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Lawsuit seeks return of Confederate Rest monument

Did not glorify the South’s Lost Cause.  A Madison attorney is contesting the City of Madison’s removal of the memorial stone at Confederate Rest cemetery on 04-10-2018 (and reaffirmed on 05-11-2018) as a “desecration.” It was one of the city’s … Continue reading

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Take courage!

‘Hooray for our side!’ The grey lab coats have diagnosed the Head Groundskeeper’s principal problem as insufficient partisanship. Yes, he suffers from objectivity. Like those two-handed economists of whom Truman despaired. Always saying “On the other hand …” We entertain … Continue reading

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Guilt-ridden Madison explores reparations

Name your ‘historic wrong’ for cash and prizes! Woke progressivism, like rust, never sleeps. Madison city government now wants to invite “BIPOC” people to kvetch about how Madison was mean to them. The city’s Equal Opportunities Commission, trying to justify … Continue reading

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Dithering on public safety for 16+ years

Bite the bullet! What’s the point of having your own blogge if you can’t settle a few scores. It’s my party and I’ll whine if I want to. Blaska left the Dane County Board in 2006 (at the invitation of … Continue reading

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Rip that face mask off for our own good!

Gesundheit! Has any disease been as politicized as Covid-19? Aaron Rodgers, a candidate for the NFL’s MIP (Most Immunized Player), made the enemies list at The Nation. (“A voice not for the voiceless but for right-wing Twitter trolls.”Blaska: If they’re … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to miss in order to win

Then how come we’re not winning? We are intrigued by the final 3.9 seconds of Sunday night’s 01-09-22 Wisconsin Badger basketball victory over Maryland. Leading 70 to 69, Badger free throw shooter Brad Davison, owning an 88% success rate, purposely … Continue reading

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