Now it gets real

We live to fight another day.

TV-3 primary resultsShout out to Madison school board candidate Laila Borokhim, who finished third (and therefore, out of the running) in the race for Seat #4 in Tuesday’s primary election (02-19-19). Via social media she congratulated the second-place survivor, albeit with the back of the hand:

Congratulations! You know you have no chance at winning unless you make some serious changes though, right?

That is an interesting prospect, that David Blaska would pivot to the Cops Out of School platform and shout down opponents. That he would argue for the same old, same old. Only more of it.


Yes, there is some work to be done. This IS the Emerald City. Blaska (again with the third person!) entered the race to change the dialogue in this town, to break its obsession with identity politics and the Culture of Victimhood. (Madison’s “racial equity coordinator” accuses the city clerk’s office of “white supremacist B.S.” because it enforces city ordinance requiring a minimum number of signatures to get on the mayoral ballot. Now THAT is disparate impact, cubed!)

Victim chic!

Identity politics is the virus that — in its most severe phase — caused Jussie Smollett to (likely) invent a hate crime in hopes of becoming a victim/hero. Matthew Shepard but with a lucrative TV contract. John Lewis beaten at the Freedom Ride.

John McWhorter in The Atlantic magazine calls the phenomenon: “Victim Chic.”

Blaska campaigns so save a generation of young people who are taught they are helpless victims of forces more powerful than their own determination to succeed. We campaign to prevent irreversible damage to our institutions here in the belly of the beast, choking on its liberal choices. (I see that Tony Evers will not challenge school choice!) So we answered:

Laila Borokhim: Some people will say anything to get elected. I’m thinking of Ali Muldrow who was against school choice before she was for it. Who attends the No Cops in Schools rally after telling Ed Hughes she supports school resource officers. Some people will say anything to get elected. I’m going to say what we’re doing ain’t working.

Ali to No Cops

We’ll close with this excerpt from today’s Capital Times, on-line.

Blaska said he will stick to his main message during the general election, focusing on school safety and school discipline.

“Right now I’m the only one saying what I’m saying … we’re not getting that from almost anyone right now in Madison, at almost any level of government,” Blaska said. “I think I offer an alternative.”

Blaska has frequently pushed for MMSD to renew its contract to keep police officers at the city’s four main high schools, and has often gone toe-to-toe with the social justice group Freedom Inc. on the issue at School Board meetings.

“I think there is some proof (in the election results) that this campaign is real,” Blaska said at his election night watch party at Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club. “(Muldrow) is cops out of school; it’s that simple. I think she stands for disorder.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: What does it say that Democrat(ic) Gov. Tony Evers will not try to choke off school choice? Hey, if choice schools are good enough for Ali Muldrow …


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  1. AnonyBob says:

    Yeah, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Still, a pretty respectable showing for a conservative in Madison.

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  2. Kevin Wymore says:

    David, we all say nice things about you, especially your insistence on decency and civility in public meetings, such as the School Board meetings. In a just world, all “small d” democrats in Madison should applaud your efforts.

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  3. Tom Paine says:

    Why bother? No point. Allow the visible minorities to grant every victim a PhD upon high school graduation. Most of us won’t live long enough to suffer from racial social promotion. Youth, including their stupid parents, know not. They incapable of rising above juvenile consciousness.

    In your last speech, appeal to the nobility of the public’s intellect and values. Endorse more liberalism, inclusion, and restorative justice. Offer classes about the social justice of makin’ whitey pay. Social justice classes on shoplifting skills; classes on ‘hood talk,’ and graduate courses on safe drug dealing. Those new classes will compliment “Narcan for all” and needle exchange strategies so that graduates can sustain their businesses. And, finally, endorse pot smoking among the middle-schoolers. No criminality for selling or distributing for those under 9 years of age, or on a school bus, or within 15 feet of school property.

    To cement reforms, blindly, without accountability, PAY the TEACHERS MORE, MORE, MORE.

    After your final speech to empty rally room, withdraw. Board a plane, fly to a warm climate, and play some golf.


