electoral consideration: Consider that all 20 Madison aldermanic seats will be decided on April 4. 19 of those are incumbents seeking re-election. Only 5 incumbents are challenged (and one of the challengers is a write … Continue reading

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Race trumps character in today’s public schools

At some point in the fermentation process, the bacteria that convert sugars into alcohol poison themselves and the process starts. Wine can only get so alcoholic without the addition of distilled alcohol (as is done with Port.) That process is occurring … Continue reading

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Gorsuch schools America on the judiciary

The indentured servants are neglecting their duties attending to the Squire here at the Stately Manor. They are splayed out on the floor of the Walter Winchell Memorial Media Room watching the Neil Gorsuch nomination hearing this week. Should be … Continue reading

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