Progressives are shameless scolds

Another in the Werkes’ continuing for-credit series on
How to Identify and Eradicate
Progressivism in your Neighborhood.

And you thought Creeping Charlie was a problem!

Our Progressive … acquaintances are wracked with an uber-Catholic obsession with guilt. They trade in guilt, bathe in guilt, and spread guilt like the guy pushing a mail cart at a Wuhan laboratory.

Young Marquon stole your car, traded bullets with a rival gang, and sells opioids because … your gr-great grandparents were white! America is to blame!

If Satya Kemble and Tony Nevers want to wear sackcloth and ashes as a fashion statement, far be it from the Head Groundskeeper to say nay. (Sound of horse neighing.)

It’s not enough Progs feel guilty. (They should; progressivism has failed minorities by reassigning personal agency to impersonal third parties, especially, government programs.) Progressives’ self-inflicted misery wants company. They want YOU to feel guilty, too. (As Jack Warner once said, Include me out!) Case study: a Milwaukee Democrat scolds:

“White fragility fuels fear of critical race theory.”

The WI legislature is considering banning Marxist CRT because it teaches that racial hatred is woven into the fabric of the Stars and Stripes. Why do we reject such race hate? According to state legislator Lakeshia N. Myers, “Because we’re fragile”!

Fragile?! Conservatives aren’t cancel-culturing a good cook named Aunt Jemima, Condi Rice for being Republican, and the statue of female empowerment, Wisconsin’s Miss Forward.

Sorry, Lakeshia. If we actually were fragile we would fall for your guilt mongering like Olive Oyl for Popeye the Sailor Man. No one defends slavery or Tulsa 1921 or Emmett Till. How does that help Marquon if — like 90% of Madison black public school kids — he can’t read at grade? Teachers can teach but students have to learn. (Cops Out of Schools!)

We’re not the ones killing the young black men of Milwaukee and Chicago, defunding the police, and dumbing down honors class. We’re not the ones peddling urban myths like “Hands up, don’t shoot,” Jussie Smollett or Madison lighter fluid girl Althea Bernstein.

‘Shifting the culture’

The City of Madison is another big scold. For seven days beginning Friday June 18, we are being scolded to “acknowledge the immeasurable impact” of COVID-19 and racial injustice during “Days of Reflection.” (Again, no evidence the bad cops in Minneapolis killed George Floyd because of race.)

Madison’s new, taxpayer-supported Equity and Social Justice Division, “is all about social change, equity and liberation.” Source: “New Equity Division aims to shift the culture.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineGet it? Government is going to change YOU! According to our Progessive scolds, (contra Al Franken’s Stuart Smalley), We’re just not good enough and, gosh darn it, no one likes us either.

Are YOU good enough or do you need social changing?

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11 Responses to Progressives are shameless scolds

  1. AdamC says:

    All this stuff they are pushing is more quasireligious cult than anything else. Governments pushing ideological cultism SHOULD be strictly outlawed.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Like the cult of trump? What’s the date he will be president again? I’ve heard different ones.


  2. North side Dave says:

    So we have Ms Kumar handling the Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative. Norman Davis is the city’s director of civil rights. Tariq Saqqaf’s works in the Equity and Social Justice Division. I get the feeling this is the tip of the righteous iceberg. How many other similar jobs are we paying for? I’d love to see a breakdown of their salaries. And what exactly do we have to show for it? Have they put a dent in the nightly shootings in Madison?
    Ms Kumar comically uses all the proper buzzwords: she’s “entering a larger story”, wants citizens to “be well, to be whole and to live joyfully.” Hopes to create ‘new visions’. Yay! And, of course, the obligatory ‘enter every conversation’. Can we get concrete details? What a racket.


    • AdamC says:

      Wasn’t Norman Davis the city manager who terminated that Toriana character who burned every bridge on her way out of state after a nicely paid city gig went sour due to her insubordination and accusing Davis of ray-cism?

      I can’t decide if I would prefer actual competence in city government or benign neglect and borderline incompetence with this “equity” b.s.


    • AdamC says:

      Oh and Dave don’t forget “the work is never done”. In other words, the failures of Black individuals to comply with basic societal laws and work for a living can’t be related to the virtual destruction of the Black family (thanks Biden for your 1994 crime bill that locked up countless Black fathers!)…. no, these failures can only be systemic, neverending, and because not enough white people are saying the right words in sequence and doing the work as ordered by equity coordinators.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I nominate “Lakeshia” as the black version of “Karen.”