  4. Scott Freeman says:

    Congratulations from Florida David! Your willingness to stand firm against Madison’s out of control, ultra-liberal, mob rule is several levels above admirable. Over the next several weeks, I believe your voice is going to reach more and more of the concerned parents and other voters who have had their fill of the rotting standards of the MMSD. You will continue to have my support and the votes of my surviving Madison friends and family. Go get ‘em Dave!

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  5. not citizen daves remington 700 says:

    Congrats Dave. I feel for where Tom Paine is, spiritually. The state we find ourselves in is very black pilling. White Madison has largely given up. There’s some truth to Paine’s suggestions. You could do well on his pro-opiate platform, but I suspect you’ll do your narcissistic boomer thing these next few weeks, appealing to “our values” and “muh discipline.”

    Let me propose something different – go full Enoch Powell: “The river Yahara, foaming with much blood!” What do you have to lose, besides an election you probably will lose? Wake up the white spirit that once made Madison great. As much as it pains me to say it, you are whites only hope.

    Ask why it’s not safe on State Street?
    Ask why a city must be held hostage by a minority?
    Ask why it is impossible to discipline blacks/browns?
    Point to the specific carnage (most recently this poor girl who had her face pulverized by a black walking home one morning, but also the numerous car thefts, home invasions, rapes, shootings, etc.).
    Name the POC.
    Name their communist enablers.
    One last battle cry!

    Then (assuming you lose), pack up and leave. Democracy is a racial headcount, except in Madison, where democracy is a suicide pact. Buy a few AR-15s (Remington 700s are fudd guns suited for deer season, not survival), several thousand rounds of ammunition, and hunker down like the rest of us.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    With no paint to watch dry, I was doing a crossword puzzle as NBC 15 made us sit through both Mayoral candidates slobberings before they got to the School Board results.

    One thing jumped out in Rhodes-Conway’s final remarks (other than May the Best Woman Win) about what she thought faces our Fair City:

    We MUST prepare for “The Climate Change That’s Coming For Us.”

    Now it’s COMING for us? Doesn’t sound like we have much of a chance.

    Unless we smother the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality with more BIKIE Path/Lane/Trail/Boulevard/Bridge System infrastructure.

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      And here I figured you would have been at Dave’s watch party slopping down free beer and wings. Must not have been free. Sad


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        I don’t keep those hours on a school night and I support the Blaska campaign in a different manner.

        BTW, GREAT showing, Dave; in Madison, no less!

        Plus, I wanted to stay glued to the latest news because I was concerned Jussie might be in crisis.

        Heh, imagine my surprise!

        Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office: Jussie Smollett Charged With Felony Disorderly Conduct For Filing False Police Report.

        The Gotch


  7. Nancy Germann says:

    Well done Dave.

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  8. lloyd1927 says:

    The so-called “racial gap” is caused by an anti-social subculture, NOT “racist” teachers or cops. Read:
    Public Education’s Dirty Secret

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    • Tom Paine says:


      Sorry, previous read the article. Erroneous conclusions. Achievement gap is cultural….and if you have ever spent a few hours with today’s youth, listening to them, to their music, their gossip, their values, you would discover the source of the rot —Gangsta music; hip-hop; drug culture; yes, all those negative aspects of “black urban” culture of the nominal “hipsters” is the culture that young folks cherish.

      In the main, dey ain’t about to be “white,” or work for chump change; or study seriously. Work, manual or intellectual, is for fools. No reason to prepare for college or a trade. They won’t in any way participate in anything except their culture of impetuous adolescence. Totally foreign to them: Rigor; study; hard work; discipline. High school is just a place in time to reify the culture of self-indulgence, egoism, drugs, and social affirmation.

      No matter that Dave would even become the Super, unhobbled by a Board. No matter that Dave could win the election and be the only Board member. He is NOT about turn around the music, language, attitudes, dispositions, and values of contemporary youth, let alone the parents of the feral creatures. The only question that remains is the speed at which the devolution continues. So sayeth Snoop and 50 Cent (Fiddycen), etc.

