Biden, Booker, Bernie, Beto, Kamala et al: ‘Vote for Trump’

They’re making Hillary look good

We said last time that Democrats’ time may be up (Joe Biden, Joe Biden) sooner than they think. The Democrats’ presidential debates Wednesday and Thursday (06-26/27-2019) constituted an audition for that new talent contest show, America’s Got Crazy.

Perhaps it is Trump Derangement Syndrome; This most unusual President is driving Democrats nuttier than a Payday candy bar.

What the debates did “was pick up the entire [Democrat(ic) party and put it down outside the mainstream and apart from the center,” Peggy Noonan observes in today’s (06-29-18) Wall Street Journal. The newspaper’s lead editorial chimed in with:

“Donald Trump is a lucky man.”

Lemme get this straight

We learned from the two debates that Democrats are all in on:

  • Completely open borders
  • Welfare benefits for all comers
  • Free college and forgiveness of past student debts
  • Free government-monopolized health care
  • Abolish private insurance for 177 million Americans
  • Reparations for slavery
  • Banning fossil fuels
  • Packing the court
  • Confiscating guns
  • New and higher taxes
  • Socialist redistribution (Bill de Blasio: “money is just in the wrong hands.”)
  • Abortion up to and just after birth (Julian Castro promised federally funded abortions for a trans female.)
  • More government mandates
  • Forced school busing (the 1970s called; it wants its dysfunction back)
  • Identity politics.

“It’s as if they were saying,” Peggy Noonan writes:

“Hi, middle-American people who used to be Democrats and voted for Trump. We intend to alienate you again.”

One big social experiment

The face off between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden on busing for integration (that failed 1970s social experiment) was most revealing. The Policy Werkes wrote last time:

Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Uncle Joe had said, “Look, I opposed ripping kids out of their neighborhoods and busing them clear across town to satisfy some ‘woke’ bean counter’s half-assed theory that certain kids cannot learn unless they’re seated next to certain other kids. Forced busing for integration wrecked our public schools and worsened race relations for a generation. I was against experimenting with kids’ lives then and I’m against it now.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Holman Jenkins Jr. picked up on that theme today:

At issue was whether children should be taken from familiar neighborhood schools, friends and teachers and bused across town to meet desegregation quotas designed by federal judges and bureaucrats. It’s safe to say that … nobody really thought this was a good idea. (As the Washington Post notes, polling at the time showed it was favored by 9% of blacks and 4% of whites.)

miss-really-pissedBlame Americans first

Holman continues:

“In the past five years, white liberals have moved so far to the left on questions of race and racism that they are now, on these issues, to the left of even the typical black voter,” explains Matthew Yglesias at …

Among our “woke” it’s an article of faith that they know what’s in every white American’s mind: racism. … Their embrace of slavery reparations has nothing to do with righting historical wrongs. It’s about extorting an admission of continuing racist guilt from their fellow white Americans.

White womenWhich takes us back to Peggy Noonan. She quotes a man from Kansas City who sat out the 2016 election but now supports Donald Trump. The reason “runs deeper than politics.”

“Every day, Americans are told of the endless ways they are falling short. If we don’t show the ‘proper’ level of understanding according to a talking head, then we are surely racist. If we don’t embrace every sanitized PC talking point, then we must be heartless. If we have the audacity to speak our mind, then we are most definitely a bigot.” These accusations are relentless.

“We are fed up. We are tired of being told we aren’t good enough.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: It’s not just the Emerald City, any more. Nationally, the party of my youth has become as smug and intolerant as a Freedom Inc. race and gender, social-justice warrior busting up a Madison WI school board meeting.

For extra credit: Never Trumper Bret Stephens writes (in the New York Times of all places): “The party seems interested in helping everyone except the voters it needs. [It is] a party that makes too many Americans feel like strangers in their own country.”

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25 Responses to Biden, Booker, Bernie, Beto, Kamala et al: ‘Vote for Trump’

  1. Batman says:


    Slobberings from the three stooges to ensue.


  2. John Popanz says:

    The dem pres. field would appear to be mostly what people in flyover country call “post turtles”.
    Seen sometimes on the top of a wood fence post on a side road. They don’t know they got there, or how to move forward, but they keep flapping their legs (jaws) in an effort to be relevant.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    I don’t feel like a stranger in my country. I see the Dem candidates as alien to our country. The voters they lost are prospering, glad that ISIS was smashed, desirous of controlled immigration and enforcement of the law. They are not going to pay for reparations (and if such a bill was ever presented we would forward it to the DNC since every slaveholder was a Democrat.) They are not for limitless free abortion, forgiveness of debt or higher taxes or trans inclusivity.
    Other than these quibbles I’d say the Dems are doing a great job marketing themselves and presenting a message that shows who they are and why we should be just like them.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. richard lesiak says:

    Dear Un…meet me at the DMZ. We can grab a burger, take a few pics. Love ‘ya…your pal Donny. Dear Donny… FU. Sent that Dennis Rodman. I love that guy. Un. BAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA


  5. White Hills says:

    Send Freedumb Inc door to door to collect reparations. I’d offer them a Skittle.


