Key kids! Insurrection is constitutional!

 It’s fraud when we lose!

The indentured servants here at Blaska Stately Manor are sitting out the big protest 09-18-21 in Washington D.C. (Lawn needs mowing.) Saturday is when what’s left of the insurrectionist movement will demand “justice” for the 639 heroes now being prosecuted for the January 6 attempted takeover of the nation’s Capitol. We are tempted to say something about being careful for what one wishes but let’s move on.

No word yet on whether #45 will address the crowd, encouraging them to “fight like hell,” “take [their] country back,’ “stay strong,” and (wink, wink) “be peaceful.”

The former one-term President who never could win a majority of the electorate is still crying “We Wuz Robbed.” At New York City fire houses on the 20th anniversary of 9/11! Now THAT is some serious chutzpah!

At least #45 did not bellow into a bullhorn that the people who robbed him would hear from all of us soon.

Reports say Capitol Police are prepared (this time). Fencing is going up, so bring your wire cutters along with your zip ties and nooses, patriots! Nancy Pelosi is chugging down her best Napa Valley vintages, lest they be liberated by the hoi polloi who put ice cubes in their cabernet sauvignon.

Who will step into the clown shoes of the horned QAnon Shaman? 

Larry Elder for Relief Factor

Oh sure, Larry has occasional aches & pains.
But how many candidates can make this claim?

Sore loser man

Trump, as he was in Georgia, is proving toxic to our beloved Republican brand. In California, Gavin Newsom was a gone governor until wonder pill pitchman and Trump apologist Larry Elder emerged from a scrum of 46 Republican challengers. Today is the final day of voting and Elder is already celebrating defeat. Never too soon to cry “fraud,” as his website already claims, according to The Dispatch.

“Does anybody really believe the California recall election isn’t rigged?” Trump said Monday 09-13-21. That’s the only way that political juggernaut Larry Elder could lose an election for governor of California!

Low-hanging fruit even for Uncle Joe Biden: “You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor or you’ll get Donald Trump.”

U.S. Constitution

A legal coup

The keyboard warriors are prepping for the big day, Saturday. Trending now on social media: Did you know the Constitution gives us the right to overturn the government? We’ll cut the civics class dropouts some slack. They mean the Declaration of Independence. At one point, it reads:

Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

This was the Founders’ rationale for cleaving from George 3. Worked then but not at Appomattox four score and nine years later. Maybe this time? The Michigan Militia confronts General Milley, his arms folded. The head Proud Boy whips out the Declaration of Independence.

“Sez here you’ve got to step aside and let us hang Mike Pence!
Whatcha gonna do about it?”

General Milley stands down, frustrated like Captain McCloskey at the hospital when Tom Hagen shows up with licensed guards and threatens a show-cause court order in the morning.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Want to flummox our constitutional survivalists? Ask them with what new government do they anticipate replacing the one the Founders created?

Anyone heard from Maricopa County lately?

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94 Responses to Key kids! Insurrection is constitutional!

  1. Balboa says:

    Liberty, did u hear a dog barking?

    Can or does sean duffy want to step back into the ring for governor. His charisma and steadfast leadership could have a chance to lead wisconsin to much better times

    Sean please run


  2. Mark Lemberger says:

    Liberty for RNC Chairman!
    Every politician that can be bought off… will be.
    Donors, vote bartering, earmarks maybe a bit of time at the money gusher.
    Everyone forgets the message. “I am a leader and I fight. Here’s my proof.” Trump understood this and won despite the entire freaking establishment giving him a 6-8% chance of winning He blew away the Washington Party, the Swamp and every political consultant ever born. He saw and avoided the traps set up by the unIntelligence Agencies (all seventeen of them.)
    He could look any supplicant in the eye and ask, “How does that make America great?” The key here is America.! Good old E Pluribus Unum.
    Bring manufacturing here! No MFN for China. He rest NAFTA to be fair trade. He called out NATO for the grifters’ game that it is. He crushed ISIS. Got the Covid vaccine at warp speed. Not one dead service man in Afghanistan in Trump’s last eighteen months.

    The Washington Party said everyone is entitled to a house and thus trashed the housing and banking industries for years. The same elites decided everyone should go to college, especially the unprepared. The only lesson the students learned was that higher education can go through money as fast as anyone and that you, the students are going to never get a mortgage given your debt to earning ratio. Anyone see a pattern? Screw the RINO/DINOs.
    Trump! You magnificent bastard! Run!


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      CNN commentator John Alvord opined on the New Day show, Reality Check segment a couple days ago that Donald will be the Republican frontrunner in 2024. One can only hope. Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to the Dems, and smart Democratic operatives will take advantage of his asininity to maintain the White House.

      “Trump! You magnificent bastard! Run!”
      OK, Mark. Maybe someone will give you one of those golden Trumpie statuettes for Christmas.

      Have fun.


      • Mark Lemberger says:

        HaHaHa. You said “smart Democratic Operatives”. No further credibility for you, Voice.
        Also CNN has never been wrong about Trump before so you got that going for you.


        • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

          Mark: On second thought, even fair to middling Democratic operatives can successfully handle Mr. Trump. “Smart” was not a good word choice on my part.

          You have openly stated “contempt” on this board for opposing viewpoints. Your closed mind reveals a lack of credibility.


      • Liberty says:


        And you’re open minded?

        At least Batman and I have admitted that Trump is arrogant and the furthest thing from a statesman. Yet you seem firmly planted behind a party that’s changing the fabric of this nation for the worse.

        I’d love to hear why you support the Dems, aside from generalities. What are your thoughts on abandoning Americans & allies behind enemy lines, helping to destroy America’s track to energy independence, defending defund the police efforts, or flooding the border with unvetted migrants? Because for conservative leaning voters, these are key issues.

        So you know, few on this board take CNN seriously. It’s a Democratic run activist camp.


  3. Mark Lemberger says:

    Some opinions are contemptible. Give us yours on President Trump. I’ll wait until you consult CNN.


    • Liberty says:

      That’s the thing, Mark. Leftists can’t articulate why they hate Trump, aside from “he lied, he’s arrogant, etc.” Ironically, he accomplished many of the things the left has been calling for for decades. Yet they can’t see past their own hate.


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