Madison, where ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ is taught

Teaching hate, for credit!

Just blocks from the Potter-Carre residence, a 42-ton boulder served as a landmark on the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus and as a teaching tool for geology students, having washed up with the last glacier some 12,000 years ago. Until the local BLM chapter chanced upon a newspaper article from 1925 that reported the rock was sometimes referenced with a variation of the N-word. Yielding to their demands and forestalling the race card, the university chancellor ordered the big rock loaded on a flatbed truck and carted away.

Three years earlier, in 2018, the name of academy award winning actor Fredric March was removed from the student union theater for mistakenly labeling, as an undergraduate 100 years ago, an impromptu student club after the KKK. The national NAACP objected, pointing out the acclaimed actor’s lifetime of civil rights advocacy when racial segregation was a real and present danger. To no avail.

Indeed, the very curricula of the nation’s K-12 schools was nothing more than “a culturally specific artifact designed to maintain a white supremacist master script.” So declared UW Education professor Gloria Ladson-Billlings in her 2015 textbook, Critical Race Theory in Education

In his own book, Black Racism, Columbia University professor John McWhorter describes describes CRT as “See[ing] white people as potential oppressors and black people as perpetual victims of an inherently oppressive system.”

Credit the university for cutting to the chase in a for-credit course offered in 2016: “The Problem of Whiteness.”

Criminal record a must

A Madison candidate for state senate in 2020 encapsulated the thinking: “We must start by acknowledging that our police and criminal justice system are directly tied to the legacy of slavery and slave patrols in our country.” The candidate was endorsed by the Madison teachers union and university teaching assistants. She is now chief of staff to State Rep. Francesca Hong, D-Madison. 

That was the problem with school resource police officers. Not that they were white. Three were, in fact, black. The fourth was an hispanic woman. Yielding to the intimidation tactics of an outfit called Freedom Inc., Madison schools in 2020 expelled police officers from its four main high schools. Madison alders concurred by a 19 to 1 vote. (Another irony, Dr. Beth Potter — good-hearted liberal that she was — donated money to Freedom Inc.)

Keeping pace with Wokeness, the city created a citizens board to, essentially, second-guess police. Half its members had to be black. At least one member was required to have a criminal record.

Prosecution & accountability, deferred

Khari O. Sanford was being prosecuted in criminal court while he interned for city government. Eleven months before he murdered Dr. Potter and Mr. Carre that late March night in 2021, Sanford was charged with auto theft. The criminal complaint states while Sanford’s foster parents were away from their Middleton home and in Africa, he stole their car after disabling some of the home’s surveillance cameras. Days after the theft, the complaint says police found Sanford sleeping in the car. 

“He was upset with his foster parents when he took the car,” police say in the complaint.

Miriam Carre-Potter

About that girlfriend

Miriam Carre-Potter is not being prosecuted. The criminal complaint against Sanford references her “untruthful statements.” She repeated on the witness stand that Sanford had been with her at their AirBNB residence at Sunny Meade Lane the entire night of the murders — refuted by her own cell phone traffic.

“Although Miriam may have not been physically present during the murders of her parents, that does not absolve Miriam from accountability,” allege Potter-Carre’s two other children. They have petitioned to exclude Miriam from her parents’ will. (Reported here.)

Khari Sanford

District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, a Democrat, deferred prosecuting Khari Sanford. The program requires participants to meet conditions such as counseling and community service in exchange for the charge being dismissed upon the program’s completion — which would have been in November 2020. (Another irony: Ellen Berz was the presiding judge in Case Number 2019CF000902.)

Reminded that Sanford had posted his pointed Glock firearm to his Facebook page in the Carre-Potter murders, Ozanne responded, according to a newspaper account: “To my knowledge…there was nothing restricting Mr. Sanford’s ability to possess a firearm.”

Had the case been prosecuted as a felony instead of a misdemeanor with deferred prosecution, it would have. Not that any gun ban deters a determined killer. Prison does that.

Khari Sanford and his accomplice Ali’jah J. Larrue are being sentenced today for first-degree intentional homicides of Beth Potter and Robin Carre. Criminal statute mandates life in prison,

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6 Responses to Madison, where ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ is taught

  1. One eye says:

    “a newspaper article from 1925 that reported the rock was sometimes referenced with a variation of the N-word. ”

    Misleading. The article itself used that descriptor twice, once in the HEADLINE.

    I was aghast when I saw it. It is a stark reminder of how far we’ve come as a society. But no matter, the children psyche’s couldn’t handle it so the rock was carted away to never never land. Now the children sleep soundly knowing no such ugliness ever existed.

    Wait ’til they find out about Sterling Hall.


  2. Normwegian says:

    Will justice prevail?


    • One eye says:

      Yes and no.

      No parole ever for Sanford, possibility for Larrue, and karma for the girl.

      And that karma is going to be a B-I-T-C-H.

      As for the progressive enablers … they’ll get off scot-free.


  3. Mark Lemberger says:

    Doctor Potter lost much of the sympathy I afforded her as an innocent victim when she donated to Freedom Inc. That money and the rest of the cash avalanche dumped on BLM, Urban Triage et al. logically result in black victimhood, entitlement and retaliation.
    This is also true of every other fool that subsidizes hate and makes it a virtue.


  4. Wm. Tyroler says:

    “Reminded that Sanford had posted his pointed Glock firearm to his Facebook page in the Carre-Potter murders, Ozanne responded, according to a newspaper account: ‘To my knowledge…there was nothing restricting Mr. Sanford’s ability to possess a firearm.’ ”

    To my knowledge, Ozanne’s weasel-worded assertion has never been examined by local media. The deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) was necessarily in writing and likely sits in the court file. The online court record entry for 1-10-2020 simply says, “Deferred agreement.”I assume that that reflects filing of the written agreement, but you’d have to actually inspect the file to know for certain. In any event, if not in the court file, the agreement surely can be obtained without difficulty — it’s a public record — from the DA’s own file or the First Offender Program, which was to supervise Sanford. Either the DPA barred gun possession or it didn’t, and it would be easy enough to discern the answer — if some journalist were curious enough to look into Ozanne’s curious non-denial denial. Perhaps no-one in Madison really wants to know.


  5. Mark Lemberger says:

    The bigotry of low expectations.


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