  6. White Hills says:

    Kamasutra Harris spent the majority of her youth in Canada. She’s another professional grifter who learned her craft at a law school. It’s 1984 in America. Grifter schools are called law schools.


    • White Hills says:

      Kamala Harris’s mother is a Tamil Brahim.

      This bothers me – high caste Indians coming here and then playing the oppressed person of color card.

      We have to call BS when they do this. Anytime an Indian says something left wing, look up their caste on Google. It’s easy. Just enter the name, and the word “caste” and you will get it pretty quickly.


      • AnonyBob says:

        Doesn’t matter what her caste was, when she came to this country she was just another brown in the eyes of many. And an educated uppity one? Even worse.


        • White Hills says:

          If Biden had a spine, he would of told Harris that her busing story is as bogus as Elizabeth Warren’s American Indian ancestry. There’s no Democrat who has the spine to stand up to the crazies in their party.


        • AnonyBob says:

          “…the crazies in their party.”
          See: evangelicals, deficit hawks, etc., for Trump.


        • White Hills says:

          Dot Indians make segregation era Americans look like hippie children.


        • madisonexpat says:

          Pretty sure that’s how Willie Brown saw her.


        • Sprocket says:

          There are several things worth noting here. The first is that in Trump-hitler racist America, the Indian “brown people” are the most educated and economically prosperous segment of our society. The second is that the only people arguing achievement should be limited by race are leftist academics (Those damn Asians stubbornly refuse to suck at life and appeal for white leftie salvation). And finally, the lumping together of all non-whites into one large brown blob to cultivate racist grievance regardless of the circumstances of the constituent groups. What the left is attempting to do is establish franchises of the victim-hood/dependency/resentment model, so successful in the black community among other ethnic groups.


  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    EXCELLENT OCRAZYo-Cortez banner up top, Blaska!

    May just use it for my screen saver.

    The Gotch

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    On the first night (Wednesday) alone, one or more of the Clown Car Caravan Cavalcade offered the following as more More MORE high quality/quantity Free $#!T!

    *Alternate Energy
    *Sick Days
    *Doubling the EIC
    *Family Leave
    *Certain Lending
    *Foreign Aid
    *Mental Health Counseling
    *Military Engagements
    *Increases To Current Entitlement Programs
    *Money For Everyone, Monthly, Just Because

    Pretty easy pitch to lock-steppin’ glassy-eyin’ unquestionin’ Lefties, am I right?

    The Gotch


  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    While I can’t see them having any interest in seeing how far they’ve fallen (cluelessly extreme fact-based Universe aversion-n-all), Lefties (most, not all) should be proactive and pick up a copy of Bret Easton Ellis’ seminal treatise White.

    Amazon: Own it, Snowflakes: You’ve Lost Everything You Claim To Hold Dear.

    Bravo India November Golf Oscar!!

    And if you aren’t swingin’ from a basement beam or opening your veins in a warm tub after THAT brush with reality, try Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr.’s The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

    Book club?

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      There’s a bunch of RWNJ’s “swinging” today after watching Limpdink Graham on bended knee begging Pelosi for a compromise on the budget. Very interesting video of him kissing up to her to avoid ANOTHER shutdown. He’s only got 20 working days left to get it done or trump and the Goobers On Parade will look like fools. AGAIN The great deal maker? PRICELESS. AMIRIGHT?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Kick-@$$ Graham plays the Long Game, one of MANY personally empowering/proven effective concepts with which gimmee gimmee NOW Lefties struggle mightily.

        SanFranNan? Sheesh! That laughably inept moron’s district can’t even keep the needles, the homeless, and an endless pile of human excreta out of a fawning Lefty press, am I right?

        What’s the over-under on how soon they’ll have that blubbering idiot on an L-Dopa drip AND how soon she’ll have Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer blubbering again?

        The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          “Plays the long game”? Priceless. There are only 20 days on the senate work calendar. He can’t even get drumpf to focus for 20 minutes. Good luck graham cracker.


  10. Balboa says:

    I am still waiting for someone to call for instead of a $15 dollar minimum wage for all there should be maximum wage of $100 dollars and hour. Stock option are considered part of that wage. If you make more than than the money has to be reinvested into more employees and better benefits. That will instantly shrink the wage gaps to a much more sustainable levels.

    We finally heard about my other suggestion to run on which is universal healthcare for every person in the world. Alas free healthcare for all illegal aliens that enter the USA. Don’t come here just send your claims to the USA we will pay every person on the planets healthcare. It is only fair and just that we take care of everyone on the planet not just our citizens.

    What I really want is for every liberal that votes for these jokers to take an illegally documented family, house, feed, educate, transportation, pay for there healthcare in perpetuity for their hordes of kids and grand kids. Do not ask them to learn English that is so passe and racist.

    Never demand excellence because it is only fair to have low expectations for those that are less fortunate.


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