Dear Dr. Gee: can we teach responsibility instead of guilt?

Want to reduce racial disparities?
Do your homework!

If we do not get answers to our questions, Blaska Policy Werkes will issue subpoenas. Sure, they are crypto-subpoenas but they should produce about the same result as Jerry Nadler’s.

We question the utility of racial conscience-raising which, in Madison today, is a popular pastime rivaling Pokeman Go. We were struck by this recent letter to the editor appearing in the Wisconsin State Journal:

My husband and I recently completed “Justified Anger: Black History for a New Day,” a 10-week course about slavery and how slavery and its aftermath has shaped not only the African-American experience but the experience of all Americans (whether they know it or not). Kudos to the Rev. Alex Gee and the team of professors, activists and volunteers who planned and presented this excellent course that seeks to engage Madisonians in advocating for racial justice.

The whiff of smugness about me as a white person from Wisconsin, a state I thought untainted by our slave past, was blown away as I listened and learned of the ways the northern states were complicit in slavery and discussed with fellow Madisonians the many aspects of racism and racial disparities that remain endemic in our society. Among them: housing, education, voting, employment and the judicial system.

I know Madison can do better than we are doing. And I hope that I and my fellow attendees will find a path to work toward a fairer, more inclusive city. You can learn more about the course, taught annually, at — Patti Sinclair, Madison.


My Ancestry DNA results came back!

I put this question to the Rev. Alex Gee, the major domo at Nehemiah and the guy who started Justified Anger:

“Now that the Sinclairs are newly woke, how does that help little Javon read? Do math? Obey the law? Get admitted to college, start a career, own a home, get elected to the school board, retire with a 401(k)?”

No response. 

What, exactly, are you doing differently?

We also reached out to Ms. Sinclair of Madison with our questions and, these weeks later, have been met with silence. The white lab coats here at the Werkes wondered how their lives had changed since their awakening. What are they doing today (or not doing) that differs from their previous state of white privilege, implicit bias, and latent racism? Maybe it’s like Russian collusion: no there, there.

It is indisputable that disparities between races exist in such areas as education, income, arrests, etc. The question is this: Who is responsible for that disparity? 

If Madison be so racist:

  • We want to know if black and brown children were being turned away at the schoolhouse door by George Wallace III.
  • Is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission working overtime to redress discrimination of employers despite their ubiquitous “Now Hiring” signs?
  • How many black voters did the city clerk turn away on April 2 and why have those frustrated voters remained silent?
  • When is District Attorney Ismael Ozanne going to abjure the racism of the judicial system?
  • Are the school resource police — all of them persons of color — just picking on kids who look like them?

We say this as someone with new admiration, after reading Ron Chernow’s biography, for the presidency of U.S. Grant, who suppressed the Klan. He vowed that, after winning the bloody war against slavery, he’d be damned if he was going to lose the peace. The indentured servants here at the Stately Manor now are watching professor Henry Louis Gates’ PBS series on Reconstruction. That period was bloody enough.

The gift that keeps on taking

Toriana Pettaway

Toriana Pettaway, victim

Which brings us to Toriana Pettaway, Madison’s racial equity coordinator. Unintentionally, for certain, Ms. Pettaway is teaching her own graduate-level course on waging identity politics.

You may recall, when Ms. P. failed to submit the required number of signatures to run for mayor she accused the city clerk’s office of “white supremacy B.S.”

Race is the lady’s business, her line of work and boy is she good at it! (Pays well, too, at $83,377 a year.) City of Madison managers have worked up a spreadsheet of workplace violations, shortcomings, insubordination, F-bombing, tasks uncompleted or poorly performed. The lady has been warned, put on notice, and suspended. Her personnel file must be bulging like the hernia on a fat man.

And still, Ms. Pettaway plays identity politics against her boss. Who is also black. Now she is “marginalized” as a black female working in his office.

That is some dedication to the job of race mongering! Well done, Ms. Pettaway!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Funny thing, having never enslaved anyone, refused service or discriminated in any way, we still don’t feel guilty. Might we all be better off if we focused on behavior instead of race?

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23 Responses to Dear Dr. Gee: can we teach responsibility instead of guilt?

  1. madisonexpat says:

    Try to sell the proposition to Hans Christian Heg.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Much of THIS is what the inimitable John Leo called Stealth Racism, so insidiously inconspicuous that it’s virtually invisible to all but the most meticulously TRAINED of eyes!

    “We want to know if black and brown children were being turned away at the schoolhouse door by George Wallace III.”

    Well, smart guy, how ELSE would you explain how these ZANY TEENS (17, 14, & 13) crashed a…um…other-owned Hummer at ~ 09:45 a.m.?

    C’mon, had they NOT been denied entrance, they’d have been in 1st period by then, am I right?

    Anywho, the 13 year-old’s auto-borrowing ensemble was flawlessly accessorized with an obviously malfunctioning, GPS monitoring ankle bracelet; one hopes they saved the receipt for the warranty claim!

    It was court-mandated for, and this is where it gets good, previous unauthorized auto-borrowing incident(s).

    The 14 year-old driver (a term I use advisedly) had a stolen checkbook and stolen credit cards, undoubtedly planted by Madison’s virulently racist Police Force, whom we’re continually reminded are trained to kill Black children.

    Mercifully, there’s little doubt they’ve since been freed and are back to being just the good gosh darn kiddies having good clean, honest fun and the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality is breathing a sigh of WOKE relief.

