Minority kids funneled into legal system by progressive enablers

Who is gaslighting whom?

Police are the bad guys (wouldn’t you know) because they “misled” the public about Katoine Richardson firing a weapon at police. So claims Esther Cepeda for the Wisconsin State Journal. 

Police are liars and criminals, Cepeda infers, because the initial Department of Justice statement carefully noted that an officer had been wounded by gunfire on Madison’s State Street 10-10-21 but never accused Richardson of shooting him. Trying to satisfy the public’s immediate right to know during an on-going investigation, DOJ said, simply: “During the arrest a round was fired and an officer was struck.”  

Didn’t stop Richardson’s family from claiming “that Katoine never even so much as fired a gun.”

Katoine did so much as fire a gun, according to court testimony. But Cepeda does not accuse the family of misleading the public. Instead, she’s doing more gaslighting than Charles Boyer. The gun just went off “while struggling with an officer … though Richardson’s finger was on the trigger.” Are we allowed to ask why was the lad’s finger on the trigger of a loaded gun? Or why he was struggling with an officer? Why he was illegally packing heat in the first place? Cepeda sides with the gunman:

A black domestic violence advocate from Freedom inc, is working with Richardson. She told me … that kids and others with few resources often get funneled into the criminal justice system and then can’t get out because of the surveillance they contend with. … No wonder our black youth run from police.

Critical race theory in practice

Maybe Mr. Richardson funneled himself, enabled by apologists like Esther Cepeda. Dane County’s progressive justice system gave the young man chance after chance. Signature bonds, low bail, public defender. Three times the 19-year-old blew bail. Judges asked only that he be home by 10 p.m. and stay away from firearms. Couldn’t or wouldn’t — matters not to Cepeda. Katoine is a victim of “this biased and powerful system of criminalization.”

The Werkes understands that the WI State Journal feels obligated to devote column inches to a minority race contributor. But one so irresponsible as Esther Cepeda? One so injurious to the prospects of young men of color? Neither she nor the WI State Journal’s other minority columnists, nationally syndicated Leonard Pitts and Cynthia Tucker, represent hard-working, minority-race America. Only the AOC / Al Sharpton wing of the Democrat(ic) party.

Glenn Loury

Glenn Loury

Why not print any of the growing number of conservative minority voices: Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Jason Riley, John McWhorter, Burgess Owens, Stanley Crouch, Candace Owens, James T. Harris? Or Glenn Loury of Brown University. The professor addressed the Wisconsin Institute of Law & Liberty for its 10th anniversary banquet Some excerpts from Dr. Loury’s talk in Waukesha WI 10-20-21:

Activists on the left of American politics claim that “white supremacy,” “implicit bias” and old-fashioned “anti-black racism” are sufficient to account for black disadvantage. …. To respond, “No. It’s mainly a sign of anti-social behavior by criminals who happen to be black.” …

Those in prison are, in the main, those who hurt others, or stolen things, or otherwise violated basic behavioral norms which make civil society possible. Seeing prisons as a racist conspiracy to confine black people is an absurd proposition.  .. It is self-evident that those taking lives on the street of St. Louis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Chicago, to a man, are behaving despicably. Moreover, those bearing the cost of such pathology, almost exclusively, are other blacks.

→ ‘Black and conservative‘ features our friend Eloise Anderson. 

Bottom Line goes to Professor Loury: “An ideology that ascribes this violent behavior to racism is laughable.” 

Why aren’t you laughing?

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23 Responses to Minority kids funneled into legal system by progressive enablers

  1. AdamC says:

    Esther is extremely annoying. All she does is sit at a keyboard and whine and divide and pit people against each other based on immutable characteristics.

    It was almost amusing to read one of her whiny columns a few weeks ago in which she whined the entire column about the lack of Hispanic grocery options.

    You know what, Esther? Do something about it. Start a store. Invest in one with other like- minded people.

    I’m tired of overeducated elite wannabe’s b!tch!ing all the time without lifting a finger to do anything.

    Besides, I thought she had stomped out of Madison and headed to Chicago a few years ago…. maybe she didn’t have the best of experiences living in Chicago…. who knows.

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    • Mordecai The Red says:

      You nailed it. I’ve worked with more people like her than I’d care to remember—people who complain incessantly about everything but do nothing to fix it.

      She published this piece shortly before it broke that Richardson did have a gun and fired it in his struggle with police. Maybe her next column could be about how crow tastes.


  2. Bill Cleary says:

    I agree with both of you. Why many in the upper elite believe that people like Katoine are just “good boys” and he never meant to hurt anyone. Yeah right!