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  4. Bill says:

    Funny how I never hear from these so called Black “Leaders” that the real racism in our schools is in the way of lowered expectations of our Black youth when it comes to test scores. If only 9-10% of these young Black boys and girls in our state are proficient at reading and math at grade level, then just how in the hell will they ever compete out in the real world?

    In fact, I also find it funny that no one else in the Democratic party in this state to include the Mayor, the County Exec., the Governor and all the rest, are not screaming from the roof tops about the abysmal test scores by ALL of our young people in our public schools.

    Oh, but teaching critical race theory, and teaching others to accept you by affirming your new gender identity is much more important than teaching math and english skills.

    Sad, so sad. These kids will never stand a chance to succeed in the real world. Only in the underworld.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      “These kids will never stand a chance to succeed in the real world.”

      You are missing one very important point. The Progressive plot involves totally re-designing the “real world” from the ground up. As to any of the myriad of “identity groups” actually succeeding, – it isn’t in the plan. Once everybody is “special”, and everyone else is an oppressor, there will be nowhere to turn except to Prog-Central and the woke overlords. Orwell was off by only 37 years. Today they tell us that we must all WORK to achieve “equity”, or, as their “proto-woke” predecessors were fond of saying – “Arbeit Macht Frei” !

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  5. Balboa says:

    You Wrote, ” If only 9-10% of these young Black boys and girls in our state are proficient at reading and math at grade level, then just how in the hell will they ever compete out in the real world?”

    By eliminating the competition is how they compete in the real world. If you do not fall in line you will be eliminated or cancelled as the kids say, will be lots of high paying jobs filled by incompetent adults. When D.E &.I. administrators get paid more than the actual teachers in education or policy makers in government, that is happening, you can see the ultimate failures on the streets, in our kids broken minds, and ultimately names on gravestones.

    It is not a winning formula for a functioning society but the hucksters care not about society and in their warped miserable minds they are winning. EQUAL MISERY FOR ALL

    Welcome back Serfdom!


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Hope everyone is planning for a great Juneteenth. Let’s see … we’ve got a black version of Christmas and a black version of July 4th. Columbus Day is gone entirely, which means only a few more racist white holidays need replacing. My guess is Thanksgiving will be the next one to bite the dust. Isn’t it wonderful to be living in the golden age of diversity?


  7. Bill says:

    Folks, you have all made some awesome points here. The points that pANTIFArts and Balboa made are great. Balboa ended his comments with the phrase, “Welcome back Serfdom!”. As my Irish ancestors of only 3 generations ago were serfs, that is why they came to America as indentured servants, I totally agree with that statement.

    According to Wikipedia, Tony_Evers Governor. Tony Evers was appointed to the position of Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction by Elizabeth Burmaster in 2001. He then ran and took the position of the Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2009 and has held that position till 2019 when he replaced Governor Walker.

    Now, my question to one and all, especially those of you who are people of color; have the test scores for your children gone up since 2001 or especially 2009 when Tony was elected Superintendent of Public Education here in Wisconsin?

    To those of you who are not people of color, did your children’s test scores go up since 2001 or especially 2009 when Tony was elected Superintendent of Public Education?

    To those of you who ask: No, they have not. In fact they have gone down. This man, by his own track record is a miserable failure at achieving the results we the taxpayers want for our children and the children of our communities and our state no matter what their color is.

    This man has had a total of 20 years of leadership in the top one or two position in the D.P.I. to remedy this disparity. And yet, he has not.

    I want what is best for ALL the CHILDREN of our state!

    Discipline, hard work, self sacrifice are all hallmarks of a person on the road to success. If you can’t read or do math with proficiency at grade level, then no matter how much discipline, hard work and self sacrifice you put in, you will never achieve success.

    But now I would like to go out on a limb here. If only 40% of White offenders where incarcerated for an offense but 90% of Black offenders were incarcerated for the exact same offense, what would you say? Would you say that the policy was Racist. I certainly would. So why is it not seen as racist that a much higher percentage of children of color fail at meeting the basic proficiency standards in math and english than white children?

    What did Tony and the WEA do about this much, much higher percentage of children of color who when tested, were not proficient at math or english at grade level?

    Nothing, not one damn thing.

    Now who are the REAL RACISTS HERE?


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