Will #45 return in August to become #45½ ?

“Mitch McConnell — another beauty.” — #45

A keyboard patriot rallied his social media followers with the following Call To Action (verbatim):

We want Harris and Biden out

Who else have the balls to post

The indentured servants at Blaska Stately Manor very much want Biden and Harris out, mainly because we never voted them in. More to the point, we have an undergraduate’s understanding of the U.S. Constitution. And appreciation for same. (Also, English grammar.)

But we admire the original poster’s courage! Also his lack of self consciousness! We only hope he has not been disappeared by the Biden/Harris FBI (probably posing as Oath Keepers). He wants Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris O.U.T.! and is not afraid to say so ON FACEBOOK! Well done, brave patriot! No doubt a decorated veteran of January 6!

The purge continues!

Who is obsessing? Who refuses to move on?
And you thought Nixon had an enemies list! 

Another keyboard warrior thinks the RITO* Rapture is imminent:

“What if judges start to agree that the election was stolen? So what if AZ, WI, GA, PA and maybe MI too, all change their mind about their Electoral College decisions? What if SCOTUS agrees that the election was stolen? How does all that play out?”

This litany of “What Ifs” got your irrascible bloggeur to thinking! (No mean feat in itself!)

What if Warren Buffett named the Head Groundskeeper as his sole heir and beneficiary? Then got run over by one of his BNSF freight trains the next day while police wondered who tied him to the tracks like the heroine of a silent movie but one that the hero came too late to save her. What would (the royal) we do with $100 Billion dollars? Buy a Porsche 911, first thing. That’s easy. Vineyard in Sonoma wine country, of course. Pay off the credit cards? Maybe. Invest in bamboo futures on the Chicago Board of Trade! The smart play! (* RITO: Republican In Trump Only.)

It will be biblical!

We have asked how many Facebook “Amens” these two freedom lovers need to expel the Biden/Harris occupation so that #45 can return from his exile at his Floridian Elba and resume his rightful place as #45½. Can he do it by August as is foretold? That really would be biblical!

Who will be his vice president? The My Pillow Guy? Secretary of Defense? Gen. Mike Flynn? Attorney General? Rudy Giuliani? Ambassador to the UN? Sidney Powell? Secretary of State Sean Hannity? Guy with the horns and face paint chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Will Mike Pence be spared the gallows for his treason? Dissolve Congress?

— This blogge is authorized and paid for by Dominion Voting Machine Co, Inc., Hugo Chavez (RIP), treasurer.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We like to think we have a nodding acquaintance with reality. Sorry to be such a buzz kill.

What are YOUR odds on the Great Restoration?

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9 Responses to Will #45 return in August to become #45½ ?

  1. Question…

    Worst case scenario for 2024 presidential election:
    Democratic Party Candidate: Biden/Harris
    Republican Party Candidate: Trump/?
    What do Republicans that want to be reasonably civil and ethical do?

    Better question…
    When Trump puts his name in the primary ring for 2024 what should Republicans do? Personally, I completely rejected Trump in the 2016 primary and I’ll completely reject him in the 2024 primary.

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  2. One eye says:

    JOE Biden/Harris is virtually impossible. The man won’t be able to speak in a couple years.


  3. Balboa says:

    2016 primary I voted Ted Cruz and I will look at alternatives in 2024 as well. I am more concerned about what lame Republican be the Candidate for Governor of WI, and lame candidate for Senator of WI in 2022, living in Dane county the rubber stamp Marxist Pocan will only cease to be house representative when he decides to stop collecting checks and benefits from the Feds.

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  4. georgessson says:

    France: Quand les poules auront des dents (“When hens have teeth”)

    Gerrmany: Wenn Weihnachten und Ostern auf einen Tag fallen! (“When Christmas and Easter are on the same day”)

    Greece: Αν η γιαγιά μου είχε καρούλια, θα ήταν πατίνι (“If my grandmother had wheels she would be a wheelbarrow”).

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  5. Liberty says:

    Not sure where you’re finding these people, but of the many conservatives I follow, including staunch Trump supporters, not one talks like the person you just described. That person doesn’t represent most of us.

    Nobody with good sense believes Trump will be reinstated. That still doesn’t mean we don’t believe election corruption didn’t take place. The National Review is not the only conservative voice out there. Thoughts vary on this.


  6. patrickmoloughlin says:

    And where does the Orange Man direct his fire at his latest “rally”? At Republican congressman Anthony Gonzalez. All of his efforts are against Republicans. He is actively destroying the party, and the MSM is more than willing to help.

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