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Breathe deeply: smell that freedom!

Anthony Fauci has worn out his welcome Advance scouts from the Werkes espied this sign on the Southwest bike path just off Odana Road on Madison’s west side. What kind of right-wing Deplorable busy body would post such a sign … Continue reading

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Justice by any means necessary?

Situational justice? Duante Wright was pulled over driving a car with expired tags and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest related to aggravated armed robbery. Erick Erickson writes: “Wright would still be alive had Officer Potter not confused her gun and … Continue reading

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Progressive priorities are killing Madison

How much progressivism before more die? The Capital Times is declaring progressive victory after the April 6 Madison Common Council election.  The real shift on the council is in the direction of diversity and progressive policy making. The majority of … Continue reading

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Our Question of the Day

You have the right to remain silent We remember when The Capital Times would do its man on the street questions. Five unwitting citizens proffer their answers off the top of their heads. Each answer was accompanied by their “mug … Continue reading

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Visit the Experimental Work Farm

At this address and via the menu at the header above.

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News media scolds police chief for calling it a ‘Riot’

How does one confuse Taser with Glock? According to KARE TV-11, Daunte Wright had an outstanding warrant for gross misdemeanor carrying a pistol without a permit and misdemeanor fleeing police. The shooting may have been accidental, even if stupid. In the videotape, … Continue reading

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