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Dear Dr. Gee: can we teach responsibility instead of guilt?

Want to reduce racial disparities? Do your homework! If we do not get answers to our questions, Blaska Policy Werkes will issue subpoenas. Sure, they are crypto-subpoenas but they should produce about the same result as Jerry Nadler’s. We question … Continue reading

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Madison’s race warriors are fanning the flames

Has the powder keg been lit? We asked for patience, we asked that Madison not rush to judgment. (“Will we rush to judgment?“) We were naive. A disciplinary incident at Whitehorse middle school between a school administrator and an 11-year-old … Continue reading

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We are hunkered down at the identity politics Manor

If anyone asks, the Squire is German Bohemian and Scots-Irish (and 1,024th Pabst Blue Ribbon) Bless our Wisconsin Public Radio friend Joy Cardin, now retired. Madison is looking at 9 inches of snow tonight and Tuesday (02-12-19). “In an unprecedented … Continue reading

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Those who teach racial bias practice racial bias

It just keeps getting crazier, the idiocies of  identity politics and its attendant race-shaming and victim mongering.  Who knew there was a “disparate impact” in filing nomination papers to get on the ballot in a city election? Who knew the … Continue reading

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Madison’s racial equity boss can’t run for mayor ‘do’ to ‘Some white supremacy BS’

The czarina of Madison race relations can’t count and can’t spell; Now she can’t run for Mayor of (obviously) racist Madison From today’s Wisconsin State Journal: Madison mayoral candidate Toriana Pettaway is describing as “some White Supremacy BS” a decision … Continue reading

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