Remember when Americans yearned to breathe free?

People, please! Have some self-respect!

You people who are wearing Covid-19 face masks outdoors, bathed in God’s golden sunshine, bicycling with the lane all to your lonesome, trucking down the sidewalk under a high sky and no one within 20 yards, you 20-something solitary joggers feeling the breeze wafting off Lake Monona … 


Angry face mask

Here’s my face mask!

Quit being such weenies! You look like IDIOTS! Don’t be so PARANOID! You are not going to die! You are watching too much CNN! The contrails from the F-15s buzzing Madison ain’t coronavirus dust! Does the farmer shear you for your wool every spring?

God help us, we’ve seen motorists on Madison’s Beltline in full face mask, windows rolled up. Be careful of such people, they vote Progressive. An Axios poll finds that 78% of Democrats say they wear a mask at all times compared to just 45% of Republicans.

So maybe Covid-19 masks are a political fashion statement. 

Lone walkerMask bicyclist

The political desk at the Werkes is no fan of Tony Evers. The man is weak-kneed. Can’t even defend the State Capitol from the marauders. But even Tony the toothless says only this:

“You need to wear a face covering whenever you are indoors or in an enclosed space, other than a private residence, and other people are present in the same room or space.  For example, you must wear a mask while you are shopping in a store or using a taxi.”

Is that so hard to understand? Some pretty intelligent people question the governor’s legal authority to issue such an edict (backed by a $200 fine). And/or question their efficacy. (Our Mizz Vicki demonstrates vaping through a face mask.) But we’ll play along. In a store or riding a taxi. (We pick our fights.)

But OUTDOORS! In the fresh air? (Air Quality Index this morning over Madison WI: Most Excellent!) This ain’t Mumbai or NYC after 9/11, people. Use some common sense.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Prize goes to the motorcyclist wearing a Covid-19 face mask. No helmet, but a face mask. Must have taken one too many tumbles.

When do YOU wear a mask, kemosabe?

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77 Responses to Remember when Americans yearned to breathe free?

  1. Get Kids Outside says:

    I asked a friend of mine about masking wearing on the bike path. She said it’s because they want to protect people from their germs should that cross paths with someone. I say that that is nuts. The risk is minimal.


  2. Robski says:

    I went with the neck gaiter instead. It’s more effective than the conventional surgical style masks and even modestly filters the air on low quality days. It’s no fun feeling like you smoked a pack of Kools on your bike ride home from work I say. Plus I can simply pull the thing up to ease the minds of the crackpots and germaphobes if I have to go somewhere. Then once outside the gaiter comes down immediately without having to detach a dumb mask and so on. I like the cool blue Lycra fabric and the cool ninja style with multi functions as a face/head covering. And you can mutter to your self and not draw attention and throw off unwanted acquaintances as it is an adequate disguise. Otherwise, wearing a mask everywhere is overkill. I saw a guy at Walmart East last week with an open fast food sandwich carton attached across his face! That was a Walmart moment to say the least. But yeah everything is out of balance in this country, I still abide by (some) of George Carlins philosophies on germs. The 3-5 second rule still applies, it’s how I rage against the machine.


  3. jimydandy says:


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