    Problem with most of these folks is that many of them now make up the elite upper crust or are their willing lackeys. Many of those people have never gotten their hands dirty. They went off to university, got indoctrinated with a marxist ideology which became a quasi-theology, got a degree, got a job and started their career. Never once did they have to pick up a hammer, a shovel, a rattle gun, a paint brush, a pipe wrench or any other tool of any trade other than a keyboard.

    In my mind, they for the most part do not believe that God exists. They do not believe that the Devil exists either. The Devil’s greatest joke on man, is that man has been lead to believe that evil does not exist. But it does. All one has to do is look at the history of man to know that.

    Man has been indoctrinated to believe that people came about as a result of some big bang. And now after many millions of years of human existence, I have heard that some believe that men can get pregnant. https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/trans-dads-tell-doctors-you-can-be-man-have-baby-n1006906

    The more reality becomes an absurdity in the minds of the upper crust, the more reality will be fought back against by those who want to go along with the upper crust. Reality has become whatever they are indoctrinated to believe it to be.

    Unfortunately, reality has a way of coming around and slapping you upside the head if you don’t see it coming. We are headed down the road in that direction. My father used to say: “Money don’t grow on trees son.” Reality ain’t what ever you want it to be either.

    The reality is that unless the likes of Katoine find Christ in their lives, they will never turn their lives around. Katoine’s life is built around evil, lies and deception, violence and hatred for his fellow man.

    All hallmarks of the Devil he follows.

    All hallmarks of the evil that enslaves him.

    Sad, so Sad.

    So many paid the price to so that he could be free, but he willingly enslaved himself to an evil that he does not allow himself to see.


    • Batman says:

      Bill Cleary,
      No question Old Splitfoot (Satan) has a firm grip on the demonrat party.
      Heck, they even smell bad.


      • Liberty says:

        “Heck, they even smell bad.”


        • Liberty says:

          Pressed enter too quickly.

          Yeah, what’s up with the hygiene? Not saying they have to look like they stepped out of a magazine, but just a little pride in personal appearance would be appreciated.

          Not sure if this is just a leftist thing or just the way it is now, but you sure do see a lot of it in Madison.


    • Liberty says:

      I think at least some white limousine liberals know they’re full of BS but push the propaganda anyway. Why? For starters, it looks good on their CV and helps them achieve political power.

      “Why many in the upper elite believe that people like Katoine are just “good boys” and he never meant to hurt anyone. Yeah right!”


  3. One eye says:

    MPD screwed up with the original release. You can’t tell me they needed the DOJ to investigate before they knew one officer shot another. Then they sat back and were perfectly fine with people assuming it was Richardson who shot the officer.

    Now idiots like Cepeda are making hay of it. Would it have happened if Joel Despain was still there?

    Once again where are the black leaders in our city? Silent of course. Still no backbones in sight.


    • David Blaska says:

      Any incident involving a police shooting invokes the WI Department of Justice. DOJ not certain who fired what, only that a police officer had been shot. And so stated. MPD has put out no statements to date.

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    • Liberty says:


      I agree with you 100%. Doesn’t matter one bit if DOJ was investigating it. MPD sat silent as people assumed it was Richardson who shot the officer. Don’t tell me they couldn’t have corrected their statement.

      Chief Barnes talks about transparency. WHAT transparency? We STILL haven’t heard about what actions MPD is taking (if any) with the west district lieutenant who had sex in the back of a squad car.

      The MPD started its downfall when Chief Wahl took over. Remember last summer as cops were told to stand down during the leftist riots? It’s only gotten worse since then. I don’t fault rank and file officers for any of this. It’s squarely on “leadership’s” shoulders.


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  5. Liberty says:

    Even their use of the term “gaslight” is a form of gaslighting. This is a term conservatives have been using for some time to describe Saul Alinsky type tactics employed by the left. They probably picked up on it and are trying to weaponize it against us.

    “Who is gaslighting whom?”


  6. Batman says:

    Who is speaking up publicly in the MPD rank and file?
    Liberty responds: “That should be up to the union but they are silent as usual. Worthless, in my opinion.”

    Are you saying beat cops are muzzled by their union and thereby unable to independently/publicly express an opinion on job related issues including their union? Would harsh criticism likely result in termination?

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  7. Batman says:

    Health care workers all across the country are quitting by the many hundreds because of the mandate, risk/benefit assessment, and comparing their clinical experience with the media messaging.
    Most make more than cops and some bank six figures and still quit. Health care workers are suing hospitals, speaking out on social media, and getting press.
    My point is simply that if LE management is feckless, no one is forcing the coppers to stick around and be quiet.

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