Dane County poised to bend over for government workers

From the county that can’t build a jail!

Sore backs are an occupational hazard for the full-on Woke because there’s no end of kowtowing to the ever-growing number of special interest groups lobbying for special favors. To the unwhite, immigrant, poverty-stricken, homeless, LGBTQ+, differently abled, indebted college student, and otherwise oppressed add the downtrodden government employee. Everyone but the taxpayer, of course.

Dane County Board of Supervisors to the rescue! Its 37 members are set not merely to allow, nor only to govern, but to encourage its taxpayer-supported government employees to join and participate in a labor union. They would make it easier to grieve county work rules. They would set up a panel of “impartial hearing officers.” If that panel failed to assuage the disgruntled employee, s/he could appeal (Griswold family drum roll again) to the Dane County Board of Supervisors itself! 

Just what we need! A county board that cannot build a sorely needed jail will instead sit in judgement of the nit-picky complaints of the mailroom employee grieving the lack of KitKat bars in the break room vending machine.

Don’t take the Werkes Werde for it (although you should). Wade through the arcane jungle of the proposed rewrite of the county’s civil service policy. As Chief Brody might say on Captain Quint’s boat, we’re going to need more bureaucrats to administer this monster.  

A nightmare of bureaucracy! 

Thank the sweet baby Jesus for the one true conservative serving county government. Supv. Jeff Weigand calls the Chapter 18 amendment:

 “Dangerous, unethical and potentially illegal.”

Weigand says:

Supv. Weigand

Ordinance Amendment 59 would, among other things, allow any Dane County employee the opportunity to spend unlimited amounts of time on union activity. 

This will allow all county staff, included staff that work in our 911 call center or nurses that care for our seniors with physical, behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric disorders to simply notify their boss that they won’t be working today because they have union activity.  

The Amendment also changes Dane County’s policy on union membership to now “encourage interested stakeholders to participate in work related associations and activities” with no reduction on pay. Weigand alleges this is a potential violation of Wis. Stats. 111.70 which explicitly states that employees have the right to refrain from union activity. 

Weigand notes that the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty brought lawsuit over a similar policy promulgated by Milwaukee public schools. WILL said the Milwaukee policy “amounts to compelled speech because it forces Milwaukee taxpayers to subsidize labor union activities.”  

Blame this monstrosity on Supervisors Elizabeth Doyle, Heidi Wegleitner, Mike Bare, Yogesh Chawla, Michael Engelberger, Kierstin Huelsemann, Jeff Hynes, Andrew Schauer, and Michele Ritt.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: From the proposed rewrite of the county’s civil service policy one would never know that Act 10 governs governmental labor union activity. The so-called “employee benefit handbook” becomes a labor union contract.

Do you even know who your supervisor is?

Find them here.


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6 Responses to Dane County poised to bend over for government workers

  1. Normwegian says:

    I’m confused. Does this mean they’d be getting their pay from the County (us taxpayers) while they are doing union business?


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      You got a problem with that, buddy?


      • Normwegian says:

        Yes, I do. If the employee takes time off to do union business, then the union needs to pay that employee, not the taxpayers. That’s what happens in the private sector. BTW, I’m not your buddy.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I pity poor Supervisor Weigand. He must feel like Gulliver among the Lilliputians, except these tiny folx are armed with slogans and virtue signaling and enough self-regard for several giants.


  3. Bill Cleary says:

    Talk about buying votes!

    Not that I’m a union member, but I will posit this. If I were a county union member I would like to take a couple of weeks off and spend it on a warm beach studying how the non-union workers working at the tiki bar serve drinks. Then I will spend another couple of weeks studying unionized workers at a bar that is unionized serve drinks. At that point I will spend another couple of weeks on a beach writing a paper on why we should all join a union.

    This of course is all on the taxpayer dime.

    And to conduct a proper study as it is a union activity, the taxpayer will in addition to my salary, have to pick up not only my travel costs but also my hotel costs as well as my meals and bar tabs.


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