Why defend critical race theory when you can deny it?!

The tocsin never escapes the chem lab?!

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away… — Hughes Mearns

Baby steps. This time, at least, the Wisconsin State Journal reporter bothered to report the other side: namely, Blaska and Daniel Lennington of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

Two months ago, Elizabeth Beyer “reported” without a single attribution: “Critical Race Theory, an academic framework that focuses on racism embedded in the nation’s laws and institutions … isn’t taught in any of Wisconsin’s K-12 schools.” Today, education reporter Ms. Beyer doubles down on that Woke fiction with these three lies:

  • It isn’t being taught in K-12 schools, only at teachers’ colleges.
  • It’s nothing new.
  • You are a dupe if you oppose it, if not racist.

CRT is “a wedge issue — “manufactured panic,” according to the State Journal.

Who says CRT is NOT taught in our K-12 schools? Gloria Ladson-Billings, who wrote the book on injecting CRT into the classroom. Literally! Spend some time turning over this quote from Ladson-Billings:

“When I say I use critical race theory as a theoretical tool, I’m talking about issues of policy; I’m not talking about what I teach eight-graders.”

Huh? Policy does not filter down into what is taught? What policy?

No one has done more to push CRT into the classroom than UW-Madison’s Gloria Ladson-Billings, co-author of Critical Race Theory in Education. GLB calls existing school curricula a “culturally specific artifact designed to maintain a white supremacist master script.” You can tell a book by its outline:

Book cover: Foundations of Critical Race Theory in EducationCritical Race Theory in Education 

1. Just what is critical race theory and what’s it doing in a nice field like education? — Gloria Ladson-Billings

2. Who’s afraid of critical race theory? — Derrick A. Bell

3. Education policy as an act of white supremacy: Whiteness, critical race theory and education reform— David Gillborn

Then why is CRT taught at all?

Beyer defines CRT as “a graduate-level theoretical framework that examines how American political and social systems perpetuate racism.” As if the CRT genie never escapes the laboratory and jumps into the teacher’s lesson plan! Y’think “political and social systems” include our schools? Get ‘em young, as they say.

Whether “equity, anti-racism, and questions of privilege predated the theoretical framework” of CRT, as Ladson-Billings tells Beyer, is immaterial. Montesquieu and Locke informed Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. So what? Beyer herself reports that West high school prompts students to discuss “restorative justice, identity, white privilege, race and racism.” Yeah, kids. If you do your homework and get good grades, blame “white privilege.” That’s a far cry from teaching Frederick Douglass and Thurgood Marshall.

“If it’s not critical race theory, it’s critical race theory-lite,” Columbia University professor John McWhorter explains in the New York Times. McWhorter (himself a black man) is the author of Woke Racism; “How a new religion has betrayed black America.” McWhorter defines CRT as:

See[ing] white people as potential oppressors and black people as perpetual victims of an inherently oppressive system. This “critical approach has trickled down,” McWhorter writes, “into … education-school pedagogy and administration … and from there migrated … into the way they wind up running schools.

The Five Lies of CRT.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Give ‘em this much, the CRT deniers are clever! Beyer helpfully quotes Ladson-Billings: Anyone who dissents from the race-based CRT lesson plan is a Joe McCarthyite. Beats actually defending CRT.

What else are our schools not teaching?

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27 Responses to Why defend critical race theory when you can deny it?!

  1. Bob says:

    Maybe the state DPI can add a test for CRT along with reading, writing and math tests. Will we be able to see what is taught in schools. Maybe add a community activist test also. With the test results everyone will be able to see what is being taught in schools and why as students get passed onto the next level have to take remedial courses because they didn’t learn from the previous grade.

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    • georgessson says:

      Lodi Wisconsin -where the men are men and the sheep know it… Good snag tho a long drive.


      • Sheppy says:

        The Quality Inn does have a Lodi address but not in town, it is right off HWY 90/94. Makes for a quick exit out of there if attendees need it. As for the sheep, they are on their own.


      • Monica Angeline Simpson says:

        Its a half hour from the 65 square miles. Same time as one of the shows we binge at night. More worthy though:) BTW, the men are men, women good lookin’, children above average when given a balanced education and sheep ain’t talkin!


  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    What else are our schools not teaching?

    Testing/proficiency results strongly suggest the following are not taught: Readin’, (W)Ritin’, & ‘Rithmatic.**

    **’Rithmatic is de facto RAYcist, which is why the talented Toriana Pettaway failed to secure the proper…um…number of signatures to get on the 2019 Madison Mayoral ballot.

    The Gotch

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  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Yeah, I read that this morning and I figured you’d be commenting. I noticed how Beyer kept portraying aspects of the theory as facts.


  4. AdamC says:

    Almost that entire WSJ article is actually written in the literal framework of Critical Race Theory and Racist Progressivism. The terminology, assumptions, thesis — all of it.

    It is no more “journalism” than the astrology section.

    Actually advocates on the front page for “decentering whiteness”. Imagine saying anything like that about any other race or ethnic group. Even if true, would the WSJ *ever* publish an article criticizing “Black behavior” in schools?

    The WSJ needs to go out of business forever. They are truly useless.

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  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Under the ‘History repeats itself’ category: the first thing the Nazis did when they came to power was to revamp the German education system–at the time the best in the world– from kindergarten to college, placing Nazi ‘theory’ and Hitler-worship at its center. In only a few years, German children had been thoroughly brainwashed. If this country ever comes to its senses, it will take many years to de-program the kids that today are being victimized by the poisonous lies of CRT.

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    • AdamC says:

      It’s a known fact that the unholy trinity of “race/class/gender” was rampant in high schools and colleges in the 90’s. A whe generation or two was subjected to that crap and now they are “HR ladies” and “desk tech boys” who are virtue-signaling like crazy to keep their jobs and advance to a slightly larger cubicle in officeplex in Droneville. USA.

