We’re going to blow this yet!

Do not take Dane County for granted! 

The Republican primary election is nine days in the rear-view window, but Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch have yet to sit down for their unity breakfast. Sad to say, there remain enough hard feelings to get TV’s Dr. Phil grinding his teeth.

Becky K. is particularly pissed that the Michels camp went negative by circulating a prom picture of one of her under-age daughters with her date who was — horror of horrors! — the son of Brian Hagedorn! That would be the same WI Supreme Court justice who refused to overturn Trump’s defeat in 2020! TRAITOR!!! RINO! One might think using children would be beneath a candidate but one would forget that’s the kind of conspiratorial low road that appeals to certain cultists in our party.

→ “Are Republicans blowing their chance of winning the Senate?” National Review asks: “A couple of key races appear to be close to lost already. … The sputtering, momentum-free Ford Pinto that is Mehmet Oz’s Senate campaign in Pennsylvania is now trailing Democrat John Fetterman by a jaw-dropping 18 percentage points.” And Ron Johnson is down 7 points to (the lesser) Mandela Barnes.

In case you missed it: We broke the story on the Madison teachers union promoting CRT “social justice.” Promised to get back to you with how much taxpayers are paying for that dose of progressive indoctrination. The figure is $175,000, according to the school district’s most excellent spokesman.

Hamilton posing with stolen and wrecked cars. Car thefts — many by juveniles — in Madison alone rose from 195 in the first six months of 2020 to 210 in the same period in 2021 to 273 through June 30 this year.

We think Anthony Hamilton, candidate for sheriff, is on to something when he criticizes incumbent sheriff Kalvin Barrett for calling them “residents” instead of jail inmates. Must not hurt their tender feelings! Hamilton points out that Barrett was appointed to the job by the most anti-cop governor in memory. That would be Tony Evers, who took the side of Jacob Blake against police and let Kenosha burn. More reason why we’re working for Hamilton. (See it now.)

As for the never-ending Dane County jail project, we’ll let a former mayor do the heavy lifting:

The Dane County Board will decide tonight about what to do about a jail expansion — unless they don’t decide. The Board has three options before them: a project with 825 total beds (18% fewer than we have now), … 725 total beds (28% fewer) or … kicking it over to the voters in a November referendum.

In a county that is growing at a rate of about 15% over a decade, it seems strange to be even contemplating an 18% reduction in the jail, much less 28%. But there might not be enough votes for the additional $10 million (due to new cost projections) to build even the 825-bed facility because a budget amendment takes a super majority. Maybe the best we can hope for is a referendum.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Where was Tim Michels NOT last weekend? Not wooing Dane County’s 250 hard-core Republicans convening at their annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner, is not where. Ron Johnson spoke; Eric Toney for AG, Roger Roth for Lt. Gov, and Anthony Hamilton for sheriff spoke. No Tim Michels. Dane County puts up the third-most Republican votes in the state, after Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties. In the primary election, Dane County went 48.9% for Becky to Michels’ 41.5%. There’s work to be done here, fences to mend, apologies to be made.

Do YOU like to be wooed?

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12 Responses to We’re going to blow this yet!

  1. One eye says:

    Had not heard about the prom picture thing. Pretty low but Kleefisch has only herself to blame after weaponizing her American Girl doll daughters in the campaign. You want to keep your kids out of political fights? Start by keeping your kids out of political fights.


  2. richard lesiak says:

    You’re watching the gop self-destruct before your eyes. They scream about badge backing and crime, but call for violence against the FBI, IRS and want to execute Garland. Calling for civil war is not the slogan Americans want to hear. They reward trump’s nutbag behavior and rhetoric by giving him more money. The RNC is cutting money from senate races to pay his legal bills. Most of the people you have running are crazy and want to burn down the country. They vote as one against everything from abortion to veterans’ healthcare and then say, “look over there; those rotten dems.” After years of watching and listening to these bozos people have had enough. Trump will be a crybaby till he dies, but he will be smiling about all the money he screwed people out of.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    So Hamilton criticized Barrett for calling jail inmates “residents.” How about going one more step and calling them what they actually are: prisoners?


  4. Bill Cleary says:


    Perhaps you are lucky enough to never have to work at a low wage job. Perhaps you got a golden ride to go to college and graduate and go on to a government job.

