Madison council president picks anti-cop leadership

All voted against police body cameras.

New Madison Common Council president Keith Furman put the wood to moderate alders. He and council vice president Jael Currie — also a leftist — picked the five most radical left alders to serve with them on the agenda-setting Executive Committee.

They are: Patrick Heck (District #2), Juliana Bennett #8 (from the UW campus), Nikki Conklin #9 (who defeated Paul Skidmore), Yanette Figueroa Cole #10, Grant Foster #15. All seven voted against a pilot police body camera trial last month. They join Syed Abbas #12 who, by ordinance, must serve because he is the immediate past council president. Abbas voted in favor of body-worn cop cameras on the prevailing side of the 11 to 9 vote.

Furman “made it pretty obvious he was mad at the things I voted on,” Ald. Charles Myadze #18 said during Tuesday’s 05-10-22 Common Council meeting. “I should not have been interrogated on why I voted for body cameras. … I know I was not picked because of that reason.”

Myadze alleged violation of open meetings law. “We were all given e-mails that Progressive Dane was holding meetings and violating quorum. The people selected were all Progressive Dane, were collaborating on issues and violating the system, which is supposed to do things equitably.”

Myadze and Alder Sheri Carter objected to the interview process initiated by Furman and Currie. Alder Carter said: “Leadership has always appointed colleagues to the executive committee to bring together a diversity of thoughts to the committee. Citing the six past council presidents, including herself, she said they  “tried to bring colleagues with diverse thoughts to the table. However, current leadership chose to use the job interview format to further their agenda.”

Ald. Sheri Carter

Carter objected to being asked, “What measures you have taken to further your knowledge of racial justice, equity and inclusion?

“I view these as culturally incentive statements as person of color, an African-American, … as one of two first black women elected to the council in its 100-year plus history.”

Alders Barbara Harrington McKinney #1, Nasra Wehelie #7,  and Myadze (all persons of color), and Gary Halverson #17 voted against the appointments; Syed Abbas #12 and Carter #14 abstained.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: They even talk Woke! In defending the appointments, Council Vice President Currie #16 put this on the record: “We have observed a need to shift. … Race affects everything and I can say that as a person who has multiple inter-sectionalities.

Or did they make their bed
when they elected Furman council president?

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11 Responses to Madison council president picks anti-cop leadership

  1. Attila says:

    I’m getting tired of Currie and others, whining about multiple intersectionalities, a “made-up” term. Who’s writing the hogwash for her?

    Those people on the far/east side were duped.

    I heard that Keith Furman was DESTROYED at a council meeting
    (merely minutes after being appointed CC prez) by constituents for not listening to them, but yet he’s president.


  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    FurBALL‘s going to get B!TCHSLAPPED just prior to getting his despicable Lefty @$$ nailed to the floorboards the next time he posts one of his phony “we’re all in this together” PSIs to neighborsnextdoor (THEY Report/YOU Decide!)

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      switch to decaf


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      I notice that today’s Wisconsin State Journal printed a letter which takes Mr. Furman apart at the seams. It was very compelling.


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        Thanks AVITW; been a looooong day in the Gotchberg Organic Gardens And Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium & didn’t have time to even glance at the paper this morning.

        Looks like The Gotch has something to look forward to while slaking a powerful thirst with Lime White Claws on ice.

        The Gotch


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        That superb LTE was submitted by (IMO) one of the nicest people in the known Universe, whom The Gotch is honored to say is a pal, neighbor, and Tomato Customer.

        The Gotch


  3. Bob says:

    “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES” This is what you get when the WOKE get elected. Maybe someday people with common sense will run and get elected. I don’t have much hope for Madison, MMSD or Dane County. Maybe Kaleem Caire and others can help us find a new way.


  4. fritzderkat says:

    Speaking in the classic, we be plenty phuqued.


  5. Mark+Lemberger says:

    Strange how the more Madison gets woke the more white supremacists there are.


  6. Cale M. says:

    If the butt-whooping Furman took at a recent common council meeting, by at least 2 dozen fellow constituents is any indication, maybe he could pick up part-time work at McDonald’s. But he might be under-qualified.


  7. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Alds. Barbara Harrington-McKinney and Nasra Wehelie recently resigned from a committee chaired by Furman because they (both Black women) felt unheard, their perspectives repeatedly devalued.”

    Good thing FurBALL‘s ideologically certified, because this meets-n-surpasses the LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand illogical threshold for being a RAYcist.

    The Gotch


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