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Mayor Satya twerks for social justice!

[Mental image redacted by Silicon Valley] Racial justice demands its human sacrifices! On occasion, Blaska Policy Werkes attempts to be fair. Mind you, we do do so only under medical supervision and with a close friend nearby. We were pleased … Continue reading

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Take your ethics and …

We’ll just skip the lecture, thank you. Careful readers will notice that the denizens of the Werkes and its associated industries — lettered, unlettered, and indentured — are resolutely unprogressive. Even deplorable! Many reasons (freedom being one) but mainly, we … Continue reading

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Liberal mom hates school vouchers, wants to use them, feels guilty

Ask a guilty liberal advice columnist The Policy Werkes subscribes to the New York Times and other liberal-progressive-socialist agitprop on the principle that forewarned is forearmed. Plus, we enjoy a good laugh at other people’s expense. A column in the … Continue reading

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