Progressive priorities are killing Madison

How much progressivism before more die?

The Capital Times is declaring progressive victory after the April 6 Madison Common Council election. 

The real shift on the council is in the direction of diversity and progressive policy making. The majority of council members are now people of color. And the overwhelming majority of members ran and won as progressives.

Which is true but, as we said a few days ago, nothing really changed. The rank and file police officers rated Ald. Paul Skidmore as public safety’s greatest ally and Ald. Rebecca Kemble as its most dangerous foe. Both incumbents lost — but to their opposite numbers. We also noted that Progressive Dane now claims 7 members — down from 9 in the previous council. But yes, Madison city government remains a progressive experiment.

For the progressive majority, as The Capital Times spins it, “One issue, in particular, stood out: housing affordability.” Not crime, housing affordability. 

At Gilbert Road and S. Whitney Way

In the real world

Here in Orchard Ridge, two cars were racing at high speeds west on Hammersley Road shortly before 3 p.m. Tuesday 04-13-21 before turning north on Gilbert Road — home to Maria Goretti elementary school, Orchard Ridge elementary, and Toki middle school.  

I live very close and heard the shots — 6-7 of them, pretty fast,” one neighbor reports.

An eye witness in the 1200 block of Gilbert Road says, “I looked out the window when I heard the shots and saw a small new white SUV quickly accelerate as it passed my driveway. It was either the shooter or the person who was shot.”

One of the vehicle’s back window was shot out but made it to a Mexican bodega at the foot of Vitense golf course. Female victim taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

For the record: police did none of the shooting. (If you have any information regarding this incident, contact MPD at 255-2345, or you can remain anonymous and contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 266-6014, or, on the web at

  • On the north side of Madison, someone awoke Tuesday morning to find a bullet lodged in a bedside table after it traveled through an outside wall.  A second bullet hole was also found. 
  • Another stolen car, this one late Tuesday morning in Mid-town.
  • On the south side last night, officers responded to McDivitt Road for a report of multiple reports of shots fired. 
  • On the isthmus at E. Washington Ave and Baldwin Street at 4 this morning, a car ran into a tree and caught on fire. Occupant hospitalized. 

No crime goes unnoticed

But crime isn’t the issue — at least, not for progressives. It’s “housing affordability.”

Despite its earnest professions of home affordability, we will guess that The Capital Times will support the school district’s anticipated $115 increase in property taxes on the average valued home. 

The progressive proselytizer quotes Nikki Conklin, who beat Ald. Skidmore: “People wanted change, and change they will get.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Just don’t expect the Council to quit its cop-bashing.

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6 Responses to Progressive priorities are killing Madison

  1. Mike says:

    I find it interesting that the school budget gets an increase while schools have been vacant for over a year with no real sign of opening to in person learning any time soon. When will the voters (particularly those on the Left) realize that enough is enough with schools when it is evident none of the money goes for the students?

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    • Steve says:

      Not only that, MMSD lost about 1000 grade schoolers last year–almost an entire school-worth. Did they shut a school and consolidate? NO. In fact, they asked and got more money to build another elementary school!!

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  2. Ed says:

    Want to make housing more ‘affordable”? Cut down on the needless regulations and red tape. Make it easier for builders and developers to create housing.

    Respond to the market.

    What a concept.

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  3. georgessson says:

    All good comments here. As Adam C. found a new future mayoral tag, “Satyaphatassdown”, we hafta realize that today she just announced the cure fer “homelessness” as well. She’s a wonder !

    Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway said, “The Housing Forward package of initiatives will include efforts to increase housing choice, create affordable housing, combat displacement, ensure seniors can stay in their homes, and END HOMELESSNESS..,

    Doesn’t get better’n that !


  4. Liberty says:

    Progressive priorities are killing the COUNTRY. The problem is that once Progressive elitists destroy a city, they move on, taking their same failed policies with them.

    Cities and states that were once conservative strongholds are rapidly changing.


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