A police officer falls in Chicago

Woke politics is the problem

Police officer Ella French

Chicago police have had enough. One expects the populace got there months ago after the latest killing, a 29-year old, female police officer. Ella French was shot to death and a fellow officer is fighting for his life after a traffic stop Saturday 08-07-21. She is one of 169 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty through August 10, according to this source; 33 of them by gunfire.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot paid a visit to the hospital where the critically injured officer is being held, but she was met with about 30 officers turning their backs on her, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Monday.

While progressives and their enablers in the Democrat(ic) party wage war on police, the people of Chicago — and now those who defend them — are dying. 445 homicides so far in 2021, 446 during the first seven months of 2020. Both way up (53%) from 2019, when 290 people were killed.

Get this: Chicago police are handcuffed by three — count ’em — three oversight boards. First, in 1960, the equivalent of Wisconsin’s police and fire commission. Then in 2014, a Civilian Office of Police Accountability board (like the one established last Fall in Madison WI). It now has 150 employees and a $13 million budget. This summer, a new police-commission system that (National Review writes) “could charitably be described as convoluted and will operate alongside the CPB and COPA rather than supplanting them.”

“It’s past time to stop this, you know, imbalanced treatment of police officers here in Chicago and everywhere in this country,” police Superintendent David Brown said Monday press conference. “We’re flawed. Just the like the media gallery is flawed. Just like every profession in our country is flawed … But they go down dark alleys none of you would go down to protect you.”  

Blaska’s Bottom LineChicago police know wherein lies the problem. So do Madison’s.

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  1. Paula F says:

    We have good friends at CPD. The Department is devastated.

    Many of the same dynamics play out in Madison as they do in Chicago. One difference is that Chicago has FOP, a union that actually works for its members. Even that however, was not enough to prevent this tragedy.

    Nationally, shootings of police officers are on pace to surpass 2020’s highs. The U.S. Department of Justice offered similar findings several years ago, reporting that ambushes and attacks on cops have been increasing since at least 2015.

    This will continue to happen until there is more pushback. It also doesn’t help when cops in leadership positions apologize for their profession and grovel. The people who hate cops will never be satisfied

    Yes, I still very much care about policing issues.

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  2. Scott F says:

    We have passed the point of no return with our police forces. There is no need for the “woke” to defund the police. Conditions today have put that process on automatic pilot. Current officers, including both the good and bad (mostly the good), are leaving in droves. The numbers of new applicants applying for the force are dropping like Antifa, bricks and rocks. Only when the reality and effects of this crisis hits the average Mom & Pop American will there be enough demand to fix the problem. Then, the requisite finger pointing and navel gazing will sludge up the path to a fix. We are in for a very bad time. https://www.police1.com/police-jobs-and-careers/articles/10000-officers-respond-to-policing-poll-only-7-would-recommend-becoming-a-cop-Ee749RbuTcMG7bm5/

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    • Paula F says:


      Your statement is unfortunately spot on. Way too much damage has occurred since 2015 and policies put in place, that make remedies at this point extremely difficult. Indeed, only when law abiding Americans rise up, will change occur. But WILL people rise up, and if they do, will it be enough to stem the tide?

      Some of us saw the writing on the wall back in 2016, which is why we fought so hard for our cops.

      “Then, the requisite finger pointing and navel gazing will sludge up the path to a fix.”

      Yes, when they realize that their political lives are in jeopardy, only then will the career & social climbers phonily trip over themselves to assign blame. Cops deserve much better elected representatives, as do we all.

      This whole things breaks my heart.

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      • Scott F says:

        Paula….. With Madison’s school system & its police department in obvious crisis, out of a city of over two hundred thousand, you and Blaska were lone wolves in trying to offer a sensible path to a resolution. In time, that large herd of sheep will be clamoring for your leadership, but I suspect, by then, it will be too late…. If we reversed course and started today, I believe it would be generations before we would see these institutions fixed. I don’t know about you, but I won’t live that long….

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        • Attila the Intelligent says:

          Scott F, there are a helluva lot more people than those 2 fighting for MPD.

          It’s just a matter of time before the UN-informed become informed. People are waking up on a daily basis but they’ve got to get off of their asses and HELP to stop to progressive Dane and their sheep.


        • Paula F says:

          Scott, you are so very kind.

