Voters may decide the next President!

Democrats may have to pick someone who possesses something called ‘electability.’

Today, (that once-in-a-lifetime palindrome: 02-02-2020) is one day
before the Iowa caucuses and two days after the
Great Partisan Impeachment Gamble crashed and burned.

Any Functioning adult

Seen in the Monroe-Dudgeon neighborhood on Madison’s west side

Now that Bernie Sanders is pulling neck and neck with Joe Biden to the head of the pack of an indeterminate gaggle of Democrat(ic) presidential wanna bees, “electability” is the vital issue, not full-on socialism. So says my old comrade, John Nichols. (Unlike most Marxists, John preaches confiscatory economic redistribution with a smile.) 

It was somewhat surprising that John’s column in the WI State Journal did not dwell on the previous week’s humiliation, the crash and burn of impeachment. Now the Left is moving on to electability. It’s all about electability because (although they won’t admit it) Republicans in the Congress were right all along. Donald Trump will stand before a greater jury — American voters — eight months from now. 

Ross Douthat got the same memo in today’s New York Times. A small-d democratic election is, his headline reads, “The only way to remove Trump.” (Martha Stewart suggests a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda.)

An election? Worth a try

Vote iconTrump can be beat — not with a Russian collusion hoax, not a politicized FBI running to the FISA court with Russian disinformation purchased by Hillary Clinton, not quid meet quo — but “at the polls,” Douthat suggests. Imagine that! 

For all the epithets Douthat throws at Trump (“obviously unfit, chaotic, cruel), the columnist frets that the U.S. is enjoying “the best economy in 20 years.” And that:

Liberalism is not just struggling in America, with our Electoral College and right-tilting Senate; it is struggling all around the world … If [Trump] were merely as disciplined and competent as Boris Johnson or Viktor Orban … he would be coasting to re-election. Instead it is very likely that he will lose. But it was likely that he would lose in 2016 as well. 

Instead, Democrats that year nominated an ethical EPA Superfund clean-up site named Hillary Clinton. A candidate who was only “likeable enough” even to Barack Obama, forget the fly-over Deplorables (whom Hillary did fly over). 

Joe must go; a weekend at Bernie’s

Bernie 2

Few Democrats are as likable as Joe Biden. Folksy, great teeth, tragic family history. Sorry, Joe Biden is un-electable. Joni Ernst is correct. Does anyone think Joe comes out of the Burisma scandal clean? (Hunter did nothing wrong and promises not to do it again!) Does Uncle Joe have anything new to offer? The man can never stop apologizing for his 40 years in Washington (Anita Hill, opposition to school busing, Iraq, etc.)? Haven’t voters said they want a new broom?

Bad news for Bernie and his people. Trump is correct: America is NOT going socialist. That’s a coastal/university town fantasy. In a crowded clown bus, Bernie may well find the driver’s seat — but how many moderates get on the bus? (Some of them, Democrats.) The DNC has already changed the rules to let Mike Bloomfield climb aboard. If Bernie gets dissed like he did four years ago when the party stacked the delegates in favor of Hillary his cadres will sit it out again this election. 

“The ‘Never Bernie’ apocalypse is coming, Dem insiders warn.”

“John Kerry overheard discussing possible 2020 bid amid concern of ‘Sanders taking down the Democratic Party‘”

“DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention.”

Which is why Hillary (of all people) last week said none of her people likes Bernie.

That smoke-filled room!

Amy Klobuchar is the only Democrat who has a chance to can beat Trump but she will not be nominated. (Maybe for veep?) This George Washington U. analyst agrees on the electability issue:

It is clear that if the Iowa caucuses were the proverbial smoke-filled back room of the party bosses, rather than a wintry endurance test for activists, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) would win. … Biden is the weakest “safe pick” since Bob Dole in 1996.

Blaska’s Bottom Line — Democrats could have moved to censure Trump; requires only 51 votes in the Senate, not two-thirds. Some Republicans would have voted for it. Instead, they put Burisma on the map. That may work out for them in the long run if it derails Joe.

What do YOU think?

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7 Responses to Voters may decide the next President!

  1. George's Son says:

    Great thoughts, especially concerning Ross Douthat.

    “If [Trump] were merely as disciplined and competent as Boris Johnson….” I LUV Boris but, Ahem, he’s BaT-$H1t nutz -Wrong parallel Ross @ NYT.

    And Dave says later, “Trump is correct: America is NOT going socialist. That’s a coastal/university town fantasy.” The reasons supporting that are many and Oh So obvious…..

    These particular Dems, including Nancy and her minions, must have realized early-on that their obvious persistent partisan political ploy was doomed to failure -Their obstinate endeavors are in for a sound thwacking now ….and in 2020.


  2. dad29 says:

    Amy Klobuchar is the only Democrat who can beat Trump
    Billy? Billy Kristol?? Is that YOU behind the screen?? Or did you send Charlie to type for you?


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar ?? Doesn’t she remind everyone of the example of an “average” Polish potato picker with Halitosis? Moderate, sure. Pea-brain and phony smile? Ya musta been watching her pressers.


  4. Bob Dane says:

    Actual footage of the media after they announce Trump’s win in November 2020:

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  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    One of the many benefits for the UK of Boris’ win is that it rendered the Labour Party a spent force and consigned the execrable Jeremy Corbin to long-overdue oblivion. Trump’s re-election needs to accomplish the same for the Democrat Party along with its high priestess Nancy and her two chief eunuchs, Adam and Jerry–not to mention Biden (Hillary 2.0) and the socialist version of Laurel & Hardy (Bernie & Liz).

    Re: that photo of a yard sign: by my calculations, the last time we had a “functioning adult” in the Oval Office was when George H. W. Bush was president.


  6. madisonexpat says:

    When all the Dems BS excuses/explanations and denials regarding the Iowa caucus are over, here are some facts;
    The Des Moines Register has a “gold standard” poll they failed to release the day before the caucus. Why? It showed Slow Joe tanking.
    Now come the racialists, “Iowa is too white, too rural, too unhip, not competent….
    But! The Republican caucus went off without a hitch.
    As Stalin reportedly said, “It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.”
    The DNC adds ‘and also who reports the votes.’
    Biden’s failure is covered up and Bernie gets bent over in Iowa yet again.
    The Dems can’t blame Trump, can’t turn out their anti Trump base, can’t blame Putin and can’t make Slow Joe a better candidate. What can they do? Hack their own elections.But not very well.

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