Liberal mom hates school vouchers, wants to use them, feels guilty

Ask a guilty liberal advice columnist

The Policy Werkes subscribes to the New York Times and other liberal-progressive-socialist agitprop on the principle that forewarned is forearmed. Plus, we enjoy a good laugh at other people’s expense.

Karl Marx

A column in the Sunday Times magazine rarely disappoints. It’s called “The Ethicist.” Guilty white liberals write to the Ethicist, all tied up in knots of their own knitting. They are conflicted about just about everything. Some of them can’t take a dump without worrying about the effect on the ivory trade in Rwanda, seemingly.

But Sunday’s (04-15-18) Ethicist was especially rewarding: “I disapprove of school vouchers, can I still apply for them?” 

Ha! Ha! It is to laugh. Mom writes that she sends her kid to a private school. Kid is doing well in the school. Mom doubts the quality of the public schools in her area. Her state provides vouchers for low-income families. (Might live in Wisconsin.) She qualifies. 

Problem is, “I believe free public education is an important aspect of our society. … Given my beliefs, may I apply for a school voucher?”

If Squire Blaska were answering, he would start out with “What is your major malfunction?!” (R.I.P. Gunny.)

But the Ethicist is made of more enriched material; he absolves Guilty Mom of her sin. “You’re not merely entitled to put [the kid’s] education first; you’re obliged to do so,” he pronounces, rather sensibly. But Mom doesn’t get off that easy. No, the liberal guilt is not assuaged, merely reassigned. Mom is given a liberal penance to perform:

You should take a closer look at your local public elementary school and not content yourself with the general skepticism you express … If it turns out that the private option isn’t obviously better, you can bring your beliefs as a citizen into a more natural alignment with your duties as a parent.

More Wife spankingIn other words, send the little brat to P.S. 192. There it ends. Notice anything missing, class? Yes, you with your hand up. (No, not you Baldy.) 

RIGHT!!! The Ethicist could have, should have detailed the obverse, which would go something like this: If it turns out you are correct about the poor quality of your local schools — odds are that you are correct — you can bring your beliefs into a more natural alignment with your duties as a parent by QUIT TRASHING VOUCHERS, you moron! Betsy DeVos Rules!

She supports public education — just not for her kid

A second liberal worrywart scratches the same rash.

My children are currently in private school … [but … but … but] … I’m a big supporter of public education, so I was already feeling guilty about my choice — and then the federal tax bill passed in December [allowing pretax deductions for 529 savings accounts for private education]. What should I do? … Take the deduction, figuring that as a New York City resident it will help offset the huge increase I expect to see in my taxes?”

Sorry, the indentured servants are still laughing at this writer’s self-imposed misery. She’s “a big supporter of public education” — just not with her kid. And she’s getting taxed to death because she lives in Mayor Carmine DePasto‘s town. It’s signed “Name Withheld.”

Michelle, is that you?

The Ethicist, good liberal-progressive-socialist that he is, advises Name Withheld to take the deduction and run but … but … but — the Penance: Name Withheld is sentenced to an indefinite term of liberal advocacy. She must lobby lawmakers to end those very same deductions. End the damnable incentives for competition in the education marketplace. Instead, encourage higher taxes in order to write bigger checks to the same, teachers-union dominated, government education monopoly. Doom those with no choice to the same misery. Nobody gets out of here alive!

Suspecting the Ethicist might be another James O’Keefe hoax, the Policy Werkes researched the named author, one Kwame Anthony Appiah. Wikipedia described the guy as a British-born Ghanaian-American philosopher, cultural theorist, and novelist. 

“Appiah argues that the formative denotation of culture is ultimately preceded by the efficacy of intellectual interchange.”

As Bill Cosby used to say on his comedy albums (all my cultural references are at least 30 years old and mostly un-PC): “Rii-iii-ight.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line — We’re still going with the James O’Keefe hoax theory.

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11 Responses to Liberal mom hates school vouchers, wants to use them, feels guilty

  1. Turd Feguson says:

    First Off this statement alone says it all.

    Problem is, “I believe free public education is an important aspect of our society. … Given my beliefs, may I apply for a school voucher?”

    Really if you rent or own a home you are paying Property Tax! So hw is it FREE public education.



  2. richard lesiak says:

    Pruitt just bought bullet-proof seat covers for his car with your tax money. Take the vouchers before he spends your taxes buying himself a Kevlar jock-strap.


  3. Turd Ferguson says:

    Go Pruitt go, needless to say his cuts at the EPA have easily paid for his very little spending.


  4. Turd Ferguson says:

    I am not here to enlighten you or cite the hundreds of industry killing regulations that were cut or suspended under Pruitt. Do your own homework. If regulations are cut or halted that amounts to a department cut in spending. If someone leaves their position that amounts to less spending and therefore a cut on the taxpayer.


  5. Turd Ferguson says:

    Also what does Pruitt have to do with this particular Blog entry?


    • richard lesiak says:

      Just filling in time till the story breaks about Vos being visited by the FBI. That bozo from Ohio already resigned and he was in Britain with Vos . I’m betting Vos will be “spending more time with the wife and kids” in the next 90 days. This blog is all BS anyway. Anyone with half a brain knows this NY Times column is like reading the Onion or watching the Springer show. Dear Marx; I love my girl-friend. Two nights ago she came home and gave me the crabs. She blamed it on walking past a bunch of hillbillies holding a trump rally. Since I have a glass eye and lost my penis in a fireworks accident; should I dump her? Signed confused in Adams County. Dear Confused; hang on to her. Anyone living in Adams and hasn’t blown up a building with their meth lab is a keeper.


  6. Tom Paine says:

    Cut to the chase. Makin’ simple for the commie/socialists.
    1. Burn the buried remains of the Confederates at Forest Hill and relocate the memorial stone to the middle of Lake Mendota.
    2. Burn all books in the Madison Public Library that were written by slave owners like Jefferson, Washington, Woodrow Wilson parents, etc. Den, burn all books by imperialists and colonizers, including Lincoln, whose war to conquer Dixie produced decades of wascism. For racial equity, burn 1/2 of the remaining books that were written by the “white-privileged” class. Yes, within a few years, we can attain equity.
    3. Golf is a wascist sport where people of color are under-represented.Tax all golfers $200/round to pay for more ‘equity for people of color.’ What to do wid the revenues? No worry. They’ll know what to do with it. Ten-fifty years from now, ‘Twill all be forgotten anyway.
    4. Outlaw the ownership/possession of all bovines, especially in the city; they create global warming via excessive flatulence. Tell wanna-be farms to milk fiberglass cows. They last longer and present a more aesthetic virtue signal to tourists from big cities who drive through the Valhalla of rural Dane.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Sooobier yup an poveread tom. I hate poepel who tri to be kute wth teir posts.


      • Tom Paine says:

        Of course you have a point. Style, above all. I forgot that lesson of the gangsta-rappers. Ow wascist of me. Analysis and fact-based discussion is pointless when addressing the liberal/socialist crowd. But join me at least in demanding all books written by slaveholders should be removed (if not burned) by the Madison Public Library. We need to take virtue signaling one step higher than merely removing an historic marker. We can begin the virtuous process tomorrow,. Meet me at the public self-flagellation post outside city hall.


  7. madisonexpat says:

    And talking about Pruitt and De Vos means we don’t have to see Comey strapping on his Acme rocket skates.
    Meep meep.


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