Brandi Grayson goes Native (American)

Makes ‘F Troop’ look like a Rick Burns documentary

The received progressive wisdom (pardon the contradiction) is that racial minorities can’t be racists because they are not in a position of power. Except that, more and more, they ARE in power (Read Vernon Jordan’s obituary. Barack Obama, anyone?). As for the first assertion, we present for your consideration: Brandi Grayson.

Grayson is what the publication Madison365 chastely describes as a “longtime community activist and leader.” The lady first made her mark by shutting down Madison streets during rush hour to (somehow) prove her contention that Madison law enforcement is institutionally racist. (SNARK ALERT: What isn’t?) Yet, she was never arrested for her urban terrorism, disproving her theory. If you thought race could not be more trivialized, read on!

Princess Summerfallwinterspring

We had a little-boy crush on Howdy Doody’s Princess Summerfallwinterspring before we realized how politically incorrect we were. Actual Mongolia postage stamp, 1999.

Grayson is running for alder against Common Council President Sheri Carter, who is also Black — but not angry enough. Ald. Carter is not a Black supremacist. Brandi Grayson is.

And a real kook! QAnon has nothing on this bully with a bullhorn.

Q. Who are America’s indigenous people? Who are the western hemisphere’s Native Americans? 

A. Black folk, according to Brandi Grayson. For serious!

Q. Who built the mounds of Cahokia east of present-day St. Louis?

A. Grayson misinforms: “It was Blk natives.”

‘Black people are the original inhabitants of the land known as America.’ — Brandi Grayson, candidate for Madison Common Council, District 14.

They came here 50,000 to 100,000 years ago, Grayson says, not in 1619! 

We get this from Madison365, which reports the race beat more closely than Hoard’s Dairyman covers lactation. The publication reports that when her erasure of Native American history drew objections, Grayson made a Facebook Live video expressing the problematic nature of white “allies” policing the speech of Black and Brown people. (That video has been scrubbed, apparently, or we would present it to you.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: In other words, if you’re White, you’re not right. Madison progs are frequent passengers on the guilt trip, which is why they grovel in the gravel when lectured by People of Color. Just ask Denise DeMarb. (“Apologize, White liberal!“) Or Dr. Seuss.

How crazy does one need be to get elected in Madison WI?

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18 Responses to Brandi Grayson goes Native (American)

  1. J Francis says:

    Brandi works out at the same place I do, I have personally teamed up with her for some workouts, when that was allowed. The place is 98% (too, by Madison standards) white, wonder if she hates me under her breath?


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Minister Farrakhan (Salaam and grease be upon his hair.) will back up Brandi saying whites are devils and Jews are dirty. Blacks however are from The Mother Ship.

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  3. George A Parrino says:

    Say what? Everyone knows blacks weren’t brought here till whites stole enough land to have the stolen black lives work on it to produce a profit for their owners.

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    • madisonexpat says:

      As for your first assertion; if you possess and enjoy what you believe to be stolen property what does that make you and what are you gonna do about it George? Put up or shut up.
      Actually no one knows your second assertion. Every slave that was was procured on the Slave Coast was purchased form African brokers. Very lucrative for the chiefs of Benin etc.


      • George A Parrino says:

        So you’d be fine as long as it was a white who kidnapped you and sold you into slavery?


        • Liberty says:

          “So you’d be fine as long as it was a white who kidnapped you and sold you into slavery?”

          That’s not what he’s saying. That’s YOUR interpretation and YOUR projections. Stop looking for racism around every corner.

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        • georgessson says:

          Geez Geech P! Just what have ya got against real facts, continuity and clear-thinking? You’re giving me a mental wedgie…

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        • Balboa says:

          M-O-O-N that spells Race Huckster!


        • White Hills says:

          Your mind has been kidnapped and cheaply sold into slavery.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    When exactly did the term “activist” replace “unemployed”?

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  5. White Hills says:

    Wow. Lol. Madison politics has outdone itself again. For some lolz, read this Madison reddit thread about Brandi’s conspiratorial belief system. All kinds of mental gymnastics going on. For reference, Madison reddit is hard left, they delete any comments/posts right of UW Humanities Dept typical fare.

    That’s Jerry Springer level discourse right there.

    Brandi is probably going to win the city council seat. This is so outrageous I’m surprised the prestige media hasn’t picked it up. It’s right up their alley. It should be national news.

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    • Batman says:

      God Almighty; I hope the miserable wench wins in a landslide because Madison isn’t woke enough. I mean not really. Madisonians like to pretend they are but they’re not and Grayson is the right person to will bring it home.

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      • White Hills says:

        I’m def rooting for that lunatic. Madison needs to eat its cake.


        • Liberty says:

          White Hills,

          Don’t put all of us in Madison in the same category.

          Not sure where you live, but wokeness is not restricted to Madison. It’s growing and spreading. I wouldn’t get too complacent.

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    • georgessson says:

      Thanks, White Hills ! I DID read the Reddit -Was happily surprised at the folks who couldn’t/wouldn’t be fooled.


    • White Hills says:

      Lol. This stuff writes itself! These people take themselves so seriously. Lol


      Its a non-stop melodrama at UW Humanities Dept. Lol, I really cant stop laughing


  6. White Hills says:

    “Brandi Grayson’s campaign, Critical race theory explained”


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