Take a knee for Brandi Grayson

Another skirmish in the War on Police

Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown Madison

Four years ago, an ink-stained wretch named Blaska wrote:

“Madison created a Young & Foolish monster
and is now afraid to destroy it.”

“Young and foolish” was our considered judgement of an organization calling itself “Young, Gifted and Black.” This aggregation of grievance peddlers was busy closing down major transportation thoroughfares around town — during rush hour —  to “protest” the police shooting of an hallucinating black man, Tony Robinson Jr., who had been attacking complete strangers at random and, an independent investigation concluded, attacked the police officer.

Among YGB’s “demands” was the immediate release of an arbitrary number of jail inmates (350 as it happened) so long as the color of their skin was darker than white. YGB was a charter member of the Derail the Jail movement, which attempted to thwart the building of a more humane (and smaller) jail — incongruous as that has always seemed. It joined with Freedom Inc. and Brenda Konkel’s Progressive Dane to demand Cops Out of Schools (under the theory that black police officers are no less racist than a Mississippi sheriff and are just lookin’ to round up uppity negroes to fill the local hoosegow).

Derail Jail

Brandi Grayson (with bullhorn) Derailing the Jail

YGB was led by a particularly skillful user of the bullhorn and the race card, one Brandi Grayson.

Throwing rose petals in her path

Comment BlackFor all this, Madison’s most righteous thank you, Ms. Grayson. The terribly “woke” are in your debt. Tonight (08-06-19) at the Madison Common Council meeting, the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission is poised to bestow Ms. Grayson its 2019 Rev. James C. Wright Human Rights Award. 

“The award is given to an individual who best exemplifies the Rev. Wright’s dedication and compassion for civil and human rights and conducts their daily life consistent with these values.”

Here’s how Ms. Grayson live her daily life consistent with those values:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What? In the 24 years this thing has been handed out they couldn’t spare one for Kaleem Caire? Instead, this City of Madison commission awards a sworn enemy of Madison police? From YGB’s own press release, April 14, 2015: 

“Violent Police Arrest Peaceful Protestors” 

Between 6:30 and 7:30 pm on Tuesday April 14th, Madison Police officers at the intersection of East Washington and 4th Street arrested more than ten peaceful protestors. Roughly 35 people, mostly youth remained in the intersection after a day-long protest, for which residents shut down East Washington for several hours to demand justice for Tony Robinson and as a part of a national action against police violence and mass incarceration.

… Officers arrested three people initially, … Two adults, Adeyemi Balogun and Brandi Grayson attempted to protect the youth from the police. “They grabbed Brandi and dragged her, so I grabbed her,” reported Balogun. …. Community members are outraged but unsurprised by this gross display of state power by MPD. “This is a clear example of the state violence …. 

Agitation propaganda straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Commit an illegal act, resist arrest, then cry police brutality. (“Violent police.” Sheesh!) How about road-blocking an ambulance on call like you did on John Nolen Drive, Brandi?

We are not worthyWell done, good and noble …

No doubt, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway will lead the alders in a standing ovation tonight to honor the woman who threatened that body with burning and rioting to rival Ferguson, Missouri. The clapping will be loud, sustained, and heartfelt. Various alders will signal their virtue by intoning noble sentiments into the official record of the proceedings. The most white-privileged may rend their garments as did the prophets of the Old Testament.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We’ll be watching the proceedings to ascertain who is brave and principled enough to not stand or applaud. Taking a knee — Colin Kaepernick style — would be appropriate. Is Blaska cranky enough to show up just to be a BOO! bird?

For Extra Credit: “Brandi Grayson will determine your degree of racism.” 

What do YOU think?


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21 Responses to Take a knee for Brandi Grayson

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Grayson’s exaggerated view of her own importance is like that of most (not all) other Post-Modern-Neo-Lefties; clueless to Beat $#!T!

    I know Grayson’s mother from back in The Fogcutter days, regrettably the former did not inherit the latter’s fine temperament, social skills, and general likability (cue @AnonyBob useless slobbering about sexism, racism, Intersectionality, and all manner of DOG WHISTLES.

    Pity the talented Ms. Grayson can’t devote her only skill (incoherent, one-dimensional/single issue yapping into a bullhorn) to someplace where it actually might do some good, like in Milwaukee.

    Might Cream City be less tolerant of the Talk-the-Talk demographic…?

    The Gotch

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Dave, are you claiming to be surprised by the latest expression of white liberal guilt on the part of Madison’s ruling regime? This peculiar psycho-sexual syndrome, in which “privileged” white folks invite the public wrath and opprobrium of black folks (particularly psychotically outraged black women) is more common in Madison than the common cold. Though I must admit giving someone like BG an award for her hateful antics marks a new low.

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  3. Tom Paine says:

    It should be somewhat painful to read your columns like this one. But it is not. Nor do I find much humor any more. For the life of me, I do not understand why you persist in living among the commies, socialists, and ideological racists.

    Life is too short. MOVE. Let them wallow in their own mess. You are old enough to know better. Using a garden hose to fight a forest fire is poinless. Just Leave.. ……and as you go, be certain to raise your hands over your head and shake them….with non-triggering meaning.


    • Paula Fitz says:

      While Madison is a bastion for this nuttiness, it’s spreading and is coming to a town near you. Many of us will move and experience temporary reprieve, but when we’re least expecting it, the insanity will rear its head.

