Give up your privilege, affluent White people

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Although he has suspended his campaign, David Hoffert remains on the ballot for Common Council in Madison WI’s near westside Monroe-Dudgeon neighborhood. As a candidate, he was challenging incumbent Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane) for social justice bragging rights. Quitting the race for an unspecified family medical occurrence has not stopped young Mr. Hoffert, Stanford University graduate and now a technical trainer at Epic Systems, from preaching progressivism — or the Werkes from begging to differ.

Give it up!

Mr. Hoffert is something of a Woke guilt whisperer. He publishes a series of Zen-like progressive koans on his campaign’s social-media site under the heading “True Progressive Leadership.” Did you know that:

Affordable housing is affordable housing.
Affordable senior housing is a racist dog whistle.

(To which we say, those who can hear dog whistles have fleas.) His slur on the elderly is True Progressive Leadership idiocy #33. True Progressive Leadership #32 says tax my rolling wreck so someone else can ride city buses free. Homelessness (#31) is the failure of society, not the homeless person. Number #30 on the hit parade is:

Evaluate literally every policy decision through the lens of racial equity. Every. Single. One.

Hoffert may not realize it but #30 is already official policy here in the Emerald City at the school, city, and county level. But Hoffert has outdone Kamala herself with his latest incantation:

How does that work?

How does one give up one’s “affluent White privilege?”

  • Drop more dimes into the reparations collections basket?
  • Base the tax code on race, not income?
  • Steal a car, F-bomb the boss, shut down a street?
  • More time in the tanning booth?
  • Vote for David Hoffert?

We asked, but one of his apologists (a Stefan Davis by name) advocated our question go unanswered because:

This is a bad faith question from someone who is not interested in civil discourse. He is only interested in slowing down progress and maintaining the status quo of White supremacy.

(His “civil discourse” being to play the race card. But if this is “slowing down progress” we’re all for triggering the collision air bags.) So we turn to the Blaska Policy Werkes peanut gallery and crash-test volunteers for answers. How might one — say young David Hoffert himself — give up some of his White privilege?

Dribs or drabs at first or give up the whole enchilada in one fell swoop? Does he get a receipt? Is it tax deductible? Be creative! No idea is too stupid (extra points), self-destructive, or confiscatory.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: You first, Hoffert. I’m still waiting for mine.

How would YOU scrub Dave Hoffert’s White privilege?

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25 Responses to Give up your privilege, affluent White people

  1. AdamC says:

    Just about every homeowner in Monroe-Dudgeon is a wealthy white liberal. If they really believed the neo-Marxist B.S. they spew and vote for they would put their money where their big fat mouths are and–

    1. En masse, vacate the “stolen land” they live on
    2. Leave every item in their lovingly-restored Near West Side Craftsman home
    3. Fully stock the fridge and freezer, and pay the utility and property tax bills out at least 10 years in advance
    4. Leave the vehicle in the garage with the keys
    5. Place the deed on the front door along with the house keys and a sign saying Persons of Colour are welcome to assume full ownership thereof
    6. Get to steppin’. Relocate to a hard labor camp on a reservation somewhere or in a blighted urban area, working 13 hour days for no wages other than scraps, for the balance of their natural lives preferably at the beck and call of especially resentful bosses of colour.

    Until they fulfill all of the above to-do list they are no different than bloodthirsty land thieves and vicious Klan members.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      A very good start on our journey to “equity”, I especially appreciate :
      Item (1) We now know that the land belongs to the African people, who discovered and colonized it 500 million years ago.
      Item (4) Failure to leave a vehicle unlocked, and removing the keys is a “hate crime”, and should be a prosecutable offense. Free access to transportation is a basic human right, and shall not be denied.
      It should be illegal for White people to look at “people of color”. Closed circuit cameras must be removed , and all eyes averted at once. It is none of your “white ass” business “what they be doin'”. Looking at someone of another race is Racial Profiling at its WORST!!!
      There are reports of white women adopting what are traditional African hair styles, and being called to account for it. And yet, television programs, like Discovery Channel’s “Naked And Afraid” are allowed to continue. White people, totally naked, surviving in jungles or savannas, eating squirming local delicacies, is CULTURAL APPROPRIATION – (IN ALL CAPS!!!)
      I could go on and on. We have so much work to do before we will be worthy. (if we ever will)

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      • AdamC says:

        The work is never done.