    As for the most of us, we had to make do with jobs that paid us very little in wages like $2.01 an hour wages or less than that. My first job was for .75 an hour.

    I have had to work every day of my life since I was 16 years old.

    The problem I see with the dem’s is that they do not see the problem as I and the rest of the country do. They think that they can spend their way out of inflation and a bad economy which by the way has been tried before and NEVER WORKS!

    But hey, stupid is as stupid does. That is the democratic party way.

    Oh, and as for abortion, you demoncrats have a long history of getting rid of people, and the unborn, who are people you consider undesirable. Do the words, Dred Scott, Jim Crow mean anything to you?

    They should!

    Your support of abortion is part of the long held belief by those who are demoncrats, that there are those of us humans that do not deserve the right to life, let alone the right to think differently than people like you do.

    That sacred right to life and the ability to think differently than others do is why we REPUBLICANS fought the CIVIL WAR against the demoncrats who wanted to keep our brethren enslaved!


    • richard lesiak says:

      Save it Bill. I only went to high school. My father died when I was 15 and I went to work full time. No one gave me anything. I’m 75 and work PT just because it’s now a habit. We got rid of Scott and Crow. You guys need to learn to keep your paws of a woman’s body. Kansas ring a bell? I don’t care about the “old” civil war. I worry about the “new” one you guys are working to start. Spending? If your worried about that ask Vos to give you back all the tax money he pi$$ed away on Gableman. The gop is giving Vance in Ohio 28 million to try and save his seat. 28 million Bill. For one guy. If he wins he’ll owe them for the rest of his life. That’s the state of your party.


      • One eye says:

        You old farts would probably get along if you could have a beer or nine together. Signed, not as old fart, but rapidly getting there.


    • Rollie says:

      Bill, consider that Republicans don’t have remotely appropriate answers for the issues you bring up either. More people will be forced to make due on even lower wage jobs while bankers and investors who sit on their butts will rake in even more hoards of cash under Republican policy too. Or were you saying that’s a good thing? Republican leaders are happy to suppress the views of “people who think differently than” them – do you honestly think that’s only a Democrat problem?

      Inflation and a bad economy have less to do with government and more to do with the decisions of the rich who speculate in commodities and run our industrial and financial sectors. The rich run our economy, the president doesn’t. Unless perhaps you’re suggesting more control over our economy by the Federal government?

      Neither party, nor Trump, is in a position to challenge this because we don’t have democracy – people have far less power than money. It is a fiction to believe that “my team” has the answers and “your team” is terrible. Both teams are under the same ownership group, who puts on a show for us to get all worked up against each other while the owners collect our ticket sales and merchandise profits.

      Let’s get off all this D vs R phooey. Vote, and we do need to vote, for whoever you believe is the current lesser of 2 evils, but none of us need to be “on team R” or “on team D”. Neither party has suitable answers to our nation’s problems and the real enemy is our broken political system itself.

      Trump claimed to be onto that and used that truth in his campaign, but he proved himself to be just a rich, incompetent lier who was only out for himself. He said catch-phrases but he did nothing to fix the structural problems with our political system and in the end only made the problems worse. We need democracy, now!


  5. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The Gotch is up near the Top-O-The-World (his, leastways), and is comforted to see rural folks exercising their 1st Amendment Rights,

    On Hwy 122 (out in the middle of nowhere) an Iron County,WESconsin Tax Payer…um..sharing his feelings about our despicable Lefty Governor.

    To paraphrase TX Ranger Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges in Hell Or High Water):

    God The Gotch LUVS The Northwoods!

    The Gotch

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    • nemoofthenorth says:

      In early August of 2016, the Marquette poll found Senator Johnson was down 11 points to Russ Feingold among likely voters. On election night that November, Johnson had 52 percent to Feingold’s 46 percent when the race was called by three major television networks by 11:20 Eastern time, with 66 percent of precincts reporting. The moral of that delightful story is that it might be a little early to take these polls very seriously.

      Also, couldn’t agree more with you about the Northwoods!

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        The Gotch LUVS stories that end like that, Nemo.

        Something tells him the Blogge Idiot doesn’t; too much of an acknowledgement of the fact-based Universe…

        The Gotch


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