Has Madison’s Defund the Police fever broken?

Will Mayor Satya veto?

The cop haters might have been able to defeat the small-scale, one-year trial of police body-worn cameras had not Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane) defected. His yes vote allowed the modest measure, authorizing only $83,000 in expenditure, to pass by an 11 to 9 vote. Call us very suspicious.

Now we’ll see if the mayor signs off on this experiment. Or if enough poison pills have been inserted into the trial in the North police district only to sink it. Thank you neighborhood activist Bonnie Roe for asking Mayor Satya point blank when she will weigh in on this critical issue. Bonnie contends that only three of the 79 cities more populous than Madison do NOT equip their police with body cameras and that El Paso TX, Anchorage AK, and Portland OR are now implementing them.

Body cams convicted Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd. The local BLM affiliates are opposed because cameras would have cleared the police officer in the self-defense killing of Anthony Robinson Jr. in 2015. Typical among the Woke social justice warriors testifying against police cameras during Tuesday/Wednesday’s marathon Common Council meeting is one Oona McKenzie-Green: 

“We don’t need more footage of police violence; we need to shift money out of policing and into community services. … It is the entire system of policing that is harmful. Cameras will not address that. … They are not effective in addressing the racial disparities in policing.” 

Voting against body camerasonly enhance the re-election next Spring of Alds. Brian Benford on Willy Street and Juliana Bennet on campus. But what about Ald. Nikki Conklin, who replaced Paul Skidmore on the northwest side? How about Yannette Figueroa-Cole, now misrepresenting Midvale and Orchard Ridge? In addition to other no voters Jael Curie, Grant Foster, Keith Furman (the new Council president!), Patrick Heck, and Arvina Martin.

Are we paying Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores too much?

The lady is part of Amelia Royko Maurer’s anti-cop Community Response Team. She brought a complaint to the Police & Fire Commission that then chief of police Mike Koval appropriately labeled a meeting disrupter’s behavior as crazy. For such shenanigans, the City of Madison rewarded SK-F with voting membership on the nefarious Police Civilian Oversight Board. 

Due to Blaska’s lawsuit, the city is amending its ordinance that unconstitutionally requires racial quotas for appointment to the this government agency. As its vice chairman, “Shady” as her friends call her, has subpoena power to pass judgment on police. When it was her turn to testify against police body cameras late Tuesday night, Shadayra Kilroy Flores started off by announcing that city taxpayers are not paying her enough.  

I’m pissed. … Now, I will be serving another six hours in meetings this week  — FREE! Volunteering! — while most of these alders are being paid $20,000 a year, I’m getting paid $1,200.” 

This person sits in judgment of our police officers!

SK-F said she was angry that Police Chief Barnes is meeting with citizens … “Chief Barnes has now had six neighborhood meetings, we continue to waste resources.” After years of studies and debate, “We’re going to shove this through, over-criminalizing our neighbors.”

You really got to hear the lady to wonder what kind of kangaroo court the City of Madison has created with the Police Civilian Oversight Board which, since first meeting on 11-30-20, has managed only to get its pronouns straight and to offer the six-figure salary to a candidate for full-time monitor to a man accused of sexual harassment.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The helluvit is, according to the measure passed Wednesday, Ms. Kilfoy-Flores gets to pass judgment on the results of the pilot program. It’s the last paragraph.

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17 Responses to Has Madison’s Defund the Police fever broken?

  1. Bob says:

    I don’t understand why the Left is so against police body cameras. They claim to want justice and accountability for police but no film. Maybe next they will want the city to get rid of street cameras and dash cameras.


    • AdamC says:

      In Madison it’s primarily because they KNOW body cameras would’ve shown the truth of what one particular family’s antics are REALLY about.

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  2. AdamC says:

    This entire city is run by incompetent, unbalanced weirdoes who seemingly have NEVER held a real actual job in their lifetime.

    They have never had to run a business or do anything other than chase strange thoughts on their own heads.

    It’s one thing to do that on your own time. Another thing entirely when you are taking a once-decent city down the tubes with you and your bizarre “allies” while the rest of us pay the bills.