      Evidence ? 318 MILLION youtube views. Think ’bout dat.

      And to others who worry ’bout my perspective? Eh, step up. Smell the coffee as your kids light a doobie.


  9. may aria says:

    I’m not going to sit here and say what you should or shouldn’t do with your own campaign, but sometimes politics is about choosing which demons to leave alone so you can fight the bigger ones. Opposing both organized labor and the cultural left at the same time might be too much.

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  10. madisonexpat says:

    Black kids failing academically is cultural. In the 90’s my buddy married an African gal, brought her and her kids to Madison. They were given two choices by their peers; go ghetto or go white. Intelligent tri-lingual students went ghetto and are now, as adults aggrieved victims of oppression.


  11. madisonexpat says:

    A Kaleem Caire kind of academy is the only fix for the above stated social condition. Make attendance mandatory and desirable. Good sports programs, clubs and standards academic and disciplined. It would take souls as brave as any black kids who broke segregation in the 60’s to begin with. But imagine how minority kids excelling across the boards would make MTI and the fools that have run Madison schools until now explode.
    Jeff Simpson comes to mind.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Jeff Simpson comes to mind.”

      Li’l Jeffy had a high profile here up until…Tuesday?

      Kinda reminds me of the 96 % Certainty Of A Hillarity Presidency demographic’s sudden disappearance late 11/08/ early 11/09/2016.

      Perhaps Li’l Jeffy’s hunkered down in a place where no can find him…somewhere no one ever goes…like his traffic-free blog.

      Oddly enough, he’s there right now trying desperately to put lipstick on the soon-to-be-convicted felon Jussie.

      The Gotch will pay him a visit so there’s at least ONE page view.

      The Gotch


      • AnonyBob says:

        Sorry, Simpson is right. The GOP makes up sh** all the time. His examples are valid. Then there’s Trump, The Absolute Master of Lies (what’s the count now of his public lies – 7,000? 8,000?) Take your president – please!


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Poor @AnonyBob, sad @AnonyBob, eminently ButtHurt @AnonyBob.

          Pretty lame…I mean…physically challenged attempt to deflect by laughably trying to put lipstick on the accused felon PIG, AKA Li’l Jussie.

          What incuriously escapes youse is the FACT that this will forever impair how REAL hate crimes will be viewed from here on in.

          Regardless, it’s a TRUE heart-breaker! Why? Because it had everything, and I mean EVERYTHING:
          *EVIL Righties
          *Ski Masks
          *White Supremacy
          *Subway Sandwiches

          Wait a minute…bleach-n-Subway sandwiches? Welp, bleach comes in EVIL white bottles & Subway’s mostly come in White bread, am I right?

          Anywho, the FELONY Fake Hate Crime Hoax had EVERYTHING but the one thing that is the bane of Lefty’s existence.

          THE FREAKIN’ TRUTH!!!

          Lefty specifically, and Le Resistance generally, juuuuuust can’t deal with a fact-based reality that falls far short of their narrative.

          There’s juuuuuuuust not enough hatred, racism, homophobia, violence around to convince-n-herd Lefty’s idiot base, ergo, it must be manufactured.

          Just like Christine Blasey-Ford, just like Nathan Phillips, so goes Li’l Jussie.

          Watch; Chi-Town and the Feds are livid that this moron not only wasted 1000’s of man-hours that could have been, you know, like, spent pursuing REAL CRIMES rather than chasing Li’l Jussie’s pipe-dream, but made LE look stupid as well.

          And let’s not forget ALL the celebs, media, and politicains that got sucked into it like a bunch of trained seals.

          If you’s think THEY aren’t pissed they’ve been made to look like fools, think again!

          You here yelling Squirrel is what we in the business call Signature Significance!

          Sheesh, if The Gotch thought he had to contort himself philosophically, existentially, intellectually, & emotionally like that because that was what was expected of him, he’d be swingin’ from a basement beam…or opening his veins in a warm tub.

