Venezuela? Hugo Chavez? Really?

Sell stupid someplace else!

When Dominion voting machines sued on-again, off-again Trump lawyer Sidney Powell for defamation, our social media acquaintances celebrated. Now she can prove the presidential election was stolen, thanks to the legal discovery process! they chortled.

rabbit hatMs. Powell claimed Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems were jiggered by the commies in Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela, Cuba, and “likely” China to to rig the election against Donald Trump. Her “Kraken” lawsuits were laughed out of every court but she shared them with the outgoing President at the White House on December 18, four days after the Electoral College voted. On January 3, three days before the assault on the Capitol, Trump retweeted Powell’s claim that “this ‘election’ was stolen from the voters in a massive fraud.”

Now, faced with defending her defamation, “the Kraken is back-trackin’,”  The Dispatch reports.

Seeking to dismiss Dominion’s lawsuit, the pro-Trump lawyer and her legal team filed a motion on Monday 03-22-21 arguing that
no reasonable person would conclude that [Powell’s] statements were truly statements of fact.’

The damage done

Some of this blogges loyal crash-test volunteers wonder why the Squire expends so many pixels on dispelling Republicans’ own “Lost Cause” narrative. We’ll let The Dispatch explain:

Powell’s efforts to undermine the results of a legitimate election have caused damage that extends far beyond the $1.3 billion price tag placed on it by Dominion. The same can be said about Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, both of whom are also currently being sued by Dominion, as well as Fox News itself, which is currently being sued by Smartmatic.

For two months, they pushed evidence-free claims that the election was stolen from Trump, eroding trust in the very foundations of American democracy and misleading millions of voters.  The violent consequence of this misinformation campaign was the Capitol riot of January 6, and its impact on institutions and how voters perceive election integrity will continue to be felt regardless of the result of the lawsuits.

Songs bad losers sing

Folks, 65% of Republicans in an Associated Press poll last month said they believe Joe Biden was “not legitimately elected” to the presidency.

We lost two incumbent Senators in the state of Georgia because of voter suppression — BY OUR OWN SIDE! WI State Senate candidate John Jagler fears the same voter disillusionment in the April 6 special election. 

No question, on-the-fly absentee voting rules, “democracy in the park,” ballot harvesting et cetera must stop. But there’s little evidence that real voters were not casting real ballots. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineThe size of the campaign rally crowd, number of counties won, Joe Biden’s encroaching senility, the stupidity of the Democrat(ic) Left are empty straws.  Life ain’t fair, sometimes the wrong guy wins. Trump is to blame for his own defeat, not magic beans. Now let’s move on, dammit.

Are you a ‘reasonable person’?

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3 Responses to Venezuela? Hugo Chavez? Really?

  1. sentient7 says:

    Victory! Winner. Take-no-prisoners approach powers Blaska into the winner’s circle after his battle with Straw-men and Straw-women. QED. End of GAME. GOAT. Logic sustained.

    No election questions remain. None. Not in any state. It is legit. Look, it even says Rolex, so you know it is certified accurate. Among others, Facebook’s footsoldier in Green Bay affected nothing. McIver Institute and Matt Kittle have been crushed.

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  2. Liberty says:

    “Now let’s move on, dammit.”

    Sure, I’ve moved on. You brought it up. : )

    I like to think I’m a reasonable person. Not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch. Still, there are too many questions left that aren’t being answered to the people’s satisfaction.

    Just because the ruling class (made of actual humans) says there wasn’t any foul doesn’t make it so. Been reading about people being arrested for election fraud from 2016 just now. What will we find from 2020?

    To those who think they’ve won with Joe Biden, what have you won? What has he accomplished in nearly two months?

    For starters, our borders are a mess. Thousands arriving every day, children alone, kids still in cages, human & drug trafficking. Have Biden & Harris even been to the border yet? His answer is to invest millions in hotel rooms for illegal immigrants while our own citizens live in the streets. Immigrants with COVID are released while our own people are being arrested for “defying” archaic orders and trying to make a living.

    But hey, no more mean Tweets, right?

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  3. jimydandy says:

    Jagler inspires me as much as watching paint dry. You need to earn my vote.

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