Andrew Cuomo vs Donald Trump?

Democrats want to beat Trump too badly to risk Joe Biden

If you predicted on New Year’s Day that a pandemic would shut down America and plunge the country into an economic recession then, as Sollozzo toasted: te salute, Don Corleone!

Who would have imagined that terrorists would fly passenger jets into office skyscrapers? That after Barack Obama mocked him at that White House correspondents dinner, that Donald Trump would get his revenge?

So it is small potatoes (as Hyman Roth would say) to think that Democrats will not nominate Joe Biden at their virtual reality convention held via Facebook Portal. Too old, too senile, part of the problem for 40 years.  Anita Hill, the Crime Bill, school busing etc. Topped off by his quid-pro-quo son Hunter’s multi-national corruption. More skeletons than a medieval Catholic ossuary.

It takes no great leap of the imagination, perhaps one small step for mankind, to imagine Democrats turning to Andrew Cuomo Governor of New York. Progressive. A manager. Great liberal genes. The Left loves his daily coronavirus briefings. Pro-abortion Catholic. He’s in his political prime at age 62. Can utter complete sentences. A gut puncher.

⇒ “The hashtag #PresidentCuomo … was trending on social media Saturday as the party’s voters continued to mull who should take on President Trump in November,” Fox News observed.

⇒ “Governor’s star status rises over coronavirus response,” the New York Post reports.

Etch a sketch

Shake that thang!

The Wuhan Woo Woo is the kind of disrupter that can completely rejigger the political landscape.

We tend to forget (if we ever knew) that, right after the last election, oddsmakers put Cuomo among the top 10 most likely Democrats to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.

For the record, Gov. Cuomo praised Trump’s response to the pandemic. 

“I want to thank the vice president — and especially the president — who facilitated this and moved quickly,” Cuomo said during a press conference on March 13.

What do you think?

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  1. dad29 says:

    Pro-abortion Catholic

    Fixed it for ya. He may have been baptized RC and he may carefully paste that label on his jacket, but he’s one woman past the adultery limit and several thousand souls into the Nero camp.

    Sure, we’re all sinners. So what?


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