Republicans are pro-education

Contrary to partisan Democrat(ic) claims

Statement of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:

Assembly Republicans are proud of our record on education. In the last four years, Republicans have increased state aid by 15%, increasing per student funding by nearly $1,000. We’ve also dedicated one out of every three new tax dollars collected by the state to public education in the last two budgets.

State Capitol

Governor Evers vetoed another middle class tax cut this week. The bill that passed with bipartisan support in the Assembly last week would have:

  • Reduced nearly $250 million in income taxes for middle and lower income levels by increasing the sliding scale standard deduction by 13.2% for each filer. This would have resulted in an average savings of $106 per filer.
  • Reduced personal property taxes for manufacturers.
  • Paid off $100 million in general obligation debt.
  • Add to the “rainy day” fund bringing the total to nearly $1 billion.

Governor Evers should have signed the bill that returns surplus dollars back to the taxpayers and pays down debt. Thanks to good budgeting and a growing economy, we have grown a sizable surplus and Wisconsin’s families should reap in our economic windfall. But for the second time this session, the governor is refusing to help middle and lower income taxpayers in Wisconsin and is intent on increasing government spending. …

The conservative budget that Governor Evers signed into law last year made the largest investment in K-12 schools in actual dollars and doubled the current funding for student mental health programs. Not one legislative Democrat voted for the budget that increased support for our schools.

The regular session of the state Assembly has concluded. We will likely return in May to attempt to override gubernatorial vetoes.

Racine Journal Times: Evers should have signed GOP tax cut plan, work on education funding next.

The New York Times reports: “This year, in a major shift, the leading Democratic candidates are backing away from charter schools, and siding with the teachers’ unions that oppose their expansion. And that has left some black and Latino families feeling betrayed. …”

Charter schools that serve mostly low-income children of color in large cities tend to excel academically. And bipartisan support in Washington has allowed charters to proliferate, with their waiting lists swelling into the hundreds of thousands. ​

Blaska’s Bottom LineLet’s face it: Democrats support teachers unions, not students.

What do YOU think?

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5 Responses to Republicans are pro-education

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hand and at whom it is aimed.” This insight from Josef Stalin could stand as the official motto of the MMSD. The weapon is leftist ideology and it’s aimed at every kid who walks through the doors of a Madison school (though sometimes the aim is shifted toward anyone who dares question the omnicsient, all-righteous, infinitely diverse panel of Inquisitors tasked with shaping our city’s young minds). And who can blame them? The complete takeover of America’s colleges and universities by fanatical leftist ideologues provides them with the perfect template for transforming the nation’s K-12 system.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “The weapon is leftist ideology and it’s aimed at every kid who walks through the doors of a Madison school”

      (in my best Samuel L. Jackson voice) “Gary, Gary, Gary; what awaits these brain-dead Lefties-in-Training once they leave HS unable to read, figure, reason, or think critically?”

      The 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality, MMSD, the CommonSenseLess Council, and the Dane County Board have been, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, inundated with hyper-partisan, myopically moronic Lefties.

      While the lack-of-results speak for themselves to anyone that can fog a mirror, this is fine for the Hempen Homespun crowd. They’re happy as widdle sustainably-raised, free range, fair trade, GREEN, organic, locally-sourced, humanely dispatched clams and get to crow-n-preen-n-thump their concave chests about how The Greater Good Is Being Recognized And Served by We Know What’s Best For You One Party Rule.

      (best not too bring up the State and the Country, who don’t/won’t buy into their wholesale bull$#!t.)

      Anywho, inside their redolent little patchouli oil palace, handlers pacify their glassy eyin’ lock-steppin’ unquestionin’ Cannon Fodder charges with real real nice visual baubles like BIKIE infrastructure, land-banking, public markets, edible landscapes, Trolleys, light rail Choo-Choos, Rapid Transit buses, RtD & Naked BIKIE rides, Sister Cities, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

      Bring up the Achievement Gap, some of the highest property taxes in the known Universe, ever-expanding homelessness, children that are either starving to death or too freakin’ fat (depending on the narrative-du-jour), classrooms ruled by thugs, teachers (the ones who haven’t quit) afraid to come to work, increasing gang activity and all the niceties that entails, and you get the Deer-In-The-Headlights 1000 yard stare.

      Newly minted/next generation imbecilic Lefties will just assume that clueless Crazy Guggenheim smirk and ask: “where’s my free $#!t?”

      And hypocrisy**? We don’t need no stinkin’ hypocrisy!!!!

      **Union Proud/Union Strong rallies with parking lots filled with non-Union made EcoBoxes,
      **slave labor assembled TREK BIKIES as far as the eye can see,
      **Green Space savin’ urban infill project meetings filled with weenie-whining NIMBY Lefties,
      **Diversity championin’ Equal Outcomes cheerin’ throngs slobbering inconsolably that the Shorewood Hills low income housing proposal and the Mt. Olive Church site for Madison Prep just weren’t a good fit for their neighborhoods.

      The burning question? Why hasn’t The Emerald City devolved into a 3rd World $#!THOLE like all the other excellent democrat experiments like Chicago, St. Louis, Benton Harbor, Detroit, Flint, LA, Newark, Freattle, San Fran$#!Tsco, Cleveland, Memphis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, NYC, etc….yet?

      The Gotch


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        In answer to your burning question: Because Madison is crammed with citizens employed by the city, state and the UW whose cushy positions never go away and whose salaries increase regularly. This cushion of disposable income allows them the luxury of, for instance, voting for liberal ideologues (like those that run the MMSD) whose disastrous policies come with a “feel-good” guarantee. It also provides the opportunity to experience the frisson of voting for an avowed socialist while enjoying all the benefits of a pampered, upper-middle-class existence that stem from participating in a capitalist economy.


        • Batman says:

          “Because Madison is crammed with citizens employed by the city, state and the UW whose cushy positions never go away and whose salaries increase regularly.”

          Shuffling papers is a vital part of the Madison economy.


  2. Balboa says:

    Should have just proposed to put that money to debt service until it is all gone, that is what fiscal conservative households do, we pay off Debt’s sooner rather than later. It is does not get headlines but would go along way to helping the state finances for when the next economic crisis hits the state.


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