Republicans don’t care about kids?

Who’s striving for political gain?

True confessions: Your Head Groundskeeper has a Seinfeld-like bromance going with former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz, however unrequited. Time for our first spat.

The man has been making an awful lot of sense for a former Dane County Democrat(ic) office holder. By his telling, Dave C. is suffering the slings and arrows of outraged progressives for his troubles. Takes courage!

Cieslewicz (pronounced exactly as spelled) is on a mission to save Democrats from an electoral armageddon by talking less like Democrats. The rival blogger has even published a list of words Democrats should avoid, lest they sound like … well, Democrats.

Words like “swell,” and “So’s yer old man.” No, wait, that’s the Music Man. Dave C’s update of George Carlin’s list of forbidden words include “BIPOC, white privilege, marginalized, patriarchy,” and “equity.” (Sounds that Madison school board president Ali Muldrow makes.)

Dave boils it down to a great one-liner: “If you hear it on NPR, don’t say it.”

"Loose lips sink ships" poster

Dave C uses as an example the transgender legislation enacted in Florida, bravely pointing out that what MSNBC portrays as “the don’t say ‘gay’ bill” says nothing of the kind. The bill merely says quit trying to confuse kindergartners and third graders about their sexual identity and keep parents informed about the health and well-being of their kids, as Cieslewicz acknowledges.

Where’s the beef?

Blaska’s beef is that ex-mayor Dave accuses Republicans of cynically playing the culture wars purely for political gain while doing exactly that himself.

Republicans aren’t raising these issues at every opportunity because they really care about kids or parents one way or the other. They’re exploiting these things because they see a hot political issue that they can ride — along with other things like inflation, crime, and immigration — to victories in November.”

Pardon us if we talk about crime and inflation. (What Scott Milfred of the WI State Journal calls “wedge issues.”) Worse, “Republicans don’t care about kids”? That whopper earns the Werkes’ coveted three-exclamation-point outrage: (!!!) When you can’t win on the facts, impugn motive. The Leftward mainstream news media does this all the time, with some version of “Republicans are seeking to capitalize on …” whatever sin against the Republic Democrats commit that day.

→ Read & weep over this local “news” story: Running for school board is a Republican plot.

Must we Republicans submit affidavits that our concern for our children is genuine? That we sacrifice for their success, encourage their happiness? That we believe harping on ephemeral differences destroys comity? Because we’re not asking, do you really need to tell?

Could it be that our progressive … acquaintances are the ones playing the divisive game of identity politics? Cieslewicz’ on-line school for candidates advises:  “In the big picture, Democrats lose on culture wars issues, so it’s best not to fight on that ground whenever they can avoid it.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We get realpolitik. But on a scale of cynicism, that advisory from Dave Cieslewicz ranks a 9.5 out of 10. Hide your true agenda during an election campaign for political gain rather than admit that voters agree Republicans are correct.

What more words should Democrats avoid?

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7 Responses to Republicans don’t care about kids?

  1. Lowell Mays says:

    You always are right on. Voted for you for seat 4 on the MMSD Board. You will get some votes.

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  2. Bill Cleary says:

    The way things are going, sooner rather than later the left will not only go after those on the right who run for office but a blanket shaming of the public who even think of voting for them as well.

    Then there will be a concerted effort to make sure you vote, but only in the way the left wants you to vote. I can imagine there will be the listing of those who vote for those on the right so they can face their own version of 2 minuets of hate from those on the far left.

    People showing up at your door to scream at you and your family. Loss of your job. Being beat up.
    Not being allowed in a restaurant you normally go to as the owner is afraid that you will drive away other customers. Not even being allowed to shop at the store for fear of running into someone who will go after you.

    Eventually personal jail time if you persist in voting your conscience.

    I know that is a dire prediction and it really sucks to have to make it, but that’s the road I see this country heading down.

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    • One eye says:

      Agreed. If you don’t support the “current thing” you will be hunted down.

      Then after an appropriate amount of time has passed it will be shown you were right all along.

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  3. Wm. Tyroler says:

    Mayor Dave is what we used to call down home, a yellow dog Democrat — he’d support and vote for a yellow dog, if that’s the Dem on the ballot. He’s not so much concerned about moderating his party as he is about its winning elections. If he thought for one second what he calls “the party of Dane County” could win statewide, he’d embrace its Prog agenda, words-to-avoid and all. Maybe I’m missing something — wouldn’t exactly be the first time — but I wouldn’t count on him to bring his party back toward the center.

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    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      You are exactly right. Mayor Dave is more concerned with the votes that are lost, than he is with the insanity of the policies that his party embraces. When will he have the courage to follow Ronald Reagan and say that he didn’t leave the Democrats, but that they left him? Probably never. Typical liberal approach to public rejection of loopy policies: Change the language. Uncomfortable declaring that you are in favor of abortions? Call it “reproductive choice” and refer the abortion clinics as “women’s health care centers.” Don’t like the idea that somebody could be an illegal alien? They’re “undocumented workers!” D

      As for impugning motives, it’s always been their specialty. As I’ve said far many years now, Conservatives think Liberals are misguided, uninformed or worst case, stupid. But Liberals think Conservatives are evil and are mean just for fun.


  4. One eye says:

    I don’t see why both things can’t be true. Republicans, or maybe a better term is “non-progressives” sure as hell care about kids. The wave of mama bears at school board meetings is prove of that.

    Then after the bloodbath in the last elections, of course strategists took note and they sure as hell will ride that horse to more victories.

    The progressives in Madison proved they don’t care about kids when they turned their backs on Madison Prep 10 years ago.

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  5. Bill Cleary says:

    There is hope.

    Watch this:

    People are starting to wake up.


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