          “If we reversed course and started today, I believe it would be generations before we would see these institutions fixed.”

          Yes!! You articulate so well what I suspect most people either don’t understand or are in denial about. I think they think the situation will fix itself or that it’ll dissipate on its own. It won’t; too much has transpired.

          My reply is in reference to policing. The public education system is also in deep trouble (Blaska’s forte).

          BTW, I’ve been looking frantically for your email address but seemed to have misplaced it. Would you please email me if you have a chance? Please don’t post it here publicly.

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  3. Attila the Intelligent says:

    Scott F, there are a helluva lot more people than those 2 fighting for MPD.

    It’s just a matter of time before the UN-informed become informed. People are waking up on a daily basis but they’ve got to get off of their asses and HELP to stop to progressive Dane and their sheep.


  4. georgessson says:

    Of all things relative to the pro’s and con’s of BLM, this trend is significant. Antifa, POC thugs, et al, have reached the zenith RE: benefits of “protest”. Now many feel free to challenge existing laws and execute those charged w/ enforcing them. Even an unregistered vehicle… The race of the LEO is not a factor -they’ll murder black officers along w/ white.

    This single case is one of the saddest thus far. 29 years old, a bright future in a job she was happily devoted to. Ended by some guy who hadn’t the mental wherewithal to realize that he’d be arrested momentarily, and who maybe felt enabled by SJW’s who undoubtedly will come to HIS aid. Kinda like local Yusha or Devonere (whatever) without a gun, (his admirer Dylan Brogan recently posted Yusha’s merits in Isthmus…)

    “Defund or Not Defund” has not much to do with it now. Survival in one’s career is integral to a job choice.

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  5. Madtownforsure says:

    I think about the long time officers who would like to be the chief, but that is impossible when city leaders insisted on going woke . No wonder Koval quit. His notice read: ” I quit”. So what they did do instead of looking in current ranks, went politically correct. I would say “take this job and shove it” too!!!

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  6. Bill Cleary says:

    I remember living in Chicago in 1967-68 before I moved out of the city then eventually up here. I was just a kid back then so I had nothing to worry about with the police but I do recall that if someone messed with a Chicago cop they got a beat down. Same for with the Milwaukee cops. Man, you did not mess with those people at all. It was YES SIR!, NO SIR! Back then if you were wanting to take on a Chicago or Milwaukee cop you had better made your final confession to God before you did. No guaranty that you were going to walk away from that encounter.

    All I can say about this is: Ella, I hope you are up with God right now, in his arms, having his radiant love, inside and all around you.

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  7. Mark Lemberger says:

    Chicago DA Kathie Foxx has dismissed 25,000 felony cases. George Floyd got two state funerals for his “heroism”. Joe Biden says Democrats love police and Republicans don’t.
    But no mean tweets.


  8. Mark Lemberger says:

    1,000,000 gate crashers at the southern border this year. Covid 19, Delta, Lambda, with Alpha to Omega brewing in China, the cruelest tax of all 5.4% inflation, President Biden asks OPEC to ramp up production while decreasing our own, the Washington Party loving life at Martha’s Vineyard and celebrating trillions of dollars to be spent to create shovel ready jobs, public schools in meltdown and public safety is racist but hey!
    No mean tweets.

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    • Liberty says:

      “No mean tweets.”

      It’s been my experience that the people who take the most issue with Trump’s tweets and personality are some of the most mean spirited people I’ve met.

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  9. commonsense says:

    Lets not overlook the PROBATION given these THUGS by DANE COUNTY JUDGE Berz!!! Maybe if she put the FELON in jail, the young cop would still be alive….


  10. Normwegian says:

    SO, one of the perps has ties to Dane County…..CCAP search is interesting…Dane County Case Number 2018CF001124 State of Wisconsin vs. Eric M Morgan..943.32(2) Armed Robbery Felony C Dismissed on Prosecutor’s Motion.. more catch and release


    • georgessson says:

      Wrong Eric M. Morgan. The WI fella, while plenty of court action, is 47 years old. CPD reports that one brother is 21, and his bro Eric is 22 years old.


      • georgessson says:

        Oh Snap ! I see a few entries down, a birth year of another Eric M. Morgan as 1998. Sorry ! A plea deal down to PTAC, vs. Armed robbery and theft. (Theft of a corpse -oughtta be interesting to learn more about that…


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