To hell with unity!

Madison schools shake Democrats’ voter tree.

Why in hell (our favorite rhetorical flourish) is the Madison public school district promoting a Get Out the Vote rally? For a partisan election! No school board candidate, no school referendum is on the ballot. But Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes are!

Why is the rally, scheduled for Monday 10-24-22 at the State Capitol, called “Unity in the Community”? What unity? An election — any election — is up or down, yes or no. Somebody wins, the other guy loses — the antithesis of unity. Unity? That’s Kim Jong Un language. The kumbaya word is invoked to hide the partisan nature of this exercise. Unavoidably, the Madison Metropolitan School District gives away its game:

In an increasingly competitive and ever-changing world, the health and vitality of the Badger state and the survival of our Nation’s progress in many fields of endeavor depends on the education and resources we provide our young people. At its core, public education continues to be the fabric of our national defense, however, for far too long this ideal has not been recognized in either state or federal funding.

MMSD e-mail sent to parents

In other words, vote for free-spending Democrats. Our public schools’ ills can be cured with a transfusion of More Money! Especially, teacher pay! Vote against Republicans because they’ll give parents more educational choice. They’ll fight Woke indoctrination. Much like Trump’s “march peacefully and patriotically” in the midst of his apocalyptic red-meat diatribe on January 6 in furtherance of the Stolen Election lie, MMSD attaches a feeble asterisk: 

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, or your political beliefs, we encourage all Wisconsinites to take part in this statewide effort to uplift the values of Unity as a Wisconsin community and to play an active role in democracy by exercising your right to vote this November.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Knowing full well that getting out the vote in bright blue Madison can only help Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes. It’s not illegal nor is it cause to invalidate the November 8 election. Just another pathetic bid by our public schools to tilt the deck to fight off real reform. 

“Uplift the values of Unity”? 

What (the hell) does that even mean?

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  1. Mordecai The Red says:

    If public school districts can use taxpayer funds to execute thinly-veiled attempts to get Democrat voters to the polls, then I see no reason why police departments, law enforcement, and other first-responders shouldn’t be allowed to do the same.

    I agree with our host’s position on no public money influencing the conduct of elections. This stunt clearly goes against that.

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    • Mordecai The Red says:

      Correction: Our host advocated for no private money (i.e. Zuckerbucks) influencing the conduct of elections. Which I agree with. Conversely, I do not want public funds paying for get out the vote efforts like this one that are clearly designed to engage Democratic bases in blue municipalities. Leave the bill for those in the hands of those running and their campaigns.

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  2. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Mr. Google tells me that Madison Metropolitan School District spends $15,668 per student each year. It rakes in annual revenues of $460.9 million. Apparently, they now want more…much more.

    By comparison, the Wisconsin school choice program pays out roughly $7,000 per student for elementary kids.

    Could it be that the frothing at the mouth over school choice masks the education establishment’s worry that word will get out that private schools can (and do) produce stellar outcomes at half the cost?

    You toss in that parents get to choose what’s best for their kids, and there’s a lot to like about school choice.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      You might have added the fact that enrollment is falling in Madison’s pubic schools for a host of reasons. In the private sector, what business would pump ever more money into a failing enterprise that offered no hope of improvement?

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    • Kevin S Wymore says:

      For 5-year-old kindergarten through Grade 8, the Wisconsin school choice program currently pays private choice schools $8,399 per pupil per year,

      Still, you get my rhetorical drift. Private schools can educate kids for roughly half of what the Madison schools whine about having to spend — darn close to $16,000 per pupil per year.

      Even the eminent Mr. Lesiak cannot refute this, or explain MMSD’s voracious appetite for more of my neighbor Fred’s dollars.

