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Just say no to Gobbledygook

Turning the Policy Werkes over to visiting professor Paula Fitzsimmons. She is absolutely correct: the new mayor appointing “Dr. Gobbledygook” to the police policy and review committee is a slap in the face to Madison police. Chief Koval ought to … Continue reading

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13-year-old brags about punching police officer

Girls, girls, girls! 05/13/2019 – 9:44 PM Address Post Rd. (at Turbot Dr.) Arrested Female, age 15, Madison Teen was taken to the Juvenile Reception Center after being arrested for possession of an oleoresin device, and resisting/obstructing. Female, age 15, … Continue reading

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The Work Farm’s Green New Deal

Getting our hands dirty in the asparagus patch When the early settlers came ashore to this part of Madison WI they found the indigenous inhabitants mowed the lawn right up to the foundations of the Stately Manor. In the 38 … Continue reading

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The conservative case against Medicaid expansion

The conservative position on Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed Medicaid expansion, as explained by Robin Vos, R-Racine County, Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly: The state of Wisconsin is taking care of the medical care of our most needy populations. Wisconsin has … Continue reading

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What are you hiding?

It’s not the conspiracy, stupid And when did you hide it? That’s the Watergate redux of the permanent investigatory state. Democrats are following Jerry Nadler and his enablers at MSNBC and CNN down the rabbit hole of irrationality. When one … Continue reading

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Classrooms in chaos? Kids running amok? We want you at Harvard!

Who says the Behavior Education Plan is a failure? Its author ascends to the ivory tower You, too, can join the faculty at our nation’s leading schools of education if you play identity politics. Too many kids of the wrong … Continue reading

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