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  3. pANTIFArts says:

    Real time video footage often tends to incriminate the guilty, and sometimes contrasts sharply with the “lived experiences” and “truths” of both the perpetrator and the bystanders. Reality has no place in discussions of crime, race, (gender, climate change, etc., etc.,……) Prove that the Police are not just “modern day slave-catchers”, but don’t use facts. Facts are hate speech, and cause harm.

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  4. Kooter says:

    There is no rational argument against police body cameras but I’m sure a few readers on this blog will attempt to do so.

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  5. pANTIFArts says:

    ” “Shady” as her friends call her, ” (friends call her that?)

    Nickname?, or character judgement? —(not from Madison)


  6. A. Richard Cranium says:

    The cop haters in Madison will always be there and getting defeated is anybody’s guess. The common sense minded people, the common folk who don’t think everybody owes them something, must get off of their back sides, attend these meetings, and vote out these ridiculous police HATERS like Foster, Currie, Benford, Figueroa-Cole, Conklin, Furman, Martin, Bennett, Heck.

    All they’re doing is drinking the KoolAde being fed to them by Shady, and equally as shady some know-it-all named Greg.

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  7. georgessson says:

    A coupla my thoughts after reviewing some pertinent and correct posts: Yepper, why let the truth of an encounter interfere with the “reality” of Butt-busted psyches in the Woke spectrum ? BTW, A.R.C. nice to meet ya.


  8. Alan Potkin says:

    George Floyd’s death was attributed —by both the county coroner and the chief medical examiner, who posted their findings online within 48 hrs of the autopsy being completed— to fentantyl-induced respiratory faiulure; in that Floyd’s lungs were so filled with fluid exudates that they weighed three trimes the expected amount, and that his heart was vastly enlarged due to years of untreated artrerioscleroisis. (Also, Floyd had also just a month or so earlier been resusitated by Minneapolis first responders from a near-fatal fentanyl OD.) The autopsy also showed fentanyl and fentanyl mnetabolites in Floyd’s bloodstream at twice ior thgree trimes the LD50 levelm, as well as residues of methamphetamine, cocaine, and cannaboids. Chauyvcin was falsely convicted by a kanagaroo court of tererified jurors fearing foir thgeir liuves if he was aquitted of if the jury was hung.


  9. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Do Wokerati Cop Haters have such potty mouths because their communication skills (a reference The Gotch uses advisedly!) were inculcated in the ‘hood…?

    The Gotch


    • Madtownforsure says:

      Gotch: here is a new bitch for you to check out: huge farmers market on the square all Summer long push to buy local. So who can explain why Festable food, metro market, whole foods, jenifer st market, willy st. Market boycott Schoeps ice cream MADE LOCALLY??? Amazing how the elite pushes their power.


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        You have a link for that?

        ‘Bout the only Schoep’s news is that it was bought by CA concern Brothers Desserts last June.

        Willy St. & Whole Foods are POS phony Lefties…like there’s any other kind…marketing to despicable Lefties out of one side of their forked tongue yaps while being anti-Union scum outta the other.

        To quote Captain Willard (Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now!) “Sometimes The (Lefty) Bullshit Piles Up So Fast You Need Wings To Stay Above It.”

        The smell? Welp…that yer stuck with…

        The Gotch


        • Madtownforsure says:

          No link, only what I cant find in the extreme lib city looking at freezer section of ice cream. Yes, they were bought out, good news: Festable foods all stores in Wis will stock their products. That makes 2, Woodmans and now Festable. Great.


        • Madtownforsure says:

          All of the boycotting because of a long standing feud between Jenifer st market and Schoeps over a parking lot. Both wanted to expand. So one convinced almost the whole city to boycott….the power of the force!!!


        • Madtownforsure says:

          All because of a parking lot dispute, so boycott your rival in buy local Madison.


  10. Silence Dogood says:

    My theory for those who want to shift services from law enforcement to “social services” is two-fold. One the “social services” are nonprofits that will sprout up and run by these grifters. Get big salaries, do nothing, and have zero accountability. The other, is the others will run a protection racket because law enforcement has shrunk down but crime has risen like a weed.


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