Madison voter: No cops in schools! Teach socialism instead!


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You wonder how Madison schools became incubators for kids hijacking cars and crashing into homes and innocent drivers? They’re just “challenging authority!”

You wonder why a net difference of 804 kids are sent by their parents (while remaining Madison residents) to suburban schools? To avoid being tased by vengeful cops!

Wonder why the state recently approved three non-district school charters, including one by Kaleem Caire? Because capitalism is driving them crazy!

So says Mr. Keith Kinion whom (we’re guessing here) is not voting David Blaska for Seat #4 on the Madison Board of Education. This is his entry today on my Facebook page:

The problem with Madison schools?
Not enough kids ‘challenging authority’

Insane victim of capitalism speaks out

Keith Kinion — It’s not healthy to have cops, armed with all manner of appurtenances of repression, walking up and down the halls of our schools. It would have a chilling effect on these students’ willingness to challenge and question authority. When they have to walk through a gauntlet of cops carrying bully clubs, tazers, and guns, its likely to produce students who are docile, fearful of authority in general, and inclined to conform ideologically. 

Instead of cops in schools, I would propose mandatory classes for students to learn about the connection between right-wing politics and mass shootings. The Republican party, composed mainly of angry white males, is an incubator for white male rage and violence. A good antidote to mass shootings would be a more holistic understanding of the political and social environment and how they contribute to individual acts of violence.

I think civic courses with an emphasis on how capitalism is driving people insane would allow students to understand themselves better.

Speaking of insane …

Cops in school FEMINIST

School board candidates Laila Borokhim, Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli are going!

Freedom Inc. protestors forced school staff to take cover

Sharon Edwards Billings reports on my school board Facebook page that she is not attending this morning’s “No Cops in Schools” breakfast. The featured speaker is someone who goes by the name M. Adams, leader of Freedom Inc., the clearinghouse for agitators who have been disrupting school board meetings, playing victim, and enabling chaos in the classroom.

Here is the statement on Blaska’s campaign Facebook page from Sharon Edwards Billings:

It was an eye-opening and sad occurrence to watch the leader of this group, and her community of students curse at school board staff …. I was present for recognition and was appalled at what I saw and heard.

Students, used every expletive, hate speech, reverse discrimination, violent threats, interrupted school board staff and forced each member off of the stage, then gave each other high fives and snatched microphones.

School staff had to take cover and get off of the stage.

As, a taxpayer, community member and parent and student advocate, I was appalled at the vitreous and hateful speech that was demonstrated by this group and their leader.

I’m totally for community involvement and discussions about police in schools, when the discourse is met with respect and dialogues, that celebrates opportunity for all to have a voice. …

Fuck White Supremacy

Bianca Gomez, Freedom Inc. ring leader attending a school board committee meeting this past summer

More from Blaska for Safer Schools, Facebook:

Retired Madison firefighter Mike Fuss — … No discipline, respect, it’s all gone. Can’t touch them like the teachers at East did to us, and we respected them for getting on us and whatever it took to keep us in order. Just cell phones and other gadgets and I can do anything I want attitude, curse, kick, hit. C’mon, teachers and nobody else deserve this kind of treatment. … I hope you make it Dave. Something has to give.

Jen Ruh — … Last year my daughter went to Hamilton [middle school] on the bus. She was bullied and told she had no right to talk because she was a honkey. I was livid. I have always taught my children that everyone is equal. [Vice principal] at school made excuses for the kids that targeted my child.  …

Jeff Withrow — Burying your head in the sand and hoping that the problems go away is exactly how everything got so messed up. Right after two shootings near the same school, MMSD came out and said schools are safe, meanwhile, parents are repeatedly reporting that their kids tell them about guns in the schools. Kids have zero fear of authority now. Don’t believe me, go do your own searches on the car thefts in Madison. The thieves themselves joke about how they won’t get punished.

Michael Dupor — I’m a graduate of La Follette High School, and I still have immediate family in Madison public schools. Our schools are unsafe, and staff are powerless to stop disruptive and violent students. The kids of this city deserve better. I urge everyone to support David Blaska, and bring some sense of sanity back to the school board.

Stop by my website at and drop a kopeck in the collection plate if you can.

Now go out and VOTE!


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12 Responses to Madison voter: No cops in schools! Teach socialism instead!

  1. jeffsimpson7 says:

    This is hilarious and you don’t even know it. Let’s support the socialist police force then make fun of socialism.


  2. Greg Lerdahl says:

    Dave, If you look on his FB page, you’ll see a post by Kinion saying he no longer recognizes the President as a human being. OK.

    Here’s one of the comments below his post:

    Rick Sklader “Capitalists only resemble human beings due to the fact that they have arms, legs, teeth, hair and eyes. Otherwise they’re capitalist scum”.

    Is he perhaps generalizing a bit?

    As a born and raised Madisonian, “living abroad” in somewhat less liberal Columbus OH for several years now, I know Sklader is far from alone in his beliefs about capitalists. But remember: He came to his beliefs through intellectual rigor, not raw emotion.

    Probably best to keep my name to yourself, as my relatives own a thriving business in Middleton and I don’t want to ruin it.

    All the best today! Greg Lerdahl


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  3. coolkevs says:

    4 police (one in each high school) is socialist? what a crock.
    I voted for Dave, Amos, and Kaleem – number 162 – hoping for the best!

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The TRULY hilarious thing?

    After reading headlines of articles on the CutScandinavian Model of Socialistaism, Li’l Jeffy, et al, laughably consider themselves informed.

    Is that the case?

    Not exactly.

    Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen addressing Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government:

    I know that some people in the US associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism. Therefore I would like to make one thing clear. DENMARK IS FAR FROM A SOCIALIST PLANNED ECONOMY. DENMARK IS A MARKET ECONOMY.” (bolds/caps mine)

    Listen closely; Li’l Jeffy’s Fake News balloon is going KERSPLOOOOOOEY!

    The Gotch


  5. coolkevs says:

    Congrats Dave – you have an uphill battle for the general, but I’m sure you’ll give it all you’ve got. Keep up the good fight!

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  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    David Blaska 02/14/2019 @09:39 am–

    ”Jeff, I swear to God, when I’m done running for school board here in Madison I’m doing a mass media campaign when your term expires to let voters in Monona and Cottage Grove know that you support taxpayer-paid legal representation for kids facing school discipline.”

    Li’l Jeffy 02/14/2019 @10:02 am


    Chicago: Does Anyone really Know What Time It Is

    “Does anybody really know what time it is
    Does anybody really CARE
    If so I can’t imagine why
    We’ve all got time enough to CRY


    The Gotch


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