Got windows? BLM will see you soon.

When will Madison’s mayor demand National Guard protection?

Why isn’t Tony Evers in Kenosha today?

Madison’s State Street having been boarded up in the June riots, the smash and grabbers demolished Capitol Square Monday night. That left University Avenue last night (Tuesday 08-25/26-2020). At this rate, BLM/Antifa/ and the Bernie Sandernistas will have turn to Microsoft to find any windows to smash.

Or your neighborhood. There’s good reason the Republican national convention this week featured that St. Louis couple defending their home.

There may very well be no good reason for the police shooting (seven times!?) of Jacob Blake, a black man, but one injustice does not justify more injustice. Two men were shot to death overnight last night in Kenosha and another injured. If it was vigilante violence, it was only a matter of time. (Video here.) Entire blocks of the city, including a church. (Its “Black Lives Matter” sign still stands.)

May be the only windows left. Photo by Brian Schimming downtown Madison 08-26-2020

If we have learned anything this Summer Horribilis, it is that “mostly peaceful protests” start with inflammatory speeches followed by a loud and angry march in the middle of the street, during which sidewalk diners are harassed and F-bombed. As night falls, spray-painted obscenities, bricks thrown through windows,   dumpsters set afire and pushed down the street. A little looting and now some shooting. Daybreak brings more plywood, push brooms and shovels, and the ritual denunciation by social justice leaders while agitators “refuse to judge people’s anger.” Rinse & Repeat. What have we learned, class?

  • We have learned that protest chant must be turned on its head: If there is no peace, there is no justice. I.E., the hooligans thrive when police are at bay. 
  • Tear gas, rubber bullets, and armored vehicles may “militarize” the police but by gawd are they ever essential!
  • You do NOT negotiate with terrorists. You put boots on the ground and the smashers and grabbers in the paddy wagon. (Ooh, there’s a racist locution!)

Community control over the police? The “community” can’t even control itself. — We Stand With Madison Police.

There’s a leadership vacuum. Does anyone think Scott Walker would put up with this nonsense? Vicki McKenna reports that Gov. Evers refuses to indemnify other police agencies who might be deployed to Kenosha.

“When you refuse to assist law enforcement because you want to protect a political lie and let citizens fend for themselves amid widespread violence, his blood is on your hands,” Our Mizz Vicki says. (Blaska will share her microphone 4 p.m. today 08-26-2020.)

Gov. Evers, tepid?

You don’t say! “Wisconsin’s governor and lieutenant governor are holding the rhetorical matches,”  says Dan O’Donnell at the MacIver Institute.

At 10:35 pm on Sunday night, just … five minutes after a widely shared Facebook message indicated that rioting was to begin, Governor Tony Evers put out a statement preemptively justifying and all but encouraging the violence. …

“While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country.”

Evers didn’t say a single word about remaining peaceful.

The governor sent only 150 National Guardsmen to Kenosha when ten times that many were needed. Boots on the ground. The surge. Be as angry as you want but you will not burn this city.

A final thought: developer Brad Binkowski of Urban Interests has got to be wondering why he’s building in Downtown Madison. Even the windows on Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes state Capitol office were smashed. Which is why many business people are gearing up to clean house in next Spring’s aldermanic elections.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: You can be more BLM than Brandi Grayson; you still won’t be spared.

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15 Responses to Got windows? BLM will see you soon.

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    If the BLMing, …. Burning, Looting and Murdering, … can happen in Kenosha, it can happen in your town too, Toto.

    If Gov. Evers won’t protect his fellow Cheddarheads, from his Leftist Reign of Terror, War On Police and Civil War 2.0, We, the People, … i.e., regular, normal citizens will defend themselves, their property, their community and their families themselves.

    This is most certainly true.

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    • Batman says:

      That would be copacetic for the cowardly Evers and Satya because it would be *someone else* in the dustup. They obviously secretly or not so secretly agree with the violence as a response to the shooting that is not yet fully evaluated, but as many say, facts do not matter when blue shoots black but when black shoots blue it goes largely unreported and celebrated by a lot of proglibocrats.

      ~~~> INSURRECTION<~~~

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Evers is accepting federal help.


      • Liberty says:

        Don’t make Evers out to be some hero. Evers is FINALLY accepting federal help when he should have done it right away! Trump offered him help from the start, and when Evers finally accepted it, he only took a portion of what was offered. Now that people have died, Evers takes full help?

        People of Kenosha now see that Trump is behind them and Evers has failed them.


  2. Gary Kriewald says:

    By my calculations, every day of mayhem in Kenosha and Madison adds another point to Trump’s victory margin in WI come November. Keep it coming, BLM.


    • Liberty says:

      Former Democrats are coming out in droves to support Trump. Ultimately, safety & security is a top priority for most people (sane ones, at least) and they finally see that Dem politicians are either radicals themselves, sellouts, or cowards.

      My only concern is that innocent lives are harmed, including businesses that people worked their lives to build up.

      The Dems will try to make a statement condemning the violence because they see their poll numbers going down the toilet, but anyone with a brain sees through it.

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  3. Charlie says:

    For vigilantism to occur there must be some form of law in place to start. Ain’t no law in Deadwood…at least after sundown. Effete politician meet motivated well armed citizen.

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  4. The Neon Madman says:

    What is worse, we have to live with this blithering idiot as governor for another two and a half years. Anyone could have seen what was coming in Kenosha – that impotent fool should have had a thousand National Guard in place the first night, with checkpoints on the roads to stop cars with Illinois plates (or no plates).
    I don’t live in Madison, thank the gods, but have been there 5 times in the last month. Up here in Appleton, we have had protests, but no violence yet, probably due to a massive police presence at each and a slightly different attitude among the general citizenry.


  5. A Party of One says:

    Evers going to Kenosha? Just the thought of that makes him soil his pants.
    I don’t believe that I have ever seen a more pathetic politician in my life.

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  6. jimydandy says:

    Well with people like this, we will have the answers and peace when we’s open up and pays outs da reparations. The Madison YWCA has lost alls my seport.
    YWCA CEO Vanessa McDowell pointed to the gentrification happening in South Madison that she said is pushing people of color out of the city because they can no longer afford housing. She said investment should also take the form of reparations for Black people.


  7. Liberty says:

    This needs to be a wakeup call for patriots. WE allowed the stupidity and insanity to take hold. We, the silent majority sat back, content to let others speak up and push back against the radicalism. We surrendered and ran away, and allowed the inane with little to no pushback from us.

    This is on us, too.


  8. georgessson says:

    It is stupefying that these militant protesters don’t realize the monetary impact they have on the amount of reparations ultimately available for themselves. Local employment by folks who’ve been trashed goes down, as do payroll taxes, increased insurance rates by biz and repairs eliminate taxable profits, no sales tax on no sales -and the list goes on. If Madison & Dane County continue to lose tax revenue, that’s obviously less for them to be gifted eventually, if that is their goal. And more realistically, less dollars for all these “community alternatives” to a decently manned police force. I believe this ignorance of math and numbers, relative to social programs, is a direct result of MMSD’s ongoing dumbing down of the school system.


  9. Ted says:

    I think Evers and Barnes (and Satya among others) are behaving as motivated Marxists in power and not minding any torpedoes that may be in the water. More of us will probably be forced to decide between being victimized or being jailed for defending life and property because of them. Might as well get used to that idea.


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