‘Unlearning whiteness’ in the Madison schools

The school lesson plan is chaos

“[We] talk about race as if it was every race but whiteness. How can we support you, elevate your work around actually talking about white culture in our schools and how teachers can start doing this work of, like, unlearning whiteness.” 

  — Madison school board member Ananda Mirilli on the district’s Black Excellence Coalition, Madison Board of Education 1:58:52 into the meeting.

Don't arrest me

Once again, the Madison school board proved Monday (02-24-2020) that it cannot keep order at its own meetings. No wonder there is chaos in the classroom.

School board members had to huddle around president Gloria Reyes to be heard as the usual suspects stormed the stage of the Doyle administration building and chanted their slogans. “Don’t arrest us; arrest the police.” This being Madison’s public schools, the disrupters were not arrested. As for the police, it was a close vote.

At issue was a $35,000 appropriation to continue policing special events such as athletic contests and dances. It barely passed, 4 to 3 (Ali Muldrow, Ananda Mirilli, and Nicki Vander Meulen voting no). Roll the tape, Lester:

Did you say ‘basketball’ white man?

The school district security chief mentioned a basketball game between Madison Memorial and East high schools which drew a crowd of 1,200 students and adults. Now let’s pick up Ali Muldrow in action: 

“I heard you mention a basketball game, there’s already a racialized connotation, right? You didn’t say we needed to have an officer for a swim meet. You said we needed police for basketball.”

High school coordinator Mike Hernandez [corrected from earlier] responds, “You’re asking me if I am making a racial comment about basketball and swimming!?”

Muldrow objects, “No.” 

Hernandez retorts, “Yes [you did]. Swimming has 20 to 40 people; basketball was a sell out. It was a great game. It had nothing to do with black or white.”  Roll the tape, Lester:

Blaska’s Pop QuizWhy would anyone put up with that kind of abuse? Answer: Fewer are.

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19 Responses to ‘Unlearning whiteness’ in the Madison schools

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    BIG TIME shout out to the talented, and eternally patient, Mark Brown for enduring Ms. Muldrow’s neverending efforts to view EVERY LAST F*****G THING through a racial filter!

    Oy! It’s times like these that The Gotch channels his inner H. L. Mencken:

    ‘Every Normal (person) Must Be Tempted, At Times, To Spit On (their) Hands, Hoist The Black Flag, And Begin Slitting Throats.’

    And The Gotch can resist everything…but temptation!

    The Gotch

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg wrote, “…Ms. Muldrow’s neverending efforts to view EVERY LAST F*****G THING through a racial filter!”

      True racists see absolutely EVERYTHING through the eyes of a racist, they can’t help it.


  2. Paul Lawrence says:

    This is terrifically sad. Pathetic, really. Government officials cowering while doing their jobs, the People’s business, lest they offend the mob.

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    Totally racist. This is Black Privilege and thankfully only allowed in Progressive cities.
    Anyone want to unlearn (is that a word?) blackness?

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  4. George's Son says:

    Kudos to Dave for pinpointing the salient bits. @2nd VID…. Gotta love the pants hitchin’ goin’ on, it keeps gettin’ classier. @3rd, the “obvious” suddenly appears to be a racist motivated. As far as @#1, I have been righteously brought up short ! Dang it, never was 6 ft. to begin with… MMSD -Laughable? Try “scary”….

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  5. Sprocket says:

    “[We] talk about race as if it was every race but whiteness. How can we support you, elevate your work around actually talking about white culture in our schools and how teachers can start doing this work of, like, unlearning whiteness.”

    I do love me some wokeinista word salad. That said, I think I see what Ms. Mirilli is getting at, and I’ll give it a hard pass. What she’s saying is that since her culture is unable to figure out education, birth control, self sufficiency, and the norms of civilized behavior, white culture needs to be destroyed to level the playing field. I think I’ll stick with the culture that has a 60,000 year history of winning, thanks. Also, she may want to consider that we already did the racial identitarian thing once and it didn’t work out so well for her culture.

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    • Sproket wrote, “What she’s saying is that since her culture is unable to figure out education, birth control, self sufficiency, and the norms of civilized behavior, white culture needs to be destroyed to level the playing field.”

      The end of that sentence “white culture needs to be destroyed to level the playing field” is brilliant! I haven’t heard it put exactly that way before. Remember that old saying, “never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience” well that’s kinda what the anti-white culture it trying to do, drag stupid white people down to their level and beat them senseless with endless streams of ridiculous rhetoric this way they can increase their social justice army of fools and tools.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Allowing this kind of disruption of a public meeting is absolutely insane, (our Most Diverse MMSD board EVAH! huddling like frightened puppies) and calling it protected speech is a freakin’ bad joke.