      And it happens because people are complacent and don’t want to get involved. I’ve seen this repeatedly when advocating for Madison PD the past three years.

      I don’t have offspring who will have to inhabit this. Others with a much bigger stake in the future of this planet need to start speaking out when it counts. Either that or be prepared to start running to the next utopia.


      • Paula Fitz says:

        Meant to say “Be prepared to keep running to the next perceived utopia every decade.”


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Anyone that lives in, or used to visit, Viroqua 25 years ago or longer and returns will know exactly what you’re talking about!

        The Gotch


        • Paula Fitz says:

          Tell me about Viroqua; I’m not familiar with the situation there.

          I CAN tell you that while the craziness is indeed pronounced in Madison, signs of it (including crime) are appearing in surrounding areas. Also, watch Tucker Carlson or follow sites like Campus Reform and you’ll see that the rest of the country (even conservative strongholds) is most definitely not immune.

          I can also tell you that if people with good sense start speaking out WHEN IT COUNTS instead of running away and pretending like it’s not their problem, some of this can be prevented. I ran the MPD advocacy group for three years and saw how even a little bit of pushback made a difference. My pleas for people to get involved, with some exceptions, mostly fell on deaf ears.

          I say to people, especially those with offspring, keep your head buried at your peril.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Viroqua used to be a lovely little town in the Driftless (Vernon County) Area/Coulee Region until it fell among Lefties, who’ve permeated every little nook-n-cranny as only they can.

          You should hear my countrified, career Lefty younger Brother, who live in rural Crawford County, tell it with an unmistakabley disgusted tone.

          It’s become gentrified, upscale; stores & bars became boutiques, galleries, tasting rooms, and God knows what. Housing? The school board? Fuggedaboudit!

          Think a much smaller scale San Francisco, or Seattle, without the ocean, the seismic activity, the human feces epidemic, or the homeless problem…yet!

          FWIW, I mentioned that every un-engaged LEO I see, I stop and thank them for their service.

          Saw one such officer last Sunday on Wedgewood Way across from William Slater Park and did just that. She: “Thank you so very much sir, that means a great deal to me, I really needed to hear that just now.”

          I don’t think any of them could possibly hear that too much.

          FWIW 2.0: National Night Out at Warner Park tonight.

          The Gotch


    • Fritzderkat says:

      Um, since Blaska’s roots run deep in this neck of the woods, leaving town is not a viable option. Nor should it be.
      Screw these people.


  4. Bob Dean says:

    Madistan’s version of AOC.


  5. panamera357 says:

    Brandi thank you for continuing to hold the city accountable. I wish more leaders would do the same opposed to appealing to their boards. Madison/Wisconsin has a racism problem and yes your mother would be proud of you


  6. Paula Fitz says:

    Oh my gosh, cops most definitely need to hear more of that. Thank you so much for taking the time to express your thanks!

    Viroqua sounds like the height of limousine liberalism, similar to Madison. Here’s what gets my head scratching: After NIMBY’s & LLs have a hand in destroying cities with their far left progressive-socialist policies, they move because the city has become too unlivable. But then they start the exact same process over in their new city. Instead of evaluating their policies, they bank on a geography change as being a panacea?

    When we moved to Madison in the mid 90s, it wasn’t nearly as radicalized as it is now. And I tell you, the craziness is spreading. Thing is, the radicals are in the minority; if people with halfway-decent reasoning skills took part, some of this could be prevented.

    My heart goes out to traditionalists, moderates, and sane people with offspring. The irrational will be fine because they don’t know any differently, but the rest do.


    • Paula Fitz says:

      Gotch, the above is in reply to your reply. Not sure why it posted as separately.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Paula Fitz;

      Been here all my life, except for a few months here-n-there; I’ve seen the Good, the Bad, AND the Ugly.

      Regrettably, I’m seeing FAR too much of the latter of late, manufactured by an admittedly small demographic, yet the one with the loudest voice.

      Heck, if even Mayor BikeShorts tells you your yap’s flapping too much, your yap’s flapping too much!

      They’re enboldened and enabled by people in charge/decision-makers that are too gutlessly mewling, too inundated with White Lefty Guilt, or a combination of both.

      Keep up the good fight!

      The Gotch


  7. Rich Eggleston says:

    Dave, you’re so right about the shortcomings of Madison liberals, but what’s the alternative? On a national level, Donald Trump, the Saturday Night Live president? The junior pols in the Wisconsin Republican Party who embarrass us with their insensitive hubris? For sure, these are hard times for both liberals and conservatives.


    • David Blaska says:

      When you were writing, Rich, you never had a good word to say about Tommy Thompson, so you did your share to create this mess. Probably did not want to anger your Democrat(ic) sources. Nonetheless, welcome to the Policy Werkes. Hope you continue commenting.


    • madisonexpat says:

      The alternative? Change and hope. Hope that the model of the last 20 years has been dismantled. Making America the loser in any given trade agreement, minimal growth, maximal control over an increasingly non free market. Ending regime change adventurism, media gateway censors, the Washington Party of swamp dwelling, log rolling media R’s and D’s, entrenched bureaucracies and weaponized IRS and Intel agencies.
      Change. Enough to where there is no going back.
      High times indeed for conservatives. Every day is fun.


    • Fritzderkat says:

      Rich is easily embarrassed.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Insensitive hubris? As opposed to……?


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