Anti-jail anarchists tell district attorney to sit down and shut up

People who do not respect other people will not respect the law

Cop as pig

Cops are pigs. Get it? That’s the Freedom Inc. logo on her sleeve.

Pardon me all to heck, but I do enjoy my schadenfreude served warm on a toasted bun, extra stadium sauce.  

Led once again by Freedom Inc., Madison’s crazies did their best to disrupt the Dane County Board of Supervisors Thursday night as it decided to turn the county jail into a more compassionate — and smaller — substance and mental health treatment center.

They even shouted down District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, who made the mistake of trying to engage the mob instead of plowing ahead with his message; that being how the $148 million jail build-out would save lives. How the county had reduced jail admissions by 20% in the last two decades. How twice as many miscreants are getting off easy with restorative justice. How the new jail would end solitary confinement.


For all the good it did because it is now legal in Madison WI to disrupt a meeting of our democratically elected representatives. Because the mob was having none of it. They interrupted, jeered, took seats on the floor among the supervisors, dropped the F-bomb, ignored the five-minute limit and forced a recess. 

“I’ll take all the time I want,” vowed one overly entitled social justice warrior, playing the race card hard and fast.  “I don’t respect you or your meeting.”


It is a slippery slope, I warned D.A. Ozanne, in person, late last year after the Freedom Inc.-inspired mob shut down the annual budgetary meeting of the Madison Board of Education. Four of us filed a formal complaint with the police. Ozanne told me he would not prosecute the ringleaders.

He made his bed but all of Dane County is sleeping in it. The incivility is only the appetizer of this unsavory meal. A school board, a county board that cannot keep order at its own meetings cannot keep their classrooms or their communities safe. The disorder in Madison’s schools has now spread to Verona and to Sun Prairie. Eleven, 12-and 13-year-olds are now hijacking cars and committing other crimes.

A renowned UW-Madison psychiatrist, Douglas A. Kramer, spoke of how his experience treating troubled inmates at Taycheedah women’s prison taught him that incarceration was, as many of those inmates told him, an absolute life saver. 

He was followed by a guilty white liberal who spat this out: “What I heard made me nauseous.”


Supervisor Yogesh Chwala, true to his Progressive Dane roots, asks for all to be heard but tells the constitutional officers (this means you, Ozanne), “Be respectful and try to do your best not to antagonize people. … If what you are saying is antagonizing people, it is not moving our process forward.”

Antagonize? The only way Ozanne could have been less antagonistic is if he had joined the Freedom Inc. disrupt-a-thon. 

What is worse is the absolute arrogance of these people. One googlie white twit starts out by saying he doesn’t know if the county board members are stupid or just plain evil. Maybe, young man, you are both. Here’s his video:


So the new jail — an eight-story tower next to the Public Safety Building — got the go-ahead 26-4-3. (It was a re-do of a vote in late 2017 that had to be undone because the existing structure would not support the extra floors anticipated then.) And why was Sup/State Rep. Sheila Stubbs absent from this critical vote?)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The Wisconsin State Journal’s Chris Rickert is doing a major news article on Freedom Inc. Be interesting to see how “balanced” is his story. It’s not the jail that is the problem, it’s the people in it.

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9 Responses to Anti-jail anarchists tell district attorney to sit down and shut up

  1. sahmpaw says:

    This keeps getting crazier.

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  2. FRANKSR says:

    They need to arrest or remove the disrupting but I think the Police are afraid of them.

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  3. Fritzderkat says:

    I told Mary Burke a year ago she was headed for big trouble if she let the school board be consistently disrupted, shut down, and I told her why. I’ve told Soglin, too. .
    What difference does it make?

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  4. Ron Greer says:

    Each time I see one of these post I’m reminded why I’m SO Incredibly glad I’m “formerly” of Madison – or What’s Left of it! Absolute Insanity. Bless you, brother!

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    • Lynn Mason says:

      Having moved to Idaho into a nearly identically sized city as Madison, I can heartily agree with your sentiment, Ron. I, too, am incredibly glad I’m formerly of Madison. The community in which I now reside has civil DISCUSSIONS when there is disagreement during governmental meetings. Meetings are conducted with dignity and decorum — a concept that Madison no longer seems to grasp. The Freedom, Inc. mob is nothing but a gang of uncouth bullies being enabled by elected governing bodies consisting mostly of cowards.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Lynn Mason;

        “The Freedom, Inc. mob is nothing but a gang of uncouth bullies being enabled by elected governing bodies consisting mostly of cowards.”

        Bravo Indigo November Golf Oscar!

        Kinda reminded me of Colonel Kurtz’ (Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now!) supernal quote:

        You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

        The Gotch

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  5. Tom Paine says:

    Sir Dave, you’re not the only one…….. As I’ve often noted, the situation is beyond hope. The Proles rule. Move to a better community and enjoy what remains of our short lives. Jousting with insanity is unfair if you’re using rational analysis. So few appreciate that Colonialism was really a progressive force of the first order. Consider what happens to societies when emotionalistic terrorism, detached from law and order, becomes the new tribal imperative. Nothing new. Voltaire, Hobbes and Orwell warned us.

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  6. White Hills says:

    … meanwhile, cons and republicans let progs speak on their behalf and about them (down to them really) during gay month, all while spending all their time tone policing their own allies and talking about the constitution and the Bible.


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