Guess Blaska’s vote in April 5 election

Guess the unlucky number!

Hey kids! Have fun and win prizes! Guess the percentage of the vote Blaska will get one week from today Tuesday 04-05-22 in the Spring non-partisan election for Madison school board.

Blaska is running as a write-in for Seat #4 against Ali Muldrow, the school board president. As a write-in, his name won’t be printed on the ballot. 

➜ “Hey David, I’m going to have to cancel our interview tomorrow, we decided not to cover the race for editorial reasons (Ali is a volunteer here, makes things sticky to write without bias).” — Nate Wegehaupt, WORT radio reporter, 5:54 pm. 03-28-22.

For reference, three years ago Blaska ran against the same opponent but his name appeared on the ballot. Neither of us was an incumbent at the time. Blaska spent $20,000. Recorded paid radio spots, took out newspaper ads, posted yard signs, and bought social media. He was invited to each and every candidate debate. He still received 30.1% of the total vote. (Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown Madison.)

But voters need an alternative. Since 2019, Madison’s public schools have continued their slide. Academics are worsening, school safety suffers, school resource police officers have been defunded. The schools teach — and practice — critical race theory.  Ali Muldrow even refuses to ban using smartphones in the classroom. 

Knowing all that (because we just told you), what are your predictions?

The prizes — first place: one week’s free subscription to Blaska Policy Werkes. Second place: two weeks’ free subscription. All entrants will be granted Platinum Subscriber status, equivalent to a participation trophy.

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10 Responses to Guess Blaska’s vote in April 5 election

  1. MSNnonCommie says:



  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    C’mon Blaska, if EVERYONE’S a Platinum Subscriber…NO_ONE_IS

    And no 3rd Place, You’re Fired?

    The Gotch

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  3. One eye says:

    “Third prize is you’re fired”


  4. David Blaska says:

    3rd place: Will Smith slaps some Mennen Skin Bracer on your puss.

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  5. richard lesiak says:

    With the current law changes and the election commission, armed poll watchers and a lawsuit from WILL I can see Dave getting 106.2% of the vote. Anything less should trigger a $500,000 18 month long investigation.

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  6. Solly says:

    Good Luck David. My letter to the editor supporting you got published online in the CapX. I also sent one to WSJ. I also voted for James Madison in Dist. 3, and Thomas Jefferson in Dist. 5. The San Francisco School Board found out people are more concerned with safe schools and educational results than renaming schools for political correctness. Several of them were recalled. Don’t worry about causing extra work for your neighbor pollworkers, they only have to tabulate write-ins for registered Wr-I candidates, like David. Jim and Tom have not registered as candidates. But maybe if a couple hundred write-ins show up in the other races, an enterprising reporter will check into it.

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