      He can only look away, and talk about the moon, the stars, and the Major League baseball playoffs.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Speaking of Kim Jong Un language (aka Democratspeak), my favorite trope is “protecting democracy,” which Democrats trot out whenever they attempt one of their own periodic attacks on democracy (e.g., packing the Supreme Court, undermining the Constitution or parts thereof, abolishing the Electoral College, undermining voter requirements, or demanding that the senile old bastard in the White House “forgive” student loans).

    As for “protecting democracy” in Madison. Yes, the get-out-the-vote is part of a transparent campaign by the MMSD to elect more Democrats statewide, but don’t ignore similar efforts on the part of city officials. Why else is there now a voter registration booth and (soon) a polling place in every other building in Madison weeks before election day? If they thought that (by some miracle) their efforts would result in more Republican than Democrat votes, it would be harder to vote in Madison than in Pyongyang.

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Lefty’s “favorite trope” (“protecting democracy”) is its last d!p$#!tted effort to properly herd their phuque-witted base in the…um…right direction.

      IMO, it’s (heh!) destined to fall flat on its disgusting pu$$!

      The Gotch

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  4. Bill Cleary says:

    Kevin Wymore so aptly points out “that Madison Metropolitan School District spends $15,668 per student each year. It rakes in annual revenues of $460.9 million.” When he points out that the average district spend around $7,000 a year on each student.

    Why oh why do we the taxpayers of Madison spend some $15,000 dollars a year to send our kids to school when the rest of the districts in Wisconsin spend $7,000 a year when we see so little in the way of improvement of our students here in Madison.

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    • AdamC says:

      Half a billion dollars isn’t enough. The work is never done and we need each school to have a full time drag queen in residence plus a team of 50 counselors to deal with the fallout. Oh and a diversity coach for every teacher, and an equity monitor in every classroom.


  5. One Eye says:

    Kamala-style word salad.


  6. Bob says:

    Wait! Next year MMSD will have a referendum for more money. They would have had it this year but were afraid that someone would wonder what they did with all the Covid money they got. More money for worse test scores. “FOR THE CHILDREN.”

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  7. richard lesiak says:

    “Get out the vote”. You bet. We need to do it to keep out the book burning, bible thumping morons that are telling people that there are kitty litter boxes in classrooms. If the gop had any decent people running they wouldn’t be worried about people voting. But no; they want to set up roadblocks at every turn. Bitching about voting only means one thing; Barnes and Evers are winning.


  8. White Hills says:

    There is plenty of money, it just gets squandered on make-work admin. Democrats don’t care about education, they care about never ending set-asides for themselves.

    My children have 26 and 27 students in their respective classes this year. Meanwhile, instead of more teachers there are about 300 unnecessary admin “support” positions at MMSD. Do the math. Something has to give, and it better not be higher taxes in order to perpetuate more admin, because that’s what will happen. Proof positive that Democrats can’t run the show.

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  9. Madtownforsure says:

    Tony is their God don’t forget.

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  10. Bill Cleary says:

    Yes, please do tell me how Tony has improved edumacation in Wisconsin since he took over as the head of education in Wisconsin? How have test scores done? How much have they improved? Long before he became Governor, long before covid, how much has the state of education in Wisconsin improved since Tony has been at the helm of steering the education of all Wisconsin students?

    Let us measure the man by what he as really accomplished. Not by the portrait that he has painted himself to be.

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  11. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The fact-based Universe indicates that only a breathtakingly clueless, imbecilic moron could think the PB-n-J eatin’ Farm Boy Barnes is winning.

    The Blogge Idiot thinks Barnes is winning.

    Solve for “X

    The Gotch


  12. AdamC says:

    It’s “Unity” for those who truly believe that some Madison precincts actually went 92% for F.J. Biden in 2020.

    As if near east/isthmus precibcts were suddenly purged of Green and other far-left aficionados. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

    If you believe THAT you believe in the taxpayer-funded, school district presented “Unity 2022”.

    Majority of Madison public school students can’t read or do math? Pshaw. Reading. Schmeading. Here, let us help you vote.


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