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Today’s lesson plan: obey your damn teachers!

Learning self-discipline is key to mastering life itself Thank you very much to Michael Cummins, the lone conservative contributor to Madison’s weekly Isthmus newspaper, for connecting the dots on behalf of Madison’s public school teachers, concerned parents and their children.  … Continue reading

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A little music on a State Street summer afternoon

Grooving, on a Saturday afternoon Don’t know if it gets any better than this weekend (07-6/7-2019) in Madison, WI. First of all, the weather was and is glorious. Largely overcast the first part of Saturday but cheery, nonetheless, temps in … Continue reading

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Trump’s tanks are back on the flatbed trucks, to critics’ dismay

 Don’t you feel foolish, my liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances?! ‘Critics said’ you should be accustomed to that by now. In the run-up to the Independence Day “Salute to America,” the Left predicted a military coup led by President-for-Life Trump. The two (count … Continue reading

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A little patriotism on Independence Day

It is too much to ask? Also known as Love of Country From the Wall Street Journal: Nike is entitled to cancel its products for any reason. But the rest of us are entitled to point out that no flag … Continue reading

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Chief Koval: Finally!

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval: Last night (07-02-19), the Common Council voted to approve a contract to keep police officers in our four main high schools. [More here.] I think this is a win for public safety and I am … Continue reading

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Strange new respect for Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway

She gets the job done and can run a meeting I did not appreciate until Tuesday’s Common Council meeting (07-02-19) that it was Barzini all along — I mean, Madison’s new mayor — who broke the impasse between the school … Continue reading

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