Wayne Strong can teach our kids

He just couldn’t get elected to the school board!

A political adversary once described the Head Groundskeeper hereabouts as the only survivor of a heart donor operation. Even so, the prothesis replacing the original equipment does bleed for the kids stealing cars in Madison. They are victims, alright. Victims of critical race theory.

This past Monday 06-20-22, four kids under age 15 hot wired an SUV and crashed it into a parked vehicle. (They can’t drive worth a lick, their morals are deplorable, but credit their ingenuity!) The previous week, four more kids crash a stolen car on the Beltline and fled into a movie theater, hoping to blend in. (Didn’t Lee Harvey Oswald try the same gambit?)

Police investigate increase in car thefts.

Which is why losing Wayne Strong hurts. Still have his yard sign when he campaigned for Madison school board. We recall his victory party when it seemed he would win until very late returns came in. (Where is Rudy Giuliani when you really need him?)

Wayne passed away Monday, too young at age 62. May explain why he originally heeded my exhortations to run for city council in Spring 2021 but backed out days later, saying the time was not right. Did not appreciate his health issues.

Wayne Strong was the very definition of a strong male role model. For decades he coached young men and women in the South Side Raiders football and cheerleader teams. In his day job at the Madison Police Department he rose to the rank of lieutenant. He was one of the original school resource police officers. The WI State Journal said of Wayne Strong:

He loved being called “coach” and was a fixture at Penn Park, promoting community pride, self-esteem, team-building, discipline, and physical fitness.

The Woke war on discipline

Imagine a school board that would expel the likes of Wayne Strong as school resource police officer at the insistence of BLM’s racial profilers! Imagine an electorate that would deny Wayne Strong a seat on that school board not once but three times (and Kaleem Caire, for that matter) in favor of a school board that teaches grievance and victimhood instead of achievement and self-reliance.

For eight years, Madison’s public schools have been practicing “a restorative and progressive approach to school discipline.” Using critical race theory code words, administrators told the school board in January 2022:

Restorative justice in education is aligned with beliefs and values articulated in the strategic framework: inter-connectedness, belonging, racial, and social justice.

Might one suspect that Madison’s endless roster of young car thieves is the result of our school system’s war on personal responsibility?

Is it working?

It is fair to ask: Is the Behavior Education Plan working? At the risk of provoking Madison liberals, isn’t it time Madison schools issued a report card?

  1. Exactly what is restorative justice?
  2. How many hours is it conducted?
  3. Do participants miss their regular classwork?
  4. Who qualifies? What offenses are too serious for restorative justice?
  5. Have any students failed the program? What happens to them?
  6. How many students have undergone restorative justice?
  7. How many have been a) re-admitted; b) suspended for new infractions; and c) referred to the criminal justice system?

We posed these questions to the school district on February 3. Still waiting for answers these five months later. Tried the WI State Journal; they refuse to print them.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWayne Strong made men of boys; can we say the same of our schools?

Could our schools do worse than adopt
Wayne Strong’s life as its lesson plan?

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7 Responses to Wayne Strong can teach our kids

  1. Greg Lerdahl says:

    Mr. Strong represented a threat to The Narrative That Must Not Be Questioned. We know it’s all about ideology, not race. The left is not fooling anyone.

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    • Bob says:

      Sad to see another strong black male figure leave us. All children, boys and girls need fathers or father figures in their lives. Since the left,( started in the 1960’s Great Society), wants to destroy the nuclear family we are seeing early results. Teenagers stealing cars, shooting guns at each other and beating people up. Now that school is out it will probably get worse. What will happen when one gets killed?

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  2. Steve says:

    I like the questions, but please request that they be answered in English, not Intersectionalese…..

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I’m puzzled as to how these feral teens manage to walk away from the many crashes of stolen vehicles one hears of almost daily. Also puzzling is the utter lack of follow-up in the local media: no mention of punishment (if one dare use that term in Madison), no mention of parents’ legal responsibility for the misbehavior of their offspring. Only advice about how to better secure one’s vehicles from the predations of these worthless little thugs.

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    • Greg Lerdahl says:

      It’s almost as though our local media are unaware that they are just as vulnerable to these people’s whims as the rest of us.

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  4. Bill Cleary says:

    If low or no bail, low or no sentences are the norm now in order not to be considered as a racist, I’m starting to wonder, which is the more racist thing to do?

    1. Leave these feral young animals to run the streets on their own terms never letting them appreciate the consequences of their actions to only get increasingly aggressive in committing more and more dangerous, violent crimes to finally find themselves locked up in some shit hole like Waupun State prison where they will be gang raped in the showers on their first night, then sold to the highest bidder to be somebodies BITCH!

    Then to come out meaner and angrier as a result of the way they were treated while inside.

    2. Or, How about if there was proper discipline from childhood on up. 1st offence at 13 or 14 would include a mandatory ride to Waupun to sit down with the real prisoners to hear first hand what awaits them if they continue a life of crime. Prosecutors who really prosecute to the full extent of the law, judges who convict to the fullest extent of the law. People who know that this is just the way it is, so to stay out of trouble, the best thing to do is to get a job and work.

    In 2021 a young man of 16 years of age stole a car in Milwaukee and as a result the police gave chase. The young man slammed into another vehicle and was killed. Fortunately no one else was killed but many were seriously injured.

    This man’s mama is now suing the Milwaukee Police as she is claiming they caused her son’s death!

    Lesson learned, it’s the cop’s fault that this man stole a car and was killed.

    This lawsuit should never happen, but it is.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Jeepers Bill, no attendant slobbering pronouncement that “he was just starting to turn his life around” accompanied by heavily tatted mother wailing “look what they has did to my baaaaaaaaaby“…?

      The Gotch


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