All the news that’s fit to spin

“Most Americans have lost confidence in the media to deliver the news objectively,” said the Knight Foundation chief program officer. “This is corrosive for our democracy.”

Half (49%) of all Americans think the media is very biased.
— an 08-04-2020 Knight Foundation/Gallup poll.

If the New York Times was any more “woke” it would crow like a rooster. The damn thing beats you over the head with its scolding progressivism like a Mt. Horeb guidance counsellor on a state legislator. All race, all COVID-19, Never Trump.

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Take last Sunday’s edition (as Henny Youngman used to say), please!

The Page One top-line headline uncovers another example of far-right extremism — in Germany. One of the “read-outs” on the bottom of the front page starts out: “As America confronts its racism …” No “alleged” for the Times! It’s FACT, not opinion!

Another [snotty quotes] “news” story unveils the racism “that lingers in medical schools.” (When the entirety of the U.S.A. is racist, in the NYTimes’ telling, why should doctor school be different?)

Look, Jane! Look! There’s a photograph of President Trump signing legislation surrounded by applauding witnesses of multiple races. Oh, smack! The deflating headline: “Law to reduce crack cocaine sentences no help for some inmates.” (Once again, the perfect is the enemy of the good — especially when it involves Donald Trump.)

⇒ It could very well be true that a government action does not help everyone; it is argumentative to say that any legislation can and tendentious to draw attention to the defect while downplaying the overwhelming benefit.

No sports, only social justice

The discombobulated gray lab coasts at the Werkes fled the news pages for the oasis of the sports pages. No use! Top line: a professional basketball player is quoted to say: “the better I got in sports, the worse the racism got.”

The Sunday Styles section ignored the world of decadent fashion to bash what it supposes to be white culture. “Rejecting Greek life, groups of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters work to kick their organizations off campus.” (Someone tell Madison’s inflammable prankster, Althea Bernstein.)

In desperation, the labcoats cast their microscopes on the Times’ Arts & Leisure section. Cover story demands that “the Reconciliation must be televised [to] tell the horror story of the system, draw straight lines from slavery to right now and demand the system be reformed.” (Colonel Kurtz, splashing water on his bald head: “The Horror!”)

Not to be outdone, its Sunday magazine quotes Ben & Jerry “on selling ice cream and social change.” Until the ice cream scolds …

“There wasn’t any other business talking about dismantling white supremacy.”

Never Trump infomercial

But the Times’ obsessive compulsive disorder reaches the clinical stage for a full, two-page spread bashing Trump with cutting-edge graphic artistry. Employing quick bites for the attention deficit (“Channel-surfing his way through the presidency.”) A variety of brief sidebars: “The Presidential Ego.” (It’s yuge!) “The president and the truth.” (Not very.) and “Things [John] Bolton claims people said to him.” (Never flattering.)

Of course, this unreported Biden political campaign contribution quotes (multiple times) disgraced former FBI director Jim Comey (still a hero on the Left). One of which equates the President with a Mafia boss. 

That does not even get us to the editorial page where even the token “conservatives” like Bret Stephens are Never Trump. (We do have some sympathy.) 

‘Fawning and feeble’

The distrust in the news media revealed by the public opinion poll with which we began this blogge “seems to shock many observers  in the media but I do not know why,” observes law professor Jonathan Turley.

“Many in the [news] media has spent years in openly shaping the news to resist Donald Trump — just as some in the conservative media have done so in his defense. The New York Times recently to apologize for publishing a dissenting view of the protests by the U.S. Senator.” 

Turley observes that “many news outlets seem to be actively working for the election of Joe Biden. This includes softball interviews that are so fawning and feeble that they are cringeworthy.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: At least no lies about the “peaceful protests” in Portland. This Sunday.

What local newscast, print source do YOU trust?

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10 Responses to All the news that’s fit to spin

  1. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Personally, I like the new political focus in all my sports. It used to be so boring, and uninteresting watching a baseball, football or basketball game without an in-your-face political message delivered at each game. Now, I don’t have to worry about missing out on the latest social justice issue. Just catch an NBA game! They even have rotating political messages on the uniforms, court floor and in the graphics. You’ve got TWO national anthems! You can show your hatred of the US by kneeling during the Francis Scott Key version. I’m not sure however what to do during the Black National Anthem. If I kneel for it, is that bad or good? Kneeling might still show solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, but if it’s the Black National Anthem, wouldn’t that be showing disrespect to the Black National Anthem? What if a white guy kneels for the BNA? That can’t be good. We need some guidance from Lebron James.

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  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Brudder Blaska,

    Maybe Bibi and Golda were both right, “ Before America can be “Made Great Again”,
    Lefties will have to learn to love their own country more than they hate President Trump.”

    As my old home boy, Martin Luther once said in his small catechism,
    “This is most certainly true.” Peace. Out.



  3. georgessson says:

    “Beats you over the head with its scolding progressivism like a Mt. Horeb guidance counselor on a state legislator”. Now that right there is a word-smith at his pinnacle. That l’il Looney Tunes protester from a mere hamlet epitomizes the ignorance and hypocrisy of lefties & Black Lives Matter. AND emphasizes the far reach of that rotting Grey Lady.

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  4. Liberty says:

    Liberal politics and the never-ending Trump negativity campaign is EVERYWHERE now and is almost impossible to escape, both online and off.

    I do think the more negative they go, the more people tune them out. People with good sense have got to be asking themselves if anyone (Trump) could really be that much of an ogre. When they understand that he’s not, then media loses any credibility it has left.

    The media doesn’t even try to hide its hate for Trump or the GOP anymore or pretend to be journalists. If you get a chance check out the last couple of the covers of Rolling Stone mag.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Hate for trump? The guy is a flaming idiot. How do you rationally report that? Mail-in -voting bad. Next day; mail -in-voting good. Drink bleach. On and on. It’s a head spinning crock of crap that needs a staff of 1000 to keep straight. Am I right?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Virulent RAYcist DementiaJoe answering the CBS News reporter Errol Barnett (who is reportedly black) question about whether Biden has taken an tests to measure his cognitive ability.:

        No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon man. That’s like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think huh? ARE YOU A JUNKIE?” (bolds/caps/italics mine)

        The rapidly-deteriorating-before-your-very-eyes DementiaJoe must have confused Barnett with his hooker-chasin’/knockin’-up-coke-addled-son Hunter, am I right?

        It gets worse.

        Now DementiaJoe isn’t going to show up in Milwaukee AND/b> wants to pull out of the debates.

        Probably nothing to it, right…..?

        The Gotch


  5. Gary Zibell says:

    Dave B
    I have read and enjoyed your blog for a few years. Always look forward to new posts throughout the day. Thanks for your hard work.

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  6. georgessson says:

    Dick, aka Richard, did’ja noticeUncle Joe steps on his… tie… once again today:

    “Yes, yes,” Biden responded. “And by the way, what you all know, but most people don’t know, unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

    Spoken like a true 77 yr’ old w/ dementia. I have no idea what he meant to say, but he sure didn’t mean to flip-off a bunch Black voters.

    At any rate, come November, I’m callin’ “No Contest”. Unless the Virgin Mary was Black and Joe gets her fer his VP choice…..


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