    The everluvin’ kicker? The miscreant moronic mob that feel entitled to trample the conducting of the public’s business couldn’t spell cat if you spotted them the c and the a, let alone name one of the freedoms protected by the 1st Amendment.

    It gets worse.

    What if, by some sheer stroke of AA/getting kicked upstairs, they continue their indoctrication at University?

    (bolds/caps mine throughout)
    “It is almost unbelievable how ignorant and ill-educated America’s college students are. THEY ARE WELL BELOW AVERAGE IN EVERY MATERIAL WAY.

    “For all my life I have been an advocate for higher education, but I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that college is generally a mistake, as young people are mostly misinformed there, rather than educated.

    “There are a few technical fields–medicine, engineering, possibly law–where such education is actually useful. Otherwise, we and our young people would be better off if they eschewed institutions like Colgate in favor of trade and technical schools, or immediate entry into the labor market.


    The Gotch harbors no illusion whatsoever which demographic he’s referencing; do you…?

    The Gotch


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  8. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Lefty oughta check their own institutionalized White Guilt and Lefty Privilege at the door.

    Most regular, normal Americans don’t think any more about the color of one’s epidermis than the color of the carpeting on the floor. Rather than skin color, it should be about the skin thickness.

    D卐M☭CRATs feel everything is about race. It’s not. Most Americans care more about “the content of one’s character”. It is the godless, gutless Leftists who endlessly strive to make race, class and gender the only things that matter about every individual. That is the purest definition of hate, racism and bigotry there is. There are no individuals in DemonRatz dystopian dream world, …. only members of a perpetually-aggreived professional victim group.

    Holy Virtue-Signal, Batman! Proglibocratic Pharisees sure like to pose for holy pictures and pretend to occupy the moral high ground, … sacred ground on which they’ve never set foot.

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  9. The choices the Madison School Board have made in regards to meeting disruptions are enabling the overt racists to disrupt, I think this is intentional. The Madison School Board members that are showing tendencies towards racism and intentional preferential treatment towards students specifically due to their race should be recalled by their constituency. I don’t live in Madison, it’s up to Madison residents to fix this mess in the school board and the school system.

    The speed that I’m seeing Madison going into the abyss of absurdity I’m recommending everyone, black, white, brown, yellow, etc, to completely move out of the Madison school district or at least remove their children from Madison schools until they can physically move out of the district. Things are rapidly declining across Madison and it’s going to get far, far worse as the inmates run more of the asylum. My recommendation includes those that don’t have children in the schools, it’s simply time to get the hell out of Madison while the real estate market in Madison is still a sellers market.

    The shit is going to hit the fan in Madison before too long and no one will be immune. Good luck.


  10. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    One of the consequences of “unlearning whiteness” in the realm of higher education, which has been going on full steam for decades, is that it is now easier for a college student to enroll in a course in African folklore than in one that teaches the foundational texts of Western culture. Of course, the vast majority of said texts were written by white males, which means they’re automatically off-limits to impressionable young minds, thanks to the leftist hegemony that prevails in American’s colleges and universities. In their place, students are offered an array of courses in Grievance Studies, many of which are required in order to fulfill degree requirements. “Unlearning” is indeed the mot juste for such a process.


  11. George's Son says:

    “….. how teachers can start doing this work of, like, unlearning whiteness.”

    Whilst having been berated constantly by SJW’s to become “woke”, I can NOT wrap my head around THIS spectacular new concept. Guessin’ Burkas seem to be one option for white female teachers but what about the white male teachers. White hoods seem to be outta vogue these days.

    “Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die….” -And we better get that thru our raycist haids muy pronto!


  12. WOW, that comment that appears to be nixed from Jj Reed was some’em else.

    Why do infantile people get off writing sophomoric nonsense like that?


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  14. Patty Chapman says:

    Retired Madison teacher here. I can’t believe it has come down to this. I am a liberal but absolutely hate this “every white person is a racist” ideology. I see it more as a “religion.” White’s original sin was being born white and now they must confess. They have a very strict catechism that the faithful SJWs MUST believe OR THEY ARE CONSIDERED HERETICS and will be called out or cancelled. You can feel the religious fervor. It’s time for a separation of church and state. I pray for a secular public school system in Madison.

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