Mayor Satya twerks for social justice!

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Racial justice demands its human sacrifices!

On occasion, Blaska Policy Werkes attempts to be fair. Mind you, we do do so only under medical supervision and with a close friend nearby.

We were pleased to see the Wisconsin State Journal (our favorite Madison WI morning daily) report that Mayor Satya raised the specter of a hate crime even though police had briefed her on the extenuating circumstances of an ostensible hit and run last June. (“Despite conflicting information, Madison mayor was quick to fuel hate crime allegation.”)  

The facts as they appear to be are that a White, blue collar worker was serving as the designated driver for three companions at bar time when he encountered a crowd of young Black people at the intersection of University Avenue and Frances Street. They were milling about in the middle of the street, as they have been — to the distress of motorists and police — after taverns close. The driver asked and was told he could proceed. Instead, a female twerked in front of his pickup truck while others danced on the bed of the truck. Someone reached through his open window and punched the driver. A passenger saw something and shouted “Gun!” 

The driver gunned his vehicle and struck a young Black woman. Fearing for his safety, the driver did not return to the scene of the accident but reported the incident the next day.

D.A. Ozanne

Mayor Satya was apprised of these facts. In her defense (we’re gritting our teeth and being fair now!) The mayor of Madison issued this statement the next day: “I fully support hate crime charges when they are warranted. My thoughts are with the victim and their family, as well as my wishes for a speedy recovery.”

No doubt Mayor Satya was trying to placate her “woke” base while signaling her skepticism with the words “when warranted,” but silence would have served the community better. Stoking racial discord is Bull Connor-level arson.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The real question is why is the district attorney prosecuting? On a felony, no less?! Don’t worry, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances, Ismael Ozanne is unopposed on the November 3 ballot! Must placate the mob.

What do YOU think?

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4 Responses to Mayor Satya twerks for social justice!

  1. CauCaseyAnn says:

    Ozanne running unopposed = when good men do nothing.

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  2. Liberty says:

    At the very least, the mayor is intellectually dishonest. Remember when she played both sides with that secret “thank you” video to MPD then apologized to her base when they found out? To me, that signals someone who is either knowingly devious or deeply insecure, or maybe both.

    She has zero leadership skills and certainly does not work or speak for me. She’s running Madison into the ground.

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  3. almostarepublican says:

    Satya got elected because of her social justice platform, so of course she is going to support the protesters. She has shown her true colors time and time again.


  4. Gg Mo says:

    “What do YOU think ? ” Speechless, and aghast.


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