        White people are not trying hard enough and need to say the right sequence of words, and do as commanded, in order to ease the pain they inflict on Black and brown bodies daily, by just breathing and taking up space.

        N.b. Asians are now white people too.

        Home security is white supremacy. Your Nest device is a tool of brutal oppression.

        Pippi Longstocking has criminally appropriated the cornrow hair style. All profits, copyrights and existing copies of any published works featuring her belong to Black community groups, plus interest.

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    • Ed says:

      I could not have articulated better, Adam.



  2. tartanmarine says:

    He should move into affordable housing in a minority area and turn his house over to undocumented immigrants


  3. Chuck Johnson says:

    Get a load of this– Some Facebooker called “Sankofa Elu” has this to say about Brenda Konkel. Brenda Konkel!

    “Brenda , is not for the people. She like many other are for white people, and white supremacy. She fights to consistently uphold racist policies and procedures and to oppress black and brown people in our community. …Many people that post daily about their desire for equity for black and brown folks will not give up their privilege for black and brown folks to be able to access equity. In fact, when they do white folks like Brenda K try to use every fighting bit of their energy to keep them oppressed. This is why Wisconsin has the worst disparities in the country, because many white liberals who say they want to see black people win and access equity really don’t. In fact like Brenda, they will smile in your face and at the first opportunity stab you in the back. When it’s said and done, when ever their privilege is at risk, they double down on oppressive values and policies .
    Her attempt to discredit the HSC board and to discredit me as a person and my agencies work is egregiously racist! This woman does not know me or anything about my organization. What she does know is that she sat on the HSC board for years and all the communities money went to white folks and their organizations including hers and her friends. Now that black people want to serve , and are advocating for their own people who are 75% of the homeless population she is posting flamatory derogatory commentary. This is the SAME way trump handled things. Racism is pervasive and it is a psychological disorder that deserves to be in the DSM-V. I am going to continue to fight to lift oppression from marginalized folks even when the Karen’s and the Becki’s , now Brenda’s of the world try to double down on their tactics.”



    • AdamC says:

      Good grief this city is such a den of vipers.

      Brenda is certainly not perfect but saying she is basically Trump is one of the crazier things I’ve heard in Madison — and that’s saying something.

      “Brenda Trump” — has a nice ring to it, LOL!

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    • georgessson says:

      The Chuckster: Great catch, and I look FWD to explorin’ that FB page (If only to determine the sex -or preferred pronoun). Plus, explorin’ further “the Becki’s”, whomever they turn out to be. As Dave Barry said, “Ya can’t make this stuff up!”.


    • Bill says:

      Wow is right.

      If Brenda is a racist then what does that make Satya and good ole Max and others of their ilk in city government? Is EVERY white person now bad? For gosh sake, some of my neighbors work for the city of Madison and are white and are very, very liberal. They vote in lock step with the party line and think of me as a degenerate when I vote for someone who is more conservative. Are they now going to be persona non grata because they are white?


      • Batman says:

        You are not a degenerate as evidenced by your writing, work ethic, and perspective on life. More like salt-of-the-earth IMHO.
        You are however forever guilty (andmustpay) due to the inescapable sin of a dearth of melanin.

        You can always blame your parents for irresponsibly reproducing and thereby adding to the number of inherently evil white people.
        It is an increasingly popular method of off-loading guilt but does not do a whole lot for your parents.


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        • Bill says:

          Thanks Batman, you must be a hardworking salt of the earth kind of person as well.

          Yup, didn’t get asked what skin color I wanted to be born with before I was born. Just got the white parents I have without even being able to ask for a different lot in life.

          I do have to say that I really like your slogan that #onlyweakmindsarewoke.

          I think I should have that slogan printed on a T-shirt and walk down State Street wearing it. Might be really interesting to see just how open minded the Liberal Progressives are in this town.

          How far do you think I would get?


        • tartanmarine says:

          Probably as far as the cemetery of your choice. the woke left talks peace and tolerance, but they are violent brown shirts.


      • Batman says:

        Madison groveling mayor Satya’ gums are always flapping, when not scarfing down Little Debbie snack cakes, about diversity, equity, reparations, victimology, etc. and yet she took a raise that now elevates her salary higher than governor pencil neck.
        The Big Boss took a raise after ordering police to stand down thereby allowing State Street to burn along with *many minority owned businesses* and has not done a damn thing about it still.

