Got pronouns?

Mine are “Mr., Sir, Your Lordship,” and “Hey You.”

Now buzz off!

More proof that the City of Madison government is more Woke than an over-caffeinated insomniac at the dynamite factory.

The Police Civilian Oversight Board is what we conservatives mean when we say “Too much gummint.” A solution in search of a problem that becomes its own problem. Its stated mission is to restore confidence in Madison police among certain communities.

Nothing says restoring confidence in Madison’s maligned gendarmerie than getting your pronouns just right! Doing so consumed nearly 30 minutes of the Police Civilian Oversight Board at its 03-18-21 meeting (conducted on-line).


Chair(man) Keetra Burnette: “We had a member who … expressed a desire to use specific pronouns when they [ ! ]are addressed. … It’s something we have to get used to, accustomed to. … a reminder to hold each anther accountable when we are not using that inclusive language when and if needed.

“Would anyone like to offer any preferred pronouns?”

(They/Them) Ankita Bharadwaj: “Saying ‘preferred pronouns’ is a micro-aggression. When people have non-binary pronouns apart from ‘she/hers’, it’s not that they prefer to be that way it is because that is who they are.”

(she/her) Ananda Deacon: “Using the wrong pronouns does create a snowball effect of lack of respect for these communities. It is a great thing we are having this discussion right now. With the classes I am taking, everyone is in the habit of using the correct pronouns.”

She/Her/Hers Keetra Burnette: What are your pronouns?

Rachel (She/Her/Hers): “I don’t know, how does that go?”

She, Her, Hers | Keetra Burnette: “Do you want your pronouns before your name or after? …”

(She/Ella) Yesinia Villalpando-Torres: “Some of you may see that Shadayra and I have ‘Ella’ … that is the Spanish version of ‘she.’”

She/Ella Yesinia Villalpando-Torres: “I would like to make a motion for our pronouns to be incorporated into roll call.”

(He/Him/His) Anthony Cooper Sr.: “I want to make sure I am doing this right. ‘He/him/his’ — is that right?”

She, Her, Hers | Keetra Burnette: “If those are your pronouns.”

(He/Him/His) Isadore Knox Jr.: “Some people might not be clear about what their pronouns [are].”

Do we need a pronoun committee?

C’mon Ike (whom we know and respect). How many memoranda does the City of Madison need to issue? Start your required reading with the 3-page policy promulgated 11-11-20: “Administrative procedure memorandum #2-52. Subject: Inclusive workplace – transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary employees.”

Employees will address employees and members of the public by their chosen name and pronouns. Intentional or persistent use of incorrect names or pronouns violates the City’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy (APM 3-5).

Ah yes, the Resource Guide APM 3-5: Prohibited harassment and discrimination.” Must be a lot of it because the thing is 34 pages!  After that slog through the barrens of bureaucracy, open the the 6-page “Gender-Inclusive Language Style Guide.” No more fathers or mothers, sisters or brothers. Woke city employees substitute the terms “parents” and “siblings.”

To complete your re-education, consult city government’s 13-page Resource guide for transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary employees.”

Wherein one finds helpful definitions for 34 terms, including: Agender (“a person who does not identify with a gender”), Deadname (“name assigned to a transgender person at birth. … harmful and constitutes harassment”), Gender dysphoria, Genderfluid, Non-binary, Gender queer, Intersex, etc. etc., et cetera!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We can only repeat what a constituent (according to Dylan Brogan in Isthmus) told defeated Alder Rebecca Kemble: “More [road] salt, less [social] justice.”

What are YOUR pronouns?

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18 Responses to Got pronouns?

  1. Eric the Red says:

    The PCOB is a bunch of selfish mayor-appointed cop-hating hacks. If you haven’t, I encourage you to attend one of their meetings. They have outside sources telling them what to do, they can’t get along, they have major power struggles, no decorum, no rules or organization. This board is proving to be a BIG mistake and a waste of time.

    My pronoun? Who cares?


  2. One eye says:

    I have preferred nouns: cat, book, hospital.
    I’ll ask you to respect them.


  3. One eye says:

    Pronouns: “Whiteprivilegeisamyth” across the board.
    How’s that for compelled speech?


  4. Fr Gregory says:

    Lord have mercy


  5. Number 58 says:

    How about something neutral like..comrade, citizen (wait not everybody is a citizen), human?
    I would be comrade Jane or citizen Jane or human Jane. This is unbelievable!


  6. Ed says:

    At least those fools (is that a pronoun?) are wasting time and energy on nonsense then doing anything to further hamper the police.

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  7. Normwegian says:

    Well, starting with “A”, I’ve been addressed as “a$$h0le.” I could continue with more, but the list would be exhausting.

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  8. AdamC says:

    Preferred pronouns started in academia several years ago and are now infecting the rest of the society.

    I think it is one of the most idiotic trends ever and in the future will be looked upon as such.

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  9. Kooter says:

    Squire, where are we at with the lawsuit? Damn, the courts move slowly!

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    • Kevin S Wymore says:

      Yes, Lordship Blaska. Skip the pronouns, be inclusive on the lawsuit information re: defined, and unconstitutional majorities of POC.


  10. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I knew the Rubicon had been crossed when The New Yorker started using “preferred” pronouns instead of he or she to refer to a single person, they or them or their to refer to more than one–a grammar rule most of us learned too long ago to remember when. Not only do readers get to see plural pronouns used to refer to singular antecedents, we’re also treated to grammatical abominations like “theirself.” I wonder what Dorothy Parker, one of the NYer’s most celebrated writers and famous wit, would have to say on the subject. Once again the Left succeeds in degrading whatever it touches.

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  11. georgessson says:

    Great catch, your Lordship, as per usual. You excavated some dross that will eventually be a true and very disconcerting issue. Yes, Sir, truly prescient.

    Been followin’ Jordan Peterson’s excellent confrontations w/ the non-Binary crowd, whereby he turns it around f-a-s-t RE: WE are the victims of this quasi legal nonsense. And youtube is chock full o’ parodies about “proper” (tho not yet demanded legally yet) pronouns for tools, etc. in the trades. Funny stuff!

    But even tho prepared in principal, who’da thunk it how ridiculous & banal the banter concerning this is. Worse yet, YOIKS, it’s the adjunct “Police Civilian Oversight Board”, NOT the actual council… Just wait ’til THAT bunch gets their jaws open wide enuff….

    Seems like Directive 10-289 is not that far in the future….

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  12. Scott F says:

    Look! Over there! It’s the White Rabbit & The Mad Hatter!


  13. US930894 says:

    Mr. Gotchberg has been missing lately. Does anyone know if he is okay.


  14. A Party of One says:

    City of Madison poll workers training is chock full of political correctness:
    (start at 35:59 with pronoun discussion beginning at 42:35.)
    In spite of this, I encourage all conservatives to work at the polls.


    • Don't Ask Me says:

      I noticed a fair number of election workers who didn’t go along with the nonsense. Bully for them.


  15. Bill says:

    Somehow something went wrong with my last post.

    Here it is again.

    For those who are confused about their gender I have a perfect gender pronoun for them.

    You can say He.

    You can say She.

    You can say It.


    You could combine the three to form the word HESHIT! Which would be the male version.


    You could combine the three to form the word SHEIT. Which would be the female version.


    You could combine the three to form the word ITSHE. Which would be a gender non-binary version.

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