Even CNN admits Trump was right about collusion hoax

It was Barzini Hillary all along.

The Great Reckoning has begun. In a bombshell mea culpa posted today, CNN admits, in essence, that the infamous Steele dossier alleging that Donald Trump as blackmailed into serving Vladimir Putin should be called “the Clinton dossier.” In words that CNN suggests but cannot bring itself to say: the Russian Collusion hoax was a Democrat(ic) party insurrection designed to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump in its infancy. In CNN’s own words:

Legitimate questions are now being raised about the dossier — how it was used by Democrats as a political weapon against Trump, how it was handled by the FBI and US intelligence agencies, and how it was portrayed in the mainstream media.

CNN — itself a hoax super spreader — now admits “Democratic officials, the media … initially hyped Steele’s work.” The Werkes excerpts this ground-breaking admission from the heart of the mainstream lamestream news media:

Democrats’ hidden hand revealed

Trump swiftly rejected Steele’s claims and said a “group of opponents … put that crap together.” Nearly five years later, it’s clearer than ever that he wasn’t too far off about the origins of the dossier.

Democratic involvement in Steele’s work was much deeper than previously known. Court filings from the John Durham inquiry recently revealed that some information in the dossier originated from Charles Dolan, 71, a public relations executive with expertise in Russian affairs who had a decades-long political relationship with the Clinton family.

Clinton’s allies prod the FBI

The Danchenko indictment raises new concerns about the circular nature of portions of Steele’s work, and how it fit into a larger effort by Democrats to dirty up Trump. Clinton’s campaign funded the project, and we now know that much of the material in Steele’s memos ended up being mere political gossip. Steele then sent his explosive but unverified findings to the FBI and State Department.

While Steele was passing his tips onto the FBI in fall 2016, a Clinton campaign lawyer separately met with a senior FBI official and gave him information about strange cyberactivity between servers at the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, the largest private bank in Russia. …

Critics of the Russia probe — conservative pundits, Republican lawmakers and Trump himself — took a victory lap after the inspector general blasted the Page FISA applications. That’s because the inspector general’s report confirmed what many of them had argued all along, including in a highly disputed memo from GOP Rep. Devin Nunes: That there were systemic problems with the FBI surveillance of someone tied to the Trump, and the Steele dossier was improperly used to influence part of the Russia probe.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Trump, Republicans, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal were right all along.

When will Rachel Maddow and Adam Schiff eat crow?

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5 Responses to Even CNN admits Trump was right about collusion hoax

  1. fritzderkat says:

    >Trump, Republicans, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal were right all along.
    So was I.


  2. pANTIFArts says:

    “When will Rachel Maddow and Adam Schiff eat crow?”

    Is that what we are calling it now? Fine, the whole dossier was bullcrow!


  3. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from the hive-minded, TDS afflicted Ms. Media.
    Don’t even expect a Rosanne Rosannadanna, (Gilda Radner), “Nevermind.”
    Leftist propagandists aren’t that collectively classy. They always double down.

    #FakeNews has trust/approval ratings below those of Zhou Bai-Din’s and Commie Harris’.

    The #GetTrump media showed us their utter jurinalistic malpractice on a daily basis.
    The corrupt, co-conspirators and willing accomplices in the Deep State Democrat-allied media propagated a non-stop litany of bald-faced Lefty lies. Most of us have known for years, and it can no longer be denied, that the Hildabeest made the narrative up out of whole cloth.

    Lefties lied. The Truth died. Regular Americans no longer believe the lamestream media,
    Now, what we ask ourselves is, WHAT if this story is true?”
    Healthy skepticism of Ms. Media is a good thing, Martha.

    Proggy Pharisees preach, “All the lies (un)fit to print.” and “Democracy dies in darkness.”
    Yeah, right. They cover the story, … with a My Pillow until the truth stops breathing.

    For proglobotic political purposes, Lefties have weaponized federal alphabet agencies,
    … DOJ, FBI IRS, et. al, … against us regular, normal America citizens.
    That’s scary.
    Remember the “P***y“ Grabbing”, “Russian asset”, “Fine People” “Smollet” “Blasey-Ford” “Covington kid” hoaxes and other slanders the misanthropic mavens were selling. Same goes with the ad-infinitum “racist” accusations. There’s no logic, no reasoning, no objective discussion, no critical thinking at all; only the most unhinged and deranged adherence to the lies they told.
    The DNC’s public relations arm, Ms. Media, oughta call themselves Burger King,
    because they’ve told millions of whoppers.

    I’ll offer Lefty the same sage advice that Delbert McClinton gives us,
    “If you can’t lie no better than that, … you might as well tell the truth.”

    Veritas vos liberabit.


    • Batman says:

      Right, and all the lowlife scumbag immoral liars covered up a rigged and stolen election that now has us immersed in a lucid nightmare populated by a heavy destructive viral load of the demonrat party significantly worse than the China virus.


  4. Liberty says:

    Leftists apologize or admit they were wrong? Ha! You have to have a certain sense of self awareness and humility to do that. You have to actually be a decent human being.


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