        The chutzpah of this over-privileged phony white woman is off the charts remarkable especially during covid-lockdown where she and her cohorts have not missed a single paycheck while so many others struggle and suffer.
        The Mayor needs to donate her undeserved raise or give it back to taxpayers as an act of contrition for allowing a Gem of Madison to be destroyed and not swiftly moving to rebuild.
        A dramatic cut in pay for her and other bureaucrats would signal genuine compassion for Madisonians instead of meaningless platitudes that reek of BS.


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    • madisonexpat says:



  4. Dejohnaise says:

    If I told you I’m a total racist and always have been, do I still have to give up my privilege? Asking for a friend.

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  5. Normwegian says:

    I’m trying to be less white, gave up lutefisk for Lent.

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  6. Ed says:

    I went to the guy’s website. He is loon. Makes Soglin look like Goldwater.

    He reeks the white privilege he abhors (e.g. Winga School, Park Hills, a day school) and how statistical bad Wisconsin is for black people. Can’t be that bad, if they come here and stay. How awful that Madison is becoming wealthy. What wrong with that. Do you want to become East St. Louis, or Gary, Indiana?

    For a guy who is against white “what ever that is” privilege, I didn’t see any non white people on his site.

    At least he is for affordable housing in the wealthier neighborhoods. That would be interesting to see how that would turn out.


  7. Bill says:

    Oh, and just wait. The best part of David Hoffert’s white privilege can be noted in the house he lives in. That is, if the address he lists in his web site,, is the address he lives in. According to,, David lives in a house that if sold today would be listed at $799,600 dollars! Yikes! He paid something like $479,900 for the 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom 3,900 square foot house back in 2015 but he does NOT have ANY white PRIVILEGE!

    And hey, must be nice working for Epic where most of your fellow co-workers are WHITE!

    While I’m sure he will be enjoying his day off today, I must end this screed as I have to get my white bread off to work at 6:07 am on a Sunday morning. Must not be late, punch in time is 7 am.

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  8. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I’ll be happy to haul my white privilege over to the nearest collection point, if somebody will just tell me where they are. Surely Madison has plenty of these. They are likely under the control of the city recycling department.


  9. Bill says:

    Oh, and here is more about David Hoffert.
    According to his Linked in page,, he graduated from Stanford University with a Masters degree. And what is the cost of a Masters degree from Stanford? About $100,000 per year according to Stanford.

    His house that he and his wife paid $479,000 for back in 2015 costs them around $2,200 a month in mortgage payments. In addition his property tax is just under $14,000 per year so he is paying over a $1,000 per month in taxes so he is probably paying out at least $3,500 per month in mortgage and insurance payments. That does not even include the money it costs to heat and cool the place or to keep the lights on.

    And talk about privilege. He lives in a 4,000 square foot house that he shares with his wife and one child.

    And yet, at the same time this guy who is a woke Rich white bread himself has the audacity to tell other white people that they must give up their white privilege by saying in part that: “If affluent white residents aren’t willing to give up any of their privilege, we will never achieve racial equity.
    Stand firm on opportunities for redistribution.”

    So I’m going to say this directly to David Hoffert. Leadership is by example, you first. Give up your high paying job, sell your house and give whatever profit you made on it to the poor and then we’ll talk.

    Otherwise, sit and spin.

    I did not get up and go to work for 5 hours on a Sunday morning to be lectured by a nit wit like you.

    Courtesy of Batman, my new favorite slogan: #onlyweakmindsarewoke

    And David Hoffert, if the shoe fits.

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  10. White Hills says:

    Woke = believe us, but don’t take us seriously

    We have yet to see any serious affordable housing initiatives in Nakoma or Dungeon Monroe. Great places for any new proposed homeless shelters.

    I have faith in Brandi Grayson. She’ll be the one to reliably blow-up all this purity spiraling nonsense because she doesn’t get the joke. She believes it.


    • AdamC says:

      These folks went into hysteria approaching complete meltdown because of a small private high school wanting a few strategically placed lights on their athletic field.

      They screamed “no new stadium!” as if the school was building Lambeau Field instead of adding a few bleachers, a concession stand, and some lights.

      If Madison built a few 100-unit homeless apartments in that neighborhood the hospitals would be overrun with residents stroking out. And the State would have to build a new addition to the Mendota mental institute.

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  11. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Re: the NIMBY syndrome, I recall that once a Madison developer floated the concept of subsidized housing on the site of the old Pyare Square building on University Avenue. But alas, it was not to be, because the Sons and Daughters of Privilege from Shorewood went into overdrive to stop the plan.

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