          Yet here youse are!

          May yer secular god have mercy on yer dark soul!

          The Gotch


        • AnonyBob says:

          Even worse, you’re now repeating yourself. Go away Gootch, you’re boring.


        • richard lesiak says:

          And now we have this bozo Hagedorn flapping around the state. It never ends.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Isn’t THAT cute!

          @AnonyBob wants Inconvenient Truth to go away…just go AWAY!!!

          Ah Lefty; so MUCH hypocrisy, so little time!

          The Gotch


  12. madisonexpat says:

    This lie about President Trump’s alleged lies is at a Clinton magnitude of dishonesty. Either one, samey same.


  13. madisonexpat says:

    To be called a liar by WaPo nowadays is an honor.
    All 17 intelligence agencies agree.
    How much bed wetting did the WaPo do about non existing Russian Collusion?About the Covington kid aggressively standing his ground while the loony Indian elder passively banged a drum in his face? About Russians hacking our electrical grid? The list is endless and the ONLY commodity our media has to sell is credibility and yet all their frequent and blatant “mistakes” only cut one way.
    My favorite recent headline “Bezos Exposes Pecker.”
    Karma ABob.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Non existing Russian collusion? After the campaign chair (Manafort) passed internal polling data to a GRU agent (there’s no such this as an ex-GRU agent)? After Stone worked with Guccifer to coordinate the WikiLeaks stolen emails release? There are none so blind as those who will not see.


  14. madisonexpat says:

    And if ABob can’t believe Adam Schiff(D) on Russian Collusion, who can we believe?
    See Kim Strassel at WSJ or Real Clear Politics.


    • AnonyBob says:

      I believe Schiff. (I think you’re confusing him with the GOP Senate chair). He said evidence of collusion is in plain sight.
      There are none so blind as those who will not see.


      • madisonexpat says:

        ABob et al edge ever closer to declaring “I have, in my pocket, a list of 52 Trump campaign members who have colluded with Russia”.
        And the irony is exquisite.
        Once you’ve understood Karma, ABob, read up on the Zen koan that says “What you hate, you become.”
        If true you’ll be sporting a blond comb over some day.


  15. richard lesiak says:

    gootchiee accusing someone of “mindless gibberish” Now that’s FUNNY. AMIRIGHT?


  16. madisonexpat says:

    ABob, your Trumpian combover is in as plain a sight as Schiif(D)’s evidence.


  17. AnonyBob says:

    Hey, Splat! Still happy with that “more money in your paycheck” the great Trump tax reform gave you? Have you done your taxes yet? What, it was only a change in withholding!? Still winning, are ya? The GOP screwed the middle class to aid their 1% benefactors with smoke and mirrors “tax reform,” to get them past the midterms (and it didn’t help). Still think you’re winning? This story ain’t going away for at least a couple more months.


  18. madisonexpat says:

    ABob you Progs have never seen a tax reduction you didn’t hate. We did well thank you very much.
    The Russian Collusion story is going away soon, as Rosenstein and the bi-partisan senate committee have all assured us.
    Yes we are still winning if you’ll look beyond the Left wing of the fever swamp. China to buy American and stop ripping us off as blatantly. ISIS is gone despite its enabler, Obama, telling us it would be a generational struggle. Whoops! NAFTA made fairer and more lucrative for us. GDP growing maybe 4% which, again Barack assured us would never happen again. Whoops! EU is going backwards economically, militarily and still no babies.
    The daily clown car of Democratic presidential wannabes provides constant entertainment. Kamala supports reparations and her Dad then informs us that her ancestor was a slave owner in Jamaica. Kamala also does a credible imitation of Senator Tammy gobbling on CNN when Kamala got whiplash over her Jussie support. AOC taking serious damage over Amazon leaving NYC.
    BuzzFeed joins the Trumpenfreude list as its revealed to be the dumpster fire Trump rightly termed it. Neither Hillary nor Barack are president.
    No, I’m not tired of winning and perhaps you need a better accountant.


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