      All that was pathetic enough. Now it’s been reduced to demonic K12 weirdoes pushing Black v. whiteness hatred on young kids, openly sharing details of every kind of sexual perversion to elementary children, and recruiting middle school kids for gender transition surgery.

      This is the truth of public education in the US. This sick trash is not being pushed in Japan, Korea, India, or any African nation, you can bet on that.

      Public education needs to be totally dismantled and defunded!

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “the first thing the Nazis did when they came to power was to revamp the German education system”

      Must have cost a LOT of money, am I right?

      Anywho, The Gotch imagines when Der Führer finally assumed the throne, he went after the deep-pocketed fellers he railed about at length in Mein Kampf; “ ‘dividend-hungry businessmen’ whose ‘greed,’ ‘ruthlessness,’ and ‘short-sighted narrow-mindedness’ were ruining the country.”

      Critics claim Castro’s “1961 literacy campaign was actually an indoctrination program that eased the way for Castro’s complete takeover of Cuba.”

      Commie Savants like Fell the Bern Sanders saw no such problem.

      Sigh…who to believe…?

      The Gotch

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  6. Roger Stauter says:

    The Left proceeds, with the media protecting it. Critical Race Theory – nothing to see here. Hunter Biden Laptop – nothing to see here. Surging illegal immigration at the Southern border – nothing to see here. 100,000+ annual deaths from illegal drug overdose – nothing to see here. But the Left/media cover fails on the issue of inflation. Every trip to the grocery store, every stop at the gas station – we are not dependent on the media to tell the story, the story tells itself – emphatically.

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    • AdamC says:

      Yes. And we all know Bidinflation started only weeks after his installation and has continued unabated since.

      No matter how many lies Raggedy Jen the Psock Puppet tries to tell about Putin price hikes (Rusha Rusha Rusha! Wah! Wah! Wah!) before she waltzes over to MS-DNC to collect her privileged position as payoff for telling regime lies.

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  7. pANTIFArts says:

    I will give each of you the best advice that you will receive today, — Go Back, It Is A Trap!!!

    Critical Race Theory is NOT being taught K-12! Critical Race Theory IS just a subject for University level class courses. The reason is simple– children lack the power to implement CRT on their own, and lack the ability and opportunities to TEACH it. Thus, why would anyone teach it to them? (Note: politically active High School students may be mentored in it through their faculty sponsors)

    CRT is not being TAUGHT in the schools, but IS being LEARNED in them. The people of occupied Europe were not required to learn Nazi ideology, only learn what was “verboten”. The slaves of the American South did not need to understand the economic factors that had made slavery a viable option, only the “rules of the plantation”.

    CRT is but one small monster suckling from the mother of all the other “critical” monsters, and that would be CRITICAL PEDAGOGY. Type this term into your search box and spend an hour, or two learning about the real enemy to education. For the first time, you will be able to confront the “woke” on their own ground.


  8. richard lesiak says:

    What a great day..Tommy isn’t running, people are worried about teaching CRT to kids who can’t talk yet and Pucker Up Carlson is promoting testicle tanning. You righties are a real hoot.


    • David Blaska says:

      Get back to me on November 8


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        Lefty Insiders Warn The Party Will Get ‘ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED‘ In The Midterms Without A Strong Economic Message.

        Lefty’s message?

        *Ukraine Crisis
        *NASDAQ/in bear territory/DOW/S & P in correction
        *Supply Chain in shambles
        *Soaring gas prices
        *Illegals to begin streaming across borders
        *WuHan Virus surging.

        Yessirree Bob! Lefty’s got one HALE of a record goin’!

        The Gotch


        • AdamC says:

          If/when they get clobbered in November it will be RAYcism, and Rusha-Rusha-Rusha, and Putin and Trump who brainwashed everyone.

          Election night I hope to hear the likes of Worst Governor Evers blubbering something like, “WE LOST! Wah,wah,wah, the racist rural people of America just attacked democracy by voting against us! Wahhhhh!”


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          “If/when they get clobbered in November it will be…”

          Lefty Media Slobbers Inconsolably: NOTHING’S_BIDEN’S_FAULT

          The Gotch


        • Madtownforsure says:

          Lefties are a real hoot allowing convicts loose to kill babies, even pokeahonis is running to take out Biden. Now that’s another hoot!

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    • Madtownforsure says:

      And a 20 month is now dead because of the lax laws for these criminals, just last week was a call to same place for abuse. Of course the loser has rap sheet 10 miles long, but this is the crazies on the left to protect the guilty, can’t blame the blue for this one. Channel 3 gave his name, oh no!

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  9. Walter says:

    The scariest part of the article is in the final paragraph, when Tim LeMonds said, “It is important to remember, the flipside to teaching antiracism is teaching racism, which we all should agree is something that has no place in the society we are preparing our students for.”

    This statement seems to end any debate on the topic, essentially labelling anyone that argues against some of the current practices as promoting the teaching of racism.


  10. Balboa says:

    1 chicken, 2 chicken, 3 chicken, 4 chicken. Oh wait those are hard boiled eggs. Stop counting.


  11. Bill Cleary says:

    I as a 63 year old semi retired white male who has a child with his wife now sees himself as a 13 year old black female bear.

    Why should CRT only apply to race and gender?

    Why can I not apply the same criteria to species?

    Larger point is that I cannot think of any, and I do mean any, ancient civilizations that thought that men could be women and women could be men. Or that they could be another species.

    I have also known many people of color who I think have a place in Heaven with their name on it; where I have also known many white people who I think have a place in Hell.

    Vladimir Putin, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, Margaret Sanger, among other white people come to mind as having front row seats inside the pit of Hell.

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