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NY Times readers Blow off Lori’s race scam

Is this the end of identity politics, Rico? In the last thrilling installment of your favorite blogge, we examined a racist column from the newspaper that foisted The 1619 Project on a weary America. New York Times columnist Charles M. … Continue reading

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Lori Lightfoot is the ultimate victim

of voters unaccustomed to feeling the touch of violence! The entire liberal, progressive, Woke enterprise can be understood as an oceans-deep trawl for victims. To the original victim class, black folk, the Linnaeus classification has been enlarged to include every … Continue reading

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Give ’em space; teachers feel disrespected!

But the socialists support them!  Parents of the 26,000 students enrolled in Madison’s public schools got to wonder if their classrooms will open as scheduled Monday 01-10-22. Or how many of their teachers will show. Because the teachers union is … Continue reading

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A police officer falls in Chicago

Woke politics is the problem Chicago police have had enough. One expects the populace got there months ago after the latest killing, a 29-year old, female police officer. Ella French was shot to death and a fellow officer is fighting for … Continue reading

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Racism of the woke dead

 How much more ridiculous can identity politics get? Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is only accepting interview requests from “black and brown journalists” as a matter of policy, according to a spokesman. Imagine the reverse! The mayor is tied of “educating … Continue reading

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