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Brandi Grayson challenging Council President Sheri Carter

Progressive Dane is flooding the zone with candidates Its official. Brandi Grayson is running against  Common Council President Sheri Carter on Madison’s South side District 14. She has filed as Brandi Grayson-Tuck but it’s the same woman with the bullying … Continue reading

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Cab, please!

Sitting for his portrait, King George III asked what would George Washington do after winning independence. Would he make himself king? The American painter reported that Washington was returning to his farm. “If he does that,” the incredulous monarch said, “he … Continue reading

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Madison police did not kill Anisa

Paint that mural on your busted-out storefront plywood! Credit where it is due. Brandi Grayson and a smattering of other BLM activists have stepped up to comment on the tragedy of Anisa Marie Scott’s death. (As a follow-up to “Why … Continue reading

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Why is BLM silent about the girl shot to death at age 11?

The ‘Don’t talk to cops’ people aren’t talking. No peace, no justice for Anisa Maria Scott. They pulled the plug at 11:11 a.m. today 08-13-2020 on an 11-year-old girl shot in the head in one of those car-to-car shootouts becoming … Continue reading

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Madison moves step closer to abolishing police

It’s on the agenda! We see that the boy mayor of Minneapolis has been booed off the stage. Jacob Frey was elected two years ago on promises to fix the police. That was so two years ago. Not Good Enough Any … Continue reading

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Hugs for bullets — the ‘alleviating poverty’ scam 

If anything illustrates the scented candles and unicorn nature of our liberal-progressive-socialist adversaries it is Mexico’s Leftist governor. Andrés Manuel López Obrador ran on a platform  of more financial aid for students, doubling the minimum wage, bigger pensions, ending the … Continue reading

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