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Teens accused of murder: doesn’t get much colder

A case of unmet needs? or ‘Victim’ Entitlement? A jogger found Beth Potter the morning of March 31 lying aside a trail in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. She was clothed only in pajamas and socks on a 30-degree night, not … Continue reading

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Masked Madison is voting today

Think there’ll be recounts and more lawsuits after today’s election? One virtue of shutting down school for the coronavirus pandemic is that the spacious gymnasium at Toki middle school here on the SW side of Madison WI was available as the … Continue reading

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The school super: Cold feet or Madison politics?

Now you see him — now you don’t We who live in Madison WI say if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour for it to change. Same with our elections. Act 10. And now, Madison’s school superintendent. It ain’t over … Continue reading

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WI Gov. Evers abolishes Tuesday

Trump 2021! [ UPDATE 5:03 p.m. 04-06-2020: WI Supreme Court says Election to proceed Tuesday DESPITE Gov. Tony Evers attempt to cancel the election. ] “Using the powers granted to me by the Wizard, I Gov. Tony Evers, hereby cancel Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Great news! Tell A.O.C. the Green New Deal is here!

Carbon emissions are down! All it took was shutting down one-quarter of the U.S. economy! The  Eisenhower-era mainframe computer at Blaska Policy Werkes blew a fuse awhile back when it reported a decrease in political partisanship. If anything, the partisanship … Continue reading

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WHO is why …

America comes first! Donald Trump was elected President (well, he WAS!) due in great part to  America’s growing distrust of The Establishment, business as usual, so-called experts, and international one-world organizations. The Wall Street Journal indicts one such, the World … Continue reading

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