    The Gotch

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    • George's Son says:

      Thank you Sir Gotch, ya nailed it —-“13 year-old’s auto-borrowing ensemble…. GPS monitoring ankle bracelet” Yes, Dane County Court records show many of these fun-luvin’ rascals have them (plus repeat car slingin’ episodes). This undoubtedly saves the County much time and effort in re-arresting them…. time after time after time. Restorative justice to satisfy the masses….


  3. Ms. Sinclair wrote, “discussed with fellow Madisonians the many aspects of racism and racial disparities…”

    I certainly hope the discussion included these facts but I bet there wasn’t one word spoken about it:

    1. Racial disparities are not equivalent to racism.

    2. Just because racial disparities exist doesn’t mean racism created them.

    3. Racism can certainly result in racial disparities but on the flip side of that racial disparities are not necessarily evidence of racism.

    4. Attributing every racial disparity to racism is not logical, unethical, immoral and it’s racist.

    Ms. Sinclair wrote, “racial disparities that remain endemic in our society. Among them: housing, education, voting, employment and the judicial system.”

    Did the words “individual choices have consequences” ever come up in this discussion.

    Those that are completely blinded by their own racism and race victim hood (race baiters) see racism around every corner, apply race to every situation, think only in terms of race, and see themselves as being oppressed because of their race. It’s all about race to racists. If these race baiters want change in their lives, then the change must begin within them.

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  4. madisonexpat says:

    Follow the money. The “black race is good and the white race is bad” narrative pays remarkably well in Madison.

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  5. Batman says:

    “Dear Dr. Gee: can we teach responsibility instead of guilt?”

    The answer is Yes, but contingent upon the teaching of responsibility being as lucrative an enterprise as the guilt industry along with a forward thinking mindset instead of continuous examination of the past.

    How about a follow-up 10 week course on moving forward, eliminating self-sabotage, rebuilding the nuclear family, driving criminals out of neighborhoods, befriending LE, prioritize education, reduce internal hate/resentment for whitey etc., etc.
    Balance is good.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      Sorry, that makes TOO much sense.

      Plus it would require certain…um…demographics to surrender their excuses, something they’ll NEVER do!

      The Gotch

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  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I don’t know the Sinclairs but I’ll bet the odds are pretty good that they’re your typical upper-middle-class Madison liberals (with enough leisure time, apparently, to devote themselves to a 10-week course) who tirelessly seek out new ways to feel better about themselves–and what better way than to nurture their white guilt. Dave’s question to them is both right on point and completely irrelevant. Madison liberals have no incentive to change their own lives (since they’re already perfect in every way), so they avail themselves of whatever bogus self-improvement scheme promises to re-affirm their commitment to the lofty ideals of universal brotherhood, racial harmony, etc. As for doing anything that might in any way disrupt their comfortable lives, forget about it. The final sentiment in their letter was especially telling: “I hope that I and my fellow attendees will find a path to work toward a fairer, more inclusive city.” So far, that path has been to write a letter to the State Journal sharing the wonders of their newfound revelation. Patti laments the “whiff of smugness about [her] as a white person.” That whiff of smugness is nothing compared to the one given off by her letter.

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  7. JohnS says:

    Just waiting for Freedom Inc. to weigh in on the car thieves.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “Just waiting for Freedom Inc. to weigh in on the car thieves.”

      Not going to happen, so let’s anticipate something within the realm of possibility; some erudite commentary from this blog’s Lefty Three Stooges (H/T @Batman).

      The Gotch


    • White Hills says:

      Rayycism, slavery, victim, white people… Yada. Yada, yada

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  8. Bob Dorn says:

    Hey Madison – you think housing was so affordable 10 years ago when houses were 250,000 – now some of the same houses are going for 400 K – lots of white guilt to wring out from the Sinclairs who probably own such a house, but who in their right mind would pay that much for a house that if somebody decided to turn the heat off would be a worthless shack come wintertime.


  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Dear Dr. Gee: can we teach responsibility instead of guilt?” (bold mine)

    We could.

    But surrendering to Toxic Victimology requires little-to-no effort and is irresistible to those susceptible to what Dr. Thomas Sowell calls Seductive Beliefs.

    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” (T. Edison, et, al)

    The Gotch


  10. White Hills says:

    “The gift that keeps on taking”

    I’m sure you meant grift, not gift.

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  11. Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

    “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm; but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.” – T.S. Eliot


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Or as he said elsewhere of people (like the Sinclairs) absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves: “We are the hollow men, We are the straw men/ Leaning together/ Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!”


  12. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Have to hand it to Pettaway; suspended without pay for conduct that gets the great unwashed summarily canned in the real world, she’s still able to avoid any pretense of shame or personal responsibility.

    “On March 20, two days into her 10-day suspension, she started an online fundraiser to ‘help me cover the bills for this month.’ As of Thursday, it had brought in $425** of an $8,663 goal.”

    **Apparently there exists a dearth of sufficiently guilt-sodden White Lefties like the Sinclairs to put $ in Pettaway’s begging hat to help her meet her nut. Perhaps they’re still reeling from shelling out the exorbitant fee that the 10 week White Lefty Guilt Allocation course set them back?

    Marginalized /ˈmärjənəˌlīzd/ adjective

    1–The description of a condition suffered primarily by race hustlers when they can’t blame their self-inflicted, woefully untalented, borderline illiterate existence on racism because their superior is a minority as well.

    The Gotch


  13. Norman Sannes says:

    My guess is that Rev Gee still has not responded. Maybe he’s too busy helping the Sinclairs dealing with their white guilt.

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    • Normwegian says:

      IMO opinion, Gee orginally started out with a sensible “plan,” but it has morphed into the typical “blame whitey” for all the problems/issues